Glaucoma homeopathy treatment

The range of eye conditions that are treated by Homoeopathy is so wide that it would be impossible to condense it in one paper and in the time available.


glaucoma is a build up of pressure within the eye that causes damage to the optic nerve.There is a small space in the front of the eye called the anterior chamber. Clear liquid flows in and out of the anterior chamber, this fluid nourishes and bathes nearby tissues. If a patient has glaucoma, the fluid drains too slowly out of the eye. This leads to fluid build-up, and pressure inside the eye rises.
Unless this pressure is brought down and controlled, the optic nerve and other parts of the eye may become damaged, leading to loss of vision.
The disease usually affects both eyes, although one may be more severely affected than the other.

Please check the PART 1 of Glaucoma for more information

Symptoms Of primary open angle Glaucoma

  • Peripheral vision is gradually lost. This nearly always affects both eyes.
  • In advanced stages, the patient has tunnel vision.
  • Symptoms of closed angle glaucoma
  • Eye pain, usually severe.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Eye pain is often accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting.
  • Lights appear to have extra halo-like glows around them.
  • Red eyes.
  • Sudden, unexpected vision problems, especially when lighting is poor.

Surgery for glaucoma

If drugs don’t work, or if the patient cannot tolerate them, surgical intervention may be an option. The aim of surgery is usually to bring down the pressure inside the eye


Homeopathy can lower the progression of the disease and in highly susceptible people can prevent the occurrence or prolong the onset of disease.

In chronic diseases improvement of the patient or the normal medical reports are not the end of homeopathic treatment.. Homeopathic doctor need to observe patient even long after getting best results.

The first part of the case evaluation is the follow up interview. Regular follow up is necessary for best results .Because in many cases patient may require more than one drug in the journey of cure.  We need to prescribe that exact remedy exactly when needed.  Even acute problems should not allowed to treat with allopathic or other school of medicines especially when getting improving . Sometimes these acute symptoms went of by it’s own without any change of medicine or some time persist for long time and indicate the clear picture of some drug.

In my practice I observed, especially when patient improving, we should not hurry in chanhing of remedies unless until we get some clear picture of some other remedy..

Here is follow up  of Glaucoma case which I previously published


(Last year I published this case).. A young lady with iop of both eyes got increased to 45 mmHg. I took whole case history, on the basis of totality of the patient, especially on the basis of her mind symptoms I prescribed CARCINOCIN 200 . She tremendously improved. Her eye pressure came to normal. Even her allopathic doctors got shocked after seeing her results as opthalmist suggested her for surgery.. she improved beautifully in just 20 days… she improved physically and mentally as well… she was on sac lac for 8 months.
After 8months, one day morning I suddenly got call from her and saying she got back all her eye symptoms along with she having lots of unbearable menstrual cramps .Her iop again increased to 30mmhg. I asked her to take CARCINOCIN 1M one  dose… there was no change in her eye pressure..
Again I took her case , she was much calm mentally.  No work tensions or family tensions as she used to earlier. The symptoms which I got after case taking were

  1. Extreme pain in eye.
    2.Blurred vision.
    3.Redness in eye
    4.Inflamation of eye
  2. Eye pressure increased during menses
  3. Dysmenorrhoea 
  4. Keeps eye closed

These are the symptoms which i got from her…  Eye pain, red ness,inflammation, blurred vision are regular symptoms of Glaucoma, so not stressed those points in repertorisation. I tried to pic more piculiar symptoms. Rubrics which I selected are

Eye -Glaucoma
Eye- Glaucoma accompanied by eye pain
Eye – Menses -during -agg
Female genitalia- Menses- painful

one more picular symptoms she told that she keeps eye closed. I enquired her what was the exact cause for closing eyes,whether she not able to see the light or its heaviness of lids or what?.
She replied that as soon as periods started ,she involuntarily closing eyes.. it’s just started in periodic
I pic up rubric

EYE – CLOSING THE EYE – menses during 
( single remedy PHOSPHORUS  is there in Kent repertory)


Then I further opened BBCR repertory and searched  for rubric Glaucoma ..
I found one rubric

Eye Glaucoma  -.I found three remedies exist in that rubric, in which PHOSPHORUS is there

Then I realised how much specific remedy is PHOSPHORUS for treatment of Glaucoma. In carcinocin  Glaucoma was not covering ,still that worked at that point of time ,because her mental symptoms were more dominating at that time. Her pressure in her office was the cause for her increased pressure in eye.Infact at very first when I spoke to her in phone when she was in Hyderabad ,my first prescription was PHOSPHORUS before CARCINOCIN.  But that time Phosphorus not worked on her. May be her mental symptoms are more dominating at that point of time. Then after I prescribed CARCINOCIN after deep case analysis after interview in vizag. CARCINOCIN worked beautifully then

Now, I prescribed  PHOSPHORUS LM1 to LM 3 for two months…
From very first dose she started improving. Her eye pressure came back to normal. Her dysmenorrhoe 40% reduced but she used to get pain in every menses. Not changed remedy for couple of months..

Eye pressure normal, but not much improvement in dysmenorrhoe. I asked for ultra sound. She has pco , but she not developed any pcos symptoms. Every pco is not necessary to turn as pcos.

My case remain ceazed at that point. What should I do?? Her iop was normal, mentally feeling much calm…but her menstrual cramps not getting better than 40%… Even after enhancing potency to LM4 it’s not improved  much. I asked her to stop medication for couple of weeks and asked to report me if any disturbance arises.

I know, some or other day symptoms will come up,…. my main intention to stop medication was to check whether the symptoms again land into the PHOSPHORUS or land in some other drug pictures. I felt it was unnecessary to put patient on LM for very long time without much improvement

One day she called me, and told me that her periods started and menstrual cramps are exceeding and its unbearable.  I asked about her eye pressure.. Her eye pressure was normal, no head ache… no eye pain….I asked her to describe her pain….

She said its paining like hell and she not able to bear the pain and not able to talk. She was alone at that time in Hyderabad. I dont have any clue to prescribe remedy,  I tried to ask her about pain… But it’s so heavy that she was not in a state to explain anything.  She came to acute state and I too went  to acute state, because I need to prescribe remedy exact to her state.. I disconnected the call and started thinking and made myself calm first. Again she called me within 5 mins and forced me to prescribe remedy. I asked her to take ALLOPATHIC PAIN KILLER and to take rest for a time and asked to call me when pain decreases .

After two hours she again called me, and at that point she was in a position to talk. I asked her to explain the whole thing in detail. She said its unbearable pain feel like fainting.  I asked her to explain in detail so that I can prescribe right remedy. She said “I was feeling all suffocation, i cant breath,I was not getting any air… I was like dying..I was like fainting.. all I needed were AIR”
Then asked her to tell me more. ..after few secs of silence she said,I was like  collapse, not able to bear the pain,kept my face close to the fan…still I did not get any air

I asked her did you have any gastric disturbances and any perspiration.  She said …oh ..yes… I felt like bloated stomach lots of indigestion problem , I am not able to take even a simple food, frequently used to face this problem earlier (5 years back) .These days not much gastric symptoms but from couple of days I am facing this bloating problem..
She also told me that she getting lots of burning sensation in her palm during menses.
Rubrics which I selected

1.Respiration – suffocation- attacks of

2.EXTREMITIES – pain- hands- Burning

3.Generala- fanned being desire to be

  1. General- food and drinks- simple food agg ( carbo veg single remedy in BBCR,)

I got carbo.veg as common remedy. I prescribed carbo veg 30 one dose every week for 4 weeks.

She beautifully improved after carbo veg.. she got complete relief of pain from first dose. In next period she again got pain but bearable . I asked her to take one more dose of carbo veg 30. After that she not complained any things. Now she is free from all pain. Free from gastric disturbances as well, not enhanced potency as it’s not indicated. Still she is under my observation…Not using any medications .

CONCLUSION: Selecting right similimum is not the end of our job, especially when treating chronic diseases or deep pathological cases. Regular follow ups and change of remedy if indicated at right time also plays key role in treating patients. What we all needed is to keep our eyes ,ears and all senses open with cool mind while interrogating with patient…

Will update the details of this case after 6 months.


    For Sensation of Fullness in Eyes. Throbbing pain worse by heat. Culinary neuralgia with eyes feeling large and protrudes. Eye balls feel too large. Motion of eyes aggravates
    Great remedy for improving dim vision. Glaucoma with iridescent vision. Photo phobia, Green color surrounds candle light sensation. Violent pains and lachrymation
  3. PHYSOSTIGMA VENENOSUM: Glaucoma especially after injury. Night blindness, photophobia. Increased myopia. Post diphtheritic paralysis of eye and accommodation muscles.

4.PRUNUS SPIN: Sudden onset of pain especially right eye.crushing in the eye as if pressed asunder or sharp shooting through the eye and corresponding side of the head. Pain as if eye about to burust relived by

5.CEDRON: Sever pain especially left eye. Severe biliary neuralgia, especially when the pains are distinctly periodical; sever shooting pain along the supra orbital nerve. Eyes infected and sore to touch

  1. NUX VOMICA: Marked morning aggravation with atrophy of optic nerve
  2. KALI IOD:
    Incipient Glaucoma in syphilitic subjects; dull discovered state of the iris; Burning in eyes with lachrymation. Amaurotic symptoms.

Belladonna is the best for acute symptoms in a patient of Glaucoma. The main symptoms include sudden increase in dimness of vision. The eyes appear red. This is accompanied by a severe pain in eyes and head. The pain is very violent in character. 

Dare to be wise..

Dr. Madhuri Balivada

Kafka and its real implementation – Part1

Kafka is one of the main components of HADOOP ECOSYSTEM 

For achieving a real-time speed in data progressing, hadoop stack designers selects kafka as one of the components in a project-stack-design phase. In a layman terms you can remember kafka as a robust, less latent and distributed version of an enterprise messaging system. It publishes and subscribes  a group of stream-records.

In IT projects, when kafka

If the end-user/client wants the desired output or a report to be generated immediately just after data got  generated from source. In addition, also if the client wants to have all the required processing over the data is to be done with almost zero wait time and final out put gets generated, in such cases kafka is the best option.

If the input is GBs of  market data and client already has a competitor in his business. In this case client just wants their company to be ahead of their competitor  to capture market. To achieve this task, and give the client the fruit of direct-business-growth , you should make the processed information to reach your client much faster then others ( some time 100X times faster) , so that client can take decisions much ahead of their competitor.Now a days as every client is much interested to speed up their business, so it can be said that in almost in all the business-scenarios you can accommodate kafka and stack-design


Capacity Planning Kafka

Kafka always runs ona separate cluster on different servers. kafka not only process the standby data or any table data, but also progress the continuous stream of data on fly. IN standalone mode at least 8 GB of RAM, (good to have 30 GB of storage) is required for Kafka server to start along with zookeeper.


Kafka stores and replicates the data so as to ensure the data consistency  is maintained along with read-point-location even in case of any unexpected hiccups server performance(Kafka is fail safe). To obtain a best page caching Linux is best OS to opt for kafka. kafka 0.8 and above is also having topic partitioning which further speeds up process.Multiple zookeeper servers and also multiple brokers should be installed over a single network. Install Kafka at multiple levels of software life cycles to have best producer and consumer mechanism.

Kafka not only broadcast and store data but also it has a feature to process data on fly, but its limited to simple processing.Kafka can also handle complex processing of the data which is in coordination with flume and message ordering is guaranteed in kafka.

–we will discuss about Kafka installation and real time streaming example

–also in upcoming sessions we will discuss about beauty and power of kafka-flume integration

                                                                    keep an eye on this page


Top List of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

Every big company that exists started from a small business somewhere.”Competition” is the main cluster of any new business or startup which needs to be over-come to catch success. Minimizing competition is a good step; and be taken by any startup. To do so choose such a unique idea ( we are going to discuss some ) which has less competition, at the same time have higher profits margin. There could not have been the case, were it not for one unique business idea that the owner of the business (that entrepreneur) had. Through a leap of faith and a strategic plan, the golden idea was actualized, and all we can see today is not the idea that bore the business but the successful business, which we can’t help but admire. Here is the top list of unique but less competitive business ideas to try.

But come to think of it this way, would that business have flourished minus the idea? Would there be Facebook today minus Mark Zuckerberg’s idea behind it? Without the Steve Jobs actualizing the business idea he had, would Apple be in existence? The answer is definitely, NO!

So to be that successful businessperson you dream of, you need a business idea and not just an idea, but a great, unique and non-competitive business idea.

But here is the catch, do you have that one particular and peculiar business idea that will eventualize to big success? Worry not, for right below is a list of unique, non-competitive business ideas you can kickoff today.

Pet Hotel owner

Looks crazy, right?

Well, though it looks so, this is one business you can open and make quite some good income. With people traveling every now and then, be it for business or vacation, it may be quite cumbersome to tag along with a pet.  That may require one to look for a place to board the pet for the whole time they will be gone. A small pets hotel somewhere with several rooms to host the pets will be such a big solution for such individuals, charging a certain amount per night.

Though the business can be seasonal, it can be a boom during the festive seasons.

Technical support professional

if you are interested in information technology or you are already a technician, you can offer your services to small businesses in your locality. Most of the businesses especially start-ups may not have the ability to hire a tech guy. You can, therefore, contract with them to be providing technical support for them whenever they need such help. This you can do with several such businesses, and even hire other technicians to help you with the work as the business grows.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

Students’ tutor and instructing

Everyone wants to pass exams and be better in whatever they are studying or doing. If you are good at any field, you can start offering tuition services to other people pursuing the same field and make income out of it. This can be a part-time job to earn you some extra income.

Also if talented in a certain area like sports, dancing, music. You can open a small studio where you can offer lessons for that particular thing you love, be it dancing lessons, or piano, guitar, vocals, or just anything you are an expert in.


Sell hand-made arts online

Are you good at drawing, weaving, designing wearables, or any kind of craftsmanship? Create them and sell them on the available online marketing platforms, there are so many of them. The risk is not very high and the business may pick up well especially if your products are very good and unique.

You can also sell the products offline.



While this may seem like a common business, photography has risen a notch higher, and other than just doing it in weddings, studios, and other events, you can take scenic photos and sell them on photography sites such as Shutterstock etc. Companies need photos for promotional purposes on their websites and are willing to buy suitable photos at a good amount.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

local community websites
top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To TrY

Have you ever thought of how easy it would be to pass communication, make advertisements and access local news if the whole community within your locality was connected? Yea, this is it. Though WhatsApp and other messaging platforms are available, in most cases they may not accommodate the whole lot, and their purpose may be quite different. But with the local community website, people can access it and pass information with ease to the members of the community. You can charge those making advertisements for their businesses.

personalized fashion products

Today more than ever before, people are interested in standing out especially in clothing. Companies and individuals are looking for more personal brands that uniquely identify with them. With that upcoming trend, you can grab the opportunity and start a company that makes personalized clothing items.


Create a parking space finder App

It can be tedious and frustrating to find a parking space in cities, especially at certain seasons and hours. It would be such a relief for car owners, to have an application on their phones that can alert them of the nearby available parking space. You can then make the application available at app stores at a price. Instead of driving on every street looking for a car park, people would rather pay for the app and have the issue sorted.


Introducing clients

While this may require a lot to establish and start off. It is a sure business with high potential of succeeding. Once established, you can search for businesses looking for clients, and have no problem accepting introductions.


Dolls repair

Peoples houses are loaded with broken and worn out dolls that they don’t know what to do with them. Some of them are so precious that discarding them is not a possible thought at all. If you are good at fixing them up and sewing, this can be a good business for you.

That way you can make necessary repairs, replace broken parts, and bring the doll back to a good condition. Doll hospital business has been in existence for decades now, but very few people have ever thought about.

Mannequins recycling and repair

every clothe stall in town has one, two or several mannequins paraded there as they display the recent clothe designs available. Ever wondered where they are taken once they break? It’s obvious they are disposed or stacked in the store.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

You can save the situation by opening a mannequins repair and recycling company. Where you can replace the broken parts and recycle the worn out ones to form new ones. A mannequin’s recycling company exists in California, known as Mannequin madness and have received awards for that by the Environmental Protection Agency.


opening a cat cafe

In Japan and Taiwan, cat cafes have been operational for years and have spread over to several parts of North America. This is a cafe where people visit to enjoy their cup of tea or a meal in the company of resident cat pets. This is always a cool place for people who love pets yet they don’t have any at home, and in such a cafe they have their desired moment. Funny enough, these cafes in Japan and Taiwan have been flocking with customers, to a point that one is required to make a reservation.

This is a business you can implement in your locality since not many places have such and have your cafe flock with pet lovers.


Bike renting and selling

This is not only a loved outdoor activity but also one considered to be healthy and environmentally friendly. In America, over $81 billion is used for biking every year.

While this is the case, some people find it expensive to purchase bikes despite the fact that they love cycling. Opening a bike renting shop comes in as a handy solution for such individuals. Stocking both the e-bikes, those powered by an electric mortar, and the pedal-only bikes. One can still have some for sale, especially the e-bikes and the electrifying kit used to electrify the pedal-only bikes.


Private counseling and therapy

With all this technology, busy schedules and rising demands in life, people today are falling into depression and stress more frequently than a few years ago. Issues of mental health are on the rise, while marriages and family therapists and counselors are on demand every day.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

If you are a counselor or a therapist, this is a good business idea for you. People prefer private counselors and therapists, other that visiting hospitals offering the services, since it feels more confidential and secure to them. However, such a business will require you to be well equipped with the relevant knowledge, meaning extensive education may be very vital.


Kid-friendly apps

Today there are so many applications available for smartphones. However, most of them are not suitable for kids, despite a high percentage of kids having access to smartphones and tablets. This has become a serious concern to parents and the society at large, especially when cases of game apps which are persuading kids to do bizarre things are flocking the market.

If you are good at coding and apps development, you can consider making kids-friendly applications, which are creative and interesting.


viral videos production

Are your videos unique, eye-catching, and entertaining? Do they always go viral when posted on any platform? Then this is a business for you that can earn you good money without much investment on it.

YouTube always place advertisements on YouTube videos, of which they pay you for, depending on the views they get from your video. A viral YouTube video attracts a lot of views, meaning that you will have a good revenue from it.


Opening a Something online store

People love surprises, especially when sent through the mail. This you can do to people by opening an online store for anything and everything going at a constant price of $10 while charging no shipping fee. on the store, you can have a combination of just everything, from clothes, antiques, metallic, ceramic, ornaments, just anything.

You can then send any random item to a customer anywhere through the mail. This is always interesting as no one knows what to expect and the somethings sent are always a good deal. Check out somethingstore

unwanted gifts store

This is an interesting and weird one but a very real business opportunity in the world we live in today. It is no surprise to hear of a broken engagement, a love gone sour or just a breakup between lovers. In such cases, some people find no essence of keeping the ornaments, jewelry, and engagement rings they received from their former partners. They may opt to return them back to the person or just sell them. The problem is that returning them back to the shop can be a huge loss.

Opening an online store that buys and sell unwanted jewelry and engagement rings can be a great business venture. The returned goods can be sold at a much cheaper price than in the traditional ornament stores. Idonowidont is such a store.


Phobia shop

This is a unique idea derived from an existing online shop called the phobia shop. A phobia shop is aimed to help people overcome their fears and laugh about them, through designing t-shirts based on those phobias. Customers can send their information about their fears and you design the perfect t-shirt for that.


Designing a gardening App

Today everything has gone digital, with gardening not being left out in the same. People are always in the search for information about how to grow this or that, under what conditions, and such stuff. You can save people the turmoil by designing an app that contains all this information, with tips and reminders. To make money out of it, you can partner with farm products manufacturing companies or better still have a premium service that people pay for to get the information.


Virtual assistant

Several companies are doing away with full-time assistants just to help in doing a few tasks. Instead, they are hiring online assistants who conduct the needed service and is paid for the time involved. The virtual assistants do these jobs from home.  This is a lucrative business that can generate one a lot of money. Getting into this business or opening a virtual assistant business where clients and employers meet would work just fine.


e-commerce store

This is an online platform where local businesses can sell their products, to viable buyers, just like Amazon, eBay, and others. For each sale made, the business owners can give you a commission.

along with this to get some more idea on to start business in USA, Denmark New Zealand and in Canada


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Power of Apache Kafka for Bigdata

Kafka is a powerful tool for Bigdata, which has elevated the processing speed to a near realtime level. That means tons of giga bytes of data can be processed on fly and in notime. This feature of Kafka made it as a leader in Bigdata ecosystem. Lets see “Power of Apache Kafka for Bigdata”

Apache Kafka is a popular distributed message broker for designing and handling large volumes of real-time data . A Kafka cluster has a much higher throughput compared to other message brokers . Though it is generally used as a pub/sub messaging system, a lot of organizations also use it for log aggregation because it offers persistent storage for published messages.

Power of Apache Kafka for BigdataKafka provides both pub-sub and queue based messaging system in a fast, reliable, persisted, fault-tolerance and zero downtime manner. In both cases, producers simply send the message to a topic and consumer can choose any one type of messaging system depending on their need.

Working of Pub-Sub Messaging

Following is the step wise workIng of the Pub-Sub Messaging –

  1. Producers send message to a topic at regular intervals.
  2. Kafka broker stores all messages in the partitions configured for that particular topic to ensure the messages are equally shared between partitions.
  3. Consumer subscribes to a specific topic.
  4. Once the consumer subscribes to a topic, Kafka will provide the current offset of the topic to the consumer and also saves the offset in the Zookeeper ensemble.
  5. Consumer will request the Kafka in a regular interval for new messages.
  6. Once Kafka receives the messages from producers, it forwards these messages to the consumers.
  7. Consumer will receive the message and process it.
  8. Once the messages are processed, consumer will send an acknowledgement to the Kafka broker.
  9. Once Kafka receives an acknowledgement, it changes the offset to the new value and updates it in the Zookeeper.
  10. This above flow will repeat until the consumer stops the request.
  11. Consumer has the option to rewind/skip to the desired offset of a topic.


Apache Kafka Installation

Let us continue with the following steps to install Kafka on your machine.

– Download Kafka

To install Kafka on your machine, click on the below link −

– Extract the tar file

Extract the tar file using the following command −

$ cd opt/

$ tar -zxf kafka_2. tar.gz

$ cd kafka_2.

– Start Server

You can start the server by giving the following command −

$ bin/ config/

After the server starts, you would see the below response on your screen −

$ bin/ config/

[2016-01-02 15:37:30,410] INFO KafkaConfig values: = 30000

log.roll.hours = 168 = 0.9.0.X

log.preallocate = false = PLAINTEXT



– Stop the Server

After performing all the operations, you can stop the server using the following command −

$ bin/ config/

Producer and consumer – Java implementation

Connecting and authenticating

To connect to Message Hub. the Kafka API uses the kafka_brokers_sasl credentials, and the user and password from the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

Therefore you need to set the sasl.jaas.config property (0.10.21 clients or higher). For example: required



This configuration will be used by the producer and consumer.

It’s time for real coding,

Writing producers

Producer properties configuration

To start working with producers, it’s necessary to set a configuration containing the required properties that will be passed as parameters to kafkaProducer. These properties must be changed based on user needs.

props = new Properties();















Producer Java API


It’s important to define whether the producer is going to publish into a topic (no matter what the partition is) or a specific topic/partition. For instance, using the first option, see the code implementation below:

Publish to a specific topic

Pass the topic name and message that will be published as a parameter of ProducerRecord:

ProducerRecord producerRecord = new ProducerRecord(


Then send to the broker:


Putting it all together:

private void publishToTopic(){

String topic="mytopic13";

String message="publish message to a topic";

try {

KafkaProducer kafkaProducer;

kafkaProducer = new KafkaProducer(props);

ProducerRecord producerRecord = new ProducerRecord(topic,message.getBytes("UTF-8"));

RecordMetadata recordMetadata = kafkaProducer.send(producerRecord).get();

//getting RecordMetadata is possible to validate topic, partition and offset

System.out.println("topic where message is published : " + recordMetadata.topic());

System.out.println("partition where message is published : " + recordMetadata.partition());

System.out.println("message offset # : " + recordMetadata.offset());


} catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {


} catch (Exception e) {




Publish to an specific topic/partition

Pass the topic name, partition, message key and message value that will be published as a parameter of ProducerRecord:

ProducerRecord producerRecord = new ProducerRecord(


Note that the difference just resides in arguments added to ProducerRecord.

For more information about the producer API, please click here

Writing consumers

Consumer properties configuration

In order to start working with consumers, it’s necessary to set a configuration containing the required properties that will be passed as parameters to kafkaConsumer. These properties must be changed based on user needs.

props = new Properties();















Consumer Java API



Subscribe or assign

It’s so important to define which method will be used for message consumption. Below is a summary about the remarkable points of each one of them and when to use it:


  • Use when you want to consume all messages from the desired topic
  • This is automatically consumed from a topic, no matter which partitions the messages are in.
  • After subscribing, a re-balancing (re-assigning partition to a member) occurs. A consumer will coordinate with a group in order to assign partitions, this happens automatically when data consuming starts.
  • Define a List of strings of topics and then KafkaConsumer will subscribeto that list.


You want to define the topic/partition where messages will be consumed from.

This could be considered as a manual consumption as the partition is programmatically defined for the desired topic.

Define a List of TopicPartition and then KafkaConsumer will assign to that list.

It is not possible to subscribe and assign at the same time using the same consumer instance.

Consume from topic


In this code example kafkaConsumer will subscribe to a topic as shown below:

kafkaConsumer = new KafkaConsumer(props,new ByteArrayDeserializer(), new ByteArrayDeserializer());

String topic="mytopic13";

List topicList = new ArrayList();




kafkaConsumer = new KafkaConsumer(props,new ByteArrayDeserializer(), new ByteArrayDeserializer());

String topic="mytopic13";

List topicPartitionList = new ArrayList();

int partition=5;

topicPartitionList.add(new TopicPartition(topic,partition));


Retrieve messages from topic

In order to retrieve messages, kafkaConsumer will use a “poll” method which fetches data from the topics or partitions specified, using one of the subscribed/assign APIs. This will return a ConsumerRecord if iterated. Here is a code snippet:

Iterator<consumerrecord> it = kafkaConsumer.poll(1000).iterator();


ConsumerRecord record =;

final String message = new String(record.value(),Charset.forName("UTF-8"));

if(record.key() != null){

final String key = new String(record.key(),Charset.forName("UTF-8"));

System.out.println("messageKey : " + key);


System.out.println("topic : " + record.topic());

System.out.println("partition : " + record.partition());

System.out.println("offset : " + record.offset());

System.out.println("value : " + message);



Committing message

There are two possible ways to mark all received messages as committed.

Use kafkaConsumer API, after all messages have been iterated use “commitSync”. This ensures commit offset even if the consumer crashes after its call. If you decide to use this option then disable setting to false. This option is useful for handling commits manually.


Set “” and set time to “” to regulate frequency. Use when consumer’s offset will be committed in the background periodically.

Note: there is a risk using the second option: if the consumer crashes before committing offset for messages already processed, then a new consumer will end up repeating the process, which means messages will be retrieved twice.

Close consumer

When all messages have been processed and you want to end the consumer’s instance then you need to close as follows:


Putting it all together:

public void run(){

kafkaConsumer = new KafkaConsumer(props,new ByteArrayDeserializer(), new ByteArrayDeserializer());

String topic="mytopic13";


System.out.println("KafkaConsumer will subscribe");

List topicList = new ArrayList();




System.out.println("KafkaConsumer will assign");

List topicPartitionList = new ArrayList();

int partition=5;

topicPartitionList.add(new TopicPartition(topic,partition));





Iterator<consumerrecord> it = kafkaConsumer.poll(1000).iterator();


ConsumerRecord record =;

final String message = new String(record.value(),Charset.forName("UTF-8"));

if(record.key() != null){

final String key = new String(record.key(),Charset.forName("UTF-8"));

System.out.println("messageKey : " + key);


System.out.println("topic : " + record.topic());

System.out.println("partition : " + record.partition());

System.out.println("offset : " + record.offset());

System.out.println("value : " + message);



} catch (final Exception e) {

System.out.println("Consumer loop has been unexpectedly interrupted");







At this point you should be able to write your own producers and consumers, to set the minimum configuration required to start publishing and reading messages from the broker.

In this article we have seen very basics of kafka which is gathered from several sources.

But soon, we will have one more article which will be purely technical and Kafka realtime project will be explained there. Please keep track of this as we are going to be very seriously concentrate on code in upcoming days after one round of theory and basics is completed.

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how IOT related to embedded systems

Internet of things devices are implemented using both hardware and software components.  Micro controllers are used to execute software that interprets and that is how IOT related to embedded systems.

so in this this article we will discuss:

1- An introduction to the embedded systems and how they are related to IoT devices.

2- Exploring the Embedded Systems world.

3- The hardware structure by looking at the different components.

4- Some of the prototyping boards used in Internet of Things systems such as arduino and raspberry pi.

5- Explaining the Arduino board and how to use it.

6- Implementing a project using Arduino.

1- Introduction to Embedded Systems: Embedded systems is a term refers not only to how the device is used, but also how it’s implemented and how it’s built, so there is a lot of overlap between the two terms IoT devices and Embedded System devices. So IoT devices are typically embedded systems also, so we’ll just define that and give you an idea of what embedded systems are. It’s good to know the term embedded system because it is still commonly used, and what we are building in the world of IoT are typically embedded systems.

2- Exploring Embedded systems world : Embedded systems are computer based systems that don’t look like computers. The complexity of a computer is hidden from the user. So unlike typical computers or laptops which you as a typical user find complexities in using it such as installing new softwares, searching for a solution to one of your conflicts, etc. like for instance video games. I used to play video games on computers, now I use only game machines, but say I play a video game on a computer. What i need to start playing is to put the video game in it’s place, install it’s software and if you are lucky, you would not face problems or conflicts installing it, but in many cases, there are some conflicts with the video card. So you need a new video card to play this new video game. Now, you need to get new drivers for your video card. Finally, you will be able to play your games. So in computers, the functions are not separated unlike a machine ready and equipped with the hardware and the software tools needed for games like game machines. This is different than an IoT device. An IoT device is basically has one function. We mentioned this in previous articles. It has one function it’s trying to do like the car which does the car things or the camera which does the camera things, taking photos, recording videos, saving, etc. But, a general purpose computer, It can do a lot of things so there can be conflicts because there are many relationships between it’s components and it’s functions and those relationships add to complexity.

So embedded systems and IoT devices are generally embedded. They hide the complexity from the user so the user doesn’t have to see the complexity of what’s going on inside. The user just need to know how to use it. It has a very simple interface and this is where the term embedded came from. The complexity is embedded inside the device and the user doesn’t have to deal with the complexity. One thing to notice about the relationship between embedded systems and IoT systems is that IoT systems are almost always connected to the internet, thus the term Internet of Things, but embedded systems may or may not be. Embedded systems may have computational complexity in there, but no network connection at all. And so there are a lot of uses for devices like that. Things are moving from embedded to IoT because of the trends we talked about in the previous articles. The fact that internet connectivity is so ubiquitous and it’s pretty cheap to obtain. So a lot of these devices that used to be just embedded, are now becoming networked and so you’d call them IoT.

So embedded systems are basically everything that interacts, all the internet of things devices that we’ve mentioned but plus or minus the internet part. So a digital camera might not be networked. It might just be an embedded system where you click, press a button, take a picture and the picture is stored locally, but it might not be immediately networked. So you would call that type of thing an embedded system because the complexity is embedded within the device and has a simple interface to the user.

3. embedded system devices: It will be designed to take data from the outside world through “sensors” and then it has an output data to the outside world using “actuators” after making some logic to the sensed data using other components.

– “Sensors”: Sensors are used for receiving data from the outside world. An embedded device has a set of sensors. So these sensors receive information from the outside world in many different ways because there are many different types of sensors. The most basic type of sensor would be a push button that is receiving data that somebody types in through push which implies 1 in the embedded system world. You could receive sound information like the microphone which receives audio information. There’s also video, like the camera or just a regular light sensor that receives video information. You could also receive touch information through touch screens. So, there’s a lot of different sensors that an embedded system can receive input from. That input comes in through a set of sensors on it’s way to the core of the system. Once the system has decided to process that information, it needs to cause some results which is an effect to happen in the outside world. So that’s done through the actuators at the other side.

-“Actuators”: Actuators are the part which cause events to happen in the world. So those might be something like a motor. It goes off and on to perform some actions. It may control the lens to control the focus on cameras. So those motors, those are actuators that perform the outputs of the system. Speakers are actuators, they output sound. Lights are actuators, they output light. The screen is an actuator, it also outputs light but in a more complex format. So if you look at an embedded system, It receives data from the sensors, it does something with the data, and then it outputs to the actuators to make something happen in the real world as a result of the data that it received.

microcontroller or microprocessor: The differences between microcontrollers and microprocessors is that the microcontroller is basically smaller and weaker than the microprocessor. So when you say microprocessor, you almost mean a computer, desktop or laptop which has a big general purpose processor, and a general purpose digital signal processor, ect. Microprocessors are heavy-duty which mean they can run much complex programs, they’re very fast, have a lot of memory, etc.

Microcontrollers are cheaper and weaker which you may need to perform less complex systems that do not need much power, processing, memory, ect. You can think of Microcontroller as a lower end microprocessor. The speed numbers change over time but a common ratio might be 16 MHz, 8 MHz or just 4 MHz. Unlike microprocessors which could reach a speed up to 1 GHz.

3. Arduinos and Raspberry PIs are very common devices which represent microcontrollers and microprocessors. The Arduino is a microcontroller and The Raspberry pi is a microprocessor.

We will focus on the arduino in this article and dive deeper into microprocessors in later articles. So the Arduino is not just a microcontroller, it has a main big black chip on the center of it which is the microcontroller that executes our programs, but also many other components on the board.

You can find more information about the Arduino here (

4. Arduino uses the C programming language to run it’s programs. Arduino developers built a c language for the Arduino called Arduino c which is similar to the original c language with a little modification. You can use the Arduino to be the brain of your system after wiring your components to the Arduino pins.The basic Arduino program functions are setup() which you use to define the behavior of your pins after defining it using the define keyword. The second main function of any Arduino program is the loop() function which will loop forever to execute it’s contents.

5. Let’s make a simple Arduino project, a car model. In our project, we need a car body, arduino uno, 4 motors, h bridge, breadboard, wires and two batteries.

1- The car body: It’s a simple body to carry your system components and it is available in almost any electronics shop.

2- Arduino: It’s the brain of our system to hold the logic of our system and run the c program.

3- 4 motors: Actuators to move the car forward, backward, right and left.

4- H-Bridge: those are very useful for controlling the speed and direction of our car model and also available in any electronics shop.

3- breadboard: A simple board that help in wiring the system.

4- wires: to connect our systems.

5- 2 batteries: To power up the h-bridge, the arduino, and the 4 motors.

To start moving our car, we need to wire the h-bridge with the motors as the h-bridge control the speed and the direction. The typical h-bridge function is two control two motors. The h-bridge has two enables “enA, enB” which will control the speed of the two motors enA for motor 1 which represent the right wheels of the car and enB is the left wheels. As we need to wire up 4 motors, we will use 4 motors and will wire the right two motors to the enA as a single motor and the two left motors to enB as a single motor. To control the direction for the 4 motors, there are 4 pins in the middle of the h-bridge two of them will be for the enA “right morots”, and the other two are for the left motors. here is the code for our car.

// part 1

#define enA 10

#define enB 5

#define i1 8

#define i2 9

#define i3 6

#define i4 7

//part 2

void setup(){

pinMode(enA, OUTPUT);

pinMode(enB, OUTPUT);

pinMode(i1, OUTPUT);

pinMode(i2, OUTPUT);

pinMode(i3, OUTPUT);

pinMode(i4, OUTPUT);


//part 3

void motor1Stop(){

digitalWrite(i1, LOW);

digitalWrite(i2, LOW);


void motor2Stop(){

digitalWrite(i3, LOW);

digitalWrite(i4, LOW);


//part 4

void motorsEnabled(bool en){

digitalWrite(enA, en);

digitalWrite(enB, en);


void enableMotors(){



//part 5

void motor1Forward(){

digitalWrite(i1, HIGH);

digitalWrite(i2, LOW);


void motor2Forward(){

digitalWrite(i3, HIGH);

digitalWrite(i4, LOW);


//part 6

void motor1Backward(){

digitalWrite(i1, LOW);

digitalWrite(i2, HIGH);


void motor2Backward(){

digitalWrite(i3, LOW);

digitalWrite(i4, HIGH);


//part 7

void loop(){















//right and left












let’s break down our car model code:

part 1: This part is used to define the Arduino’s pins which the arduino will use to read or send signals from or to the system.

part 2: Is used to define the pins to tell the Arduino the behaviour of those pins wether input or output pins so the Arduino should read or write from or to them.

part 3: motor1Stop() Remember the two pins which control the direction of the right “motors 1”. i1 and i2 are those pins and by setting them to 0 or LOW, it means do not use them in the embedded world. So by calling this function, right motors or “motors 1” would stop. motor2Stop works the same as motor1Stop, but it controls the left motors and by calling this function, motors 2 would stop.

part 4: enableMotors() and motorsEnabled() for controlling the speed of the left and right motors. enableMotors will call motorsEnabled and send it HIGH which mean both left and right side motors should go in their full speed “speed 255”.

part 5: motor1Forward() and motor2Forward() are functions for controlling the direction of the left and the right side motors which will control the car direction. motor1Forward() sends HIGH to i1 and LOW to i2 which will make the two right motors go forward, and you can make them go backward by sending LOW to i1 and HIGH to i2. motor2Forward() send HIGH to i3 and LOW to i4 which will make the left motors to also go forward. So by calling both functions, our car should go forward.

part 6: Similar to part #5, but the car should go in the opposite direction by calling those functions.

part 7: loop() is the function which will run forever if the system is powered. So Arduino will excute the setup() function first, then the loop() function will loop forever and execute the statements inside it. So the behavior of our car should be:

1- delay(1000): pause the system for some time to be able to place the car on the ground.

2- enablemotors(): to make both motors go in their full speed.

3- motor1Forward(), motor2Forward(), and delay(1000): The car should move forward for some time.

4- motor1Stop(), motor2Stop(), and delay(1000): The car should stop moving for some time.

5- motor1Backward(), motor2Backward(), and delay(1000): The car should move in the reverse direction for some time, then stop for some times as #4.

6- enable Motors(), motor2Stop(), motor1Forward(), delay(1000): after executing those functions the left motors should stop and the right motors would go forward which should make our car to go in the left direction for some time.

7- Stopping the car for some time as #4.

8- Moving the car in the right direction as #6.


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Top list of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms transforming world

AI can be said as the intelligence displayed by machines based on which the devices take actions and maximizes the chances of success of some goal. AI techniques have gained a great revival in the recent years due to advances in theoretical understanding, big data and technology. AI is helping people solve many challenging problems in computer science. Here is the Top list of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms transforming world.

Top list of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are transforming worldThe term artificial intelligence is applied when a machine imitates the cognitive functions that are associated with human minds. Whether it is learning or problem solving, the scope of AI is huge.

The main objective of AI is to create a technology that allows machines to function in a smart way. Some of the traits that experts expect intelligent systems to display include – problem solving, reasoning, knowledge representation, default reasoning, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception, social intelligence, manipulation, creativity and general intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is changing our lives by helping us discover and focusing on subject matters that make human capital good. However, it becomes complicated as there are multiple levels of algorithms used in artificial intelligence. Algorithms have the ability to solve a particular problem and its value in artificial intelligence depends on their use.

Algorithms are a set of repetitive steps that are guided with simple rules to crunch a complex problem. The algorithms are given a data and they come up with a suitable solution based on the data. If the programmers are not satisfied with the answer, they give algorithms more data to fine-tune the answer.

AI Algorithms are used for data processing, calculation, testing and automated reasoning. To make computers do anything, a program must be written. The computer executes the steps to accomplish the end goal. The only thing is that you have to tell the computer “what you want to do exactly”.

Algorithms are integrated into the computers and can make the system smarter. However, without adding common sense – they still produce peculiar results. It is expected that AI algorithms will replace 25% of the jobs across the world in next few years. The market for AI technology is flourishing and there are numerous startups that are acquiring them. In a survey, it was found that more than 38% of the enterprises are using AI technology.

There are different types of algorithms that are used in artificial intelligence. This guide is meant to provide the Artificial Intelligence Algorithms transforming world. Before we go into detail, let’s know about different types of algorithms.

Supervised machine learning algorithm  

Supervised learning algorithm is where you have input and output variables. The main objective of this algorithm is to map functions in an effective way that the output can be predicted using input data. This process is known as supervised learning because the algorithm makes predictions based on data, which can be thought as a teacher is supervising the learning process.

Supervised learning can be classified into ‘classification’ and ‘regression’. The most common type of problems are built on supervised learning and includes – linear regression, random forecast and support vector machines.

Most of the people consider Artificial Intelligence as programmer assisted learning, which means the algorithms are predefined ahead of time. This machine learning is applied with supervised learning algorithm.

Unsupervised machine learning algorithm

Unsupervised learning is where you only have input variable and no output data. The main objective of this algorithm is to model the underlying structure in data to learn more about the data. Unsupervised learning algorithms are left on their own devices to discover and present structure of the data.

Unsupervised machine learning algorithms can be further classified into association and clustering problems. The most popular examples of unsupervised learning are – Apriori algorithm and k-means for clustering.

Besides this, there is an algorithm known as Reinforcement Machine Learning Algorithm that chooses the actions based on each data point and know how good the decision is. This algorithm can change it strategy from time to time to achieve the best reward.

Top list of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms transforming world

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms has gained great popularity, as they can be learnt and improved without need of humans. Here are the top 7 algorithms that are used in artificial intelligence.

  1. Apriori Algorithm

Apriori algorithm generates association rules from given data set. According to association rule, if the item A occurs, then there is a possibility that item B will occur. This algorithm is in If_Then format, and the ratio is derived like if A occurs, then B will also occur. This algorithm is easily to implement and makes use of large set of properties. Some of the common uses of this algorithm in AI are – market based analysis, detecting adverse drug reactions, auto-complete applications etc.

This algorithm is used for association analysis on healthcare of patients and include – initial diagnosis, adverse effects of patients, characteristics of patients etc. many e-commerce platforms are using this algorithm to draw data insights on which products are likely to be purchased together. The libraries in AI implement this algorithm to find relation between different data sets.

  1. K-Means Clustering Algorithm

K-Means is a popularly used algorithm in AI for cluster analysis. This algorithm operates on the given data set through a number of clusters that are pre-defined. The K-clusters of this algorithm mean that the input data is partitioned among K-clusters. This algorithm is used by reputed search engines such as – Google, Yahoo and Bing to identify relevance rate of search results, reducing the computation rate for users.

In case of global clusters, K can produce tighter cluster than hierarchical clustering. For larger number of variables, K-means clustering can compute faster than hierarchical clustering.

  1. Logistic regression

Logistic regression is a machine learning algorithm that is used for classification of tasks. The name regression implies that the linear model will fit into feature space to predict the outcome of categorical dependent variables. The probabilities that describe the outcome are modeled as function of explanatory variables. This algorithm also helps to estimate the probability of falling into a specific level of variables based on predictor variables. Logical regression can be classified into – multi-nominal regression, binary logistic regression and ordinal logistic regression.

Logistic regression algorithm is less complex and easier to implement. It is applied in the field of epidemiology to identify the risk for disease, classify a set of sounds, weather forecasting, credit scoring systems and risk management.

  1. Naïve Bayes Classifier Algorithm

Naïve Bayes Classifier algorithm comes into play when it becomes difficult to classify a document, webpage, email or any lengthy text. The role of classifier function is to allocate element value from one of the categories. For example – ‘Spam filter’ is an important application of this algorithm that assigns label to all the emails as ‘spam’ and ‘not spam’.

Bayes classifier algorithm is meant for document classification and disease prediction. In short, it is a simple classification of words based on the probability Theorem of Bayes. If you have large data set, you can use this algorithm. Some of the popular uses of Naïve Bayes Classifier algorithm include – sentiment analysis, document categorization, email spam filtering, classifying new articles etc.

This algorithm performs well when the input data is categorical. It is easier to predict the class of test data set. Naïve Bayes Classifier algorithm gave good performance in various domains, even if it needs conditional independence assumption.

  1. Random forest algorithm

Random forest algorithm uses bagging approach to develop a bunch of decision trees. Based on this algorithm, the model is checked multiple times on a random set of data to achieve excellent prediction performance. The final prediction is derived by polling the results of decision trees. There are multiple implementations of this algorithm in AI. When the data is missing, it maintains accuracy and help scientists find missing data in no time.

Random forest algorithm can be implemented with minimal lines of code. It helps to estimate what type data is important in the classification and how they can be used. This is one of the best and versatile algorithms that are used for a variety of regression tasks. They are robust to noise and it is easy to determine which parameter to use to run the algorithm. Random forest algorithm can be grown in parallel and runs efficiently on large database.

Random forest algorithm is used in a variety of AI applications such as – voice recognition, predicting performance scores, automobile industry, banks and many more.

  1. Support vector machine learning algorithm

This machine learning algorithm is used for regression and classification problems. The data set teaches the algorithm about the classes so that the new data can be classified easily. The data is classified into different classes by finding a line that separates the training data into different classes. There are many hyperplanes that tries to maximize the distance between different classes.

Support vector machine learning algorithm offers the best classification performance on training data as well as renders more efficiency for future data classification. The best thing about this approach is that it neither makes string assumptions on data not over-fit the data.

SVM algorithm is widely used in stock forecasting to compare performance of stock in same sector. This comparison helps in managing the investment decisions based on the classifications made by this algorithm.

  1. Decision trees

Decision tree algorithm is a graphical representation of data that makes use of branching methodology. The outcomes of decision are exemplified based on certain conditions. The internal node of the branch represents test on the attribute, while the branch represents the outcome of the test. The decision is made after computing all the attributes.

The decision trees are categorized into classification trees and regression trees, based on the type of target variable. The target variable helps to decide the decision tree that is appropriate for a particular problem. This machine learning algorithm helps to make decision under uncertainty and help improve communication. The data scientists can capture the data based on the decision tree algorithm, and check how the operational nature of the model would change if a different decision was taken.

This algorithm is best suited for problems where the situation is represented by attribute value.  If the data has missing value, then the decision tree algorithm can be used – as it can handle the missing values by looking at the data in different columns. This type of algorithm is used in data exploration and help save data preparation time. It is not sensitive to missing values that will stop you from splitting the data for building decision tree.

The main drawback of this algorithm is the presentation difficulty, when it comes to large sized trees. Decision tree algorithm is highly popular in finance, remote sensing application, disease identification and many more.


Artificial Intelligence is the science of making intelligence systems using algorithms that span across several branches of computer science. Some of the popular branches include – genetic programming, predictive modelling, text mining, pattern recognition, data analytics and ontology. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are based on a number of mathematical methods such as – regression, classification, clustering, findings etc in the field of speech recognition, gaming, medical diagnostics, credit card fraud etc.

If you want to mater the algorithms used in AI, start right away. Develop a physical understanding of the process and apply the algorithms to see the fun.



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Hadoop, a solution for Bigdata has several individual components which combined together is called as hadoop-eco-system. Lets have an in depth analysis of what are the components of hadoop and their importance. This is must to have information for cracking any technical interview. So lets see ” HADOOP ECOSYSTEM COMPONENTS AND ITS ARCHITECTURE”

All the components of the Hadoop ecosystem, as explicit entities are evident. The holistic view of Hadoop architecture gives prominence to Hadoop common, Hadoop YARN, Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) and Hadoop MapReduce of the Hadoop Ecosystem. Hadoop common provides all Java libraries, utilities, OS level abstraction, necessary Java files and script to run Hadoop, while Hadoop YARN is a framework for job scheduling and cluster resource management.  HDFS in Hadoop architecture provides high throughput access to application data and Hadoop MapReduce provides YARN based parallel processing of large data sets.

What are the biggest reasons a company should switch to a Hadoop architecture?

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In our earlier articles, we have defined “What is Apache Hadoop” .To recap, Apache Hadoop is a distributed computing open source framework for storing and processing huge unstructured datasets distributed across different clusters. The basic principle of working behind  Apache Hadoop is to break up unstructured data and distribute it into many parts for concurrent data analysis. Big data applications using Apache Hadoop continue to run even if any of the individual cluster or server fails owing to the robust and stable nature of Hadoop.

What is Hadoop Ecosystem?

Hadoop is mainly a framework and Hadoop ecosystem includes a set of official Apache open source projects and a number of commercial tools and solutions. Spark, Hive, Oozie, Pig, and Squoop are few of the popular open source tools, while the commercial tools are mainly provided by the vendors Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. Apart from this, a large number of Hadoop productions, maintenance, and development tools are also available from various vendors. These tools or solutions support one or two core elements of the Apache Hadoop system, which are known as HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Common.

Architecture of Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is used to process ahuge amount of data. The architecture of Apache Hadoop consists of various technologies and Hadoop components through which even the complex data problems can be solved easily. The following image represents the architecture of Hadoop Ecosystem:

Hadoop architecture is based on master-slave design. In Hadoop when the data size is large the data files are stored on multiple servers and then the mapping is done to reduce further operations. Each server works as a node, so each node of the map has the computing power and are not dump like disk drives. The master-slave architecture is followed by the data processing in the Hadoop system, which looks like the following figure:


Following is the description of each component of this image:

Namenode: It controls operation of data

Datanode: Datanodes writes the data to local storage. To store all data at a single place is not always recommended, as it may cause loss of data in case of outage situation.

task tracker: They accept tasks assigned to the slave node

Map:It takes data from a stream and each line is processed after splitting it into various fields

Reduce: Here the fields, obtained through Map are grouped together or concatenated with each other

Components of Hadoop Ecosystem

The key components of Hadoop file system include following:

HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System):

This is the core component of Hadoop Ecosystem and it can store a huge amount of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. It can create an abstract layer of the entire data and a log file of data of various nodes can also be maintained and stored through this file system. Name Node and Data Node are two key components of HDFS



Here the Name Node stores meta data instead of original data and require less storage and computational resources. All data is stored in the Data Nodes and require more storage resources and it requires commodity hardware like laptops or desktops, which makes the Hadoop solution costlier.


YARN or Yet Another Resource Navigator is like the brain of the Hadoop ecosystem and all processing is performed right here, which may include resource allocation, job scheduling, and activity processing. The two major components of YARN are Node Manager and Resource Manager. Here the Resource Manager passes the parts of requests to the appropriate Node Manager. Every Data Node has a Node Manager, which is responsible for task execution. It has following architecture:


YARN is a dynamic resource utilization and the user can run various Hadoop applications, using YARN framework without increasing workloads. It offers high sociability, agility, new and unique programming models and improved utilization of the clusters.




MapReduce is a combination of two operations, named as Map and Reduce.It also consists of core processing components and helps to write the large data sets using parallel and distributed algorithms inside the Hadoop environment. Map and Reduce are basically two functions, which are defined as:

Map function performs grouping, sorting and filtering operations, while Reduce function summarizes and aggregates the result, produced by Map function. The result of these two functions is a Key-> Value pair, where the keys are mapped to the values to reduce the processing. Map Reduce framework of Hadoop is based on YARN architecture, which supports parallel processing of large data sets.

The basic concept behind MapReduce is that the “Map” sends a query to various datanodes for processing and “Reduce” collects the result of these queries and output a single value


Here the Job Tracker and Task Tracker are two daemons, which tackles the task of job tracking in MapReduce processing.

Apache Pig:

Apache PIG  is a procedural language, which is used for parallel processing applications to process large data sets in Hadoop environment and this language is an alternative for the Java programming. Pig includes two components Pig Latin and the Pig run time, just like Java and JVM. Pig Latin has SQL like commands. Non-programmers can also use Pig Latin as it involves very less coding and SQL like commands. At the back-end of Pig Latin, the MapReduce job executes. The compiler converts the Latin into MapReduce and produces sequential job sets, which is called an abstraction.

It is usually used for complex use-cases and require multiple data operations and is a processing language rather than a query language. Through Pig the applications for sorting and aggregation can be developed. Through this customizable platform, the user can write his own application. It supports all popular programming languages, including Ruby, Python, and Java. For those who love to write applications in these programming languages, it can be the best option.




HBase is an open source and non-relational or NoSQL database. It supports all data types and so can handle any data type inside a Hadoop system. It runs on HDFS and is just like Google’s BigTable, which is also a distributed storage system and can support large data sets. HBase itself is written in Java and its applications are written using REST, Thrift APIs and Avro. HBase is designed to solve the problems, where a small amount of data or information is to be searched in a huge amount of data or database.

This NoSQL database was not designed to handle transnational or relational database. Instead, is designed to handle non-database related information or data. It does not support SQL queries, however, the SQL queries can run inside HBase using another tool from the Apache vendor like Hive, it can run inside HBase and can perform database operations. HBase is designed to store structured data, which may have billions of rows and columns. A large number of messaging applications like Facebook are designed using this technology.It has ODBC and JDBC drivers as well.

Mahout, Spark MLib:

Mahout is used for machine learning and provides the environment for developing the machine learning applications. Through this, we can design self-learning machines, which can be used for explicit programming. Moreover, such machines can learn by the past experiences, user behavior and data patterns. Just like artificial intelligence it can learn from the past experience and take the decisions as well. Mahout can perform clustering, filtering and collaboration operations, the operations which can be performed by Mahout are discussed below:

  1. Collaborative filtering:On the basis of user behavior the machine can learn user behavioral pattern and characteristics. The typical example of this includes e-commerce website.
  2. Clustering:It can build the clusters of similar data groups, including blogs, research papers, and news.
  3. Classification: The categorical data classification is done and various categories are created using this like news, blogs, essay, research papers and others.
  4. Item Set Creation and Recommendation: Through this Mahout can check that which data items are usually brought together and create its sets. Like with a mobile phone, generally, the phone cover is also purchased and recommended. So, Mahout will recommend the phone cover or another accessory to the clients, who will buy the cell phone.


To manage the clusters, one can use Zookeeper, it is also known as the king of coordination, which can provide reliable, fast and organized operational services for the Hadoop clusters. Zookeeper can provide distributed configuration service, synchronization service and the feature of naming registry for the distributed environment. When Zookeeper was not there, the complete process of task coordination was quite difficult and time-consuming. The synchronization process was also problematic at the time of configuration and the changes in the configuration were also difficult.

Zookeeper provides a speedy and manageable environment and saved a lot of time by performing grouping, maintenance, naming and synchronization operations in less time. It offers a powerful solution for the Hadoop use cases. Many big brands, like eBay, Yahoo and Rackspace are using Zookeeper for many of their use-cases. Therefore Zookeeper has become an important Hadoop tool.



Job scheduling is an important and unavoidable process for Hadoop system. Apache Oozie performs the job scheduling and works like an alarm and clock service inside the Hadoop Ecosystem. Oozie can schedule the Hadoop jobs and bind them together so that logically they can work together.The two kinds of jobs, which mainly Oozie performs, are:

  • Oozie Workflow: In this, the sequential set of instructions and actions are executed. Here if there is more than one job to be executed, then the last one is allowed to get completed and then the second last is executed.
  • Oozie Coordinator: the Oozie jobs are triggered when the data arrive for processing. These Oozie jobs rest or do not execute, if the data do not arrive else they are executed to take the proper action.


Ambari is a project of Apache Software Foundation and it can make the Hadoop ecosystem more manageable. This project of Apache includes managing, monitoring, and provisioning of the Hadoop clusters. It is a web-based tool and supports HDFS, MapReduce, Hadoop, HCatalog, HBase, Hive, Oozie, Zookeeper, and Pig. Ambari wizard is very much helpful and provides a step-by-step set of instructions to install Hadoop ecosystem services and a metric alert framework to monitor the health status of Hadoop clusters. Following are the main services of Hadoop:

  1. Provisioning:The step-by-step process to install Hadoop ecosystem across the Hadoop clusters and to handle the configuration services of the Hadoop clusters.
  2. Cluster Management: The centrally managed service used to start, stop and re-configure Hadoop services on varies
  3. Cluster Monitoring: A dashboard is there, which is used to monitor the health status of various clusters. Ambari Alert Framework used to send anotification when the user attention is needed e.g. when any node goes down or the disk space goes low on any node, then a notification is sent to the user.

At Last – To Summarize

Hadoop is a successful ecosystem and the credit goes to its developer’s community. Many big companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. are using Hadoop and have increased its capabilities as well. While learning Hadoop knowledge of just one or two tools may not be sufficient. It is important to learn all Hadoop components so that a complete solution can be obtained. Hadoop ecosystem involves a number of tools and day by day the new tools are also developed by the Hadoop experts. It has become an integral part of the organizations, which are involved in huge data processing.

Apache Hive Internal and External Tables

Hive is an open source data warehouse system used for querying and analyzing large datasets. Data in Apache Hive can be categorized into Table, Partition, and Bucket. The table in Hive is logically made up of the data being stored. Hive has two types of tables which are as follows:

  • Managed Table (Internal Table)
  • External Table

Hive Managed Tables-

It is also know an internal table. When we create a table in Hive, it by default manages the data. This means that Hive moves the data into its warehouse directory.

Hive External Tables-

We can also create an external table. It tells Hive to refer to the data that is at an existing location outside the warehouse directory.

Let’s now discuss the Hive Internal tables vs External tables comparison.

  1. Featured Difference between Hive Internal Tables vs External Tables

Here we are going to cover the comparison between Hive Internal tables vs External tables on the basis of different features. Let’s discuss them one by one-

3.1. LOAD and DROP Semantics

We can see the main difference between the two table type in the LOAD and DROP semantics.

  • Managed Tables – When we load data into a Managed table, then Hive moves data into Hive warehouse directory.

For example:

CREATE TABLE managed_table (dummy STRING);

LOAD DATA INPATH '/user/tom/data.txt' INTO table managed_table;

This moves the file hdfs://user/tom/data.txt into Hive’s warehouse directory for the managed_table table, which is hdfs://user/hive/warehouse/managed_table.

Further, if we drop the table using:

DROP TABLE managed_table

Then this will delete the table metadata including its data. The data no longer exists anywhere. This is what it means for HIVE to manage the data.

  • External Tables – External table behaves differently. In this, we can control the creation and deletion of the data. The location of the external data is specified at the table creation time:

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE external_table(dummy STRING)

LOCATION '/user/tom/external_table';

LOAD DATA INPATH '/user/tom/data.txt' INTO TABLE external_table;

Now, with the EXTERNAL keyword, Apache Hive knows that it is not managing the data. So it doesn’t move data to its warehouse directory. It does not even check whether the external location exists at the time it is defined. This very useful feature because it means we create the data lazily after creating the table.

The important thing to notice is that when we drop an external table, Hive will leave the data untouched and only delete the metadata.

3.2. Security

  • Managed Tables – Hive solely controls the Managed table security. Within Hive, security needs to be managed; probably at the schema level (depends on organization).
  • External Tables – These tables’ files are accessible to anyone who has access to HDFSfile structure. So, it needs to manage security at the HDFS file/folder level.

3.3. When to use Managed and external table

Use Managed table when –

  • We want Hive to completely manage the lifecycle of the data and table.
  • Data is temporary

Use External table when –

  • Data is used outside of Hive. For example, the data files are read and processed by an existing program that does not lock the files.
  • We are not creating a table based on the existing table.
  • We need data to remain in the underlying location even after a DROP TABLE. This may apply if we are pointing multiple schemas at a single data set.
  • The hive shouldn’t own data and control settings, directories etc., we may have another program or process that will do these things.

Apache Hive Command Line Options

Below are the commonly used Apache Hive command line options:

Hive Command Line Option Description
-d,–define <key=value> Variable substitution to apply to Hive commands.

e.g. -d A=B or –define A=B

-e <quoted-query-string> Execute SQL from command line.

e.g. -e ‘select * from table1’

-f <filename> Execute SQL from file. e.g. -f ‘/home/sql_file.sql’
-H,–help Print Hive help information. Usually, print all command line options.
-h <hostname> Connect to host server in case if connecting from remote host
–hiveconf <property=value> Use value for given property
–hivevar <key=value> Variable substitution to apply to Hive commands.

e.g. –hivevar A=B

-i <filename> Initialization SQL file
-p <port> Hive Server port number
-S,–silent Silent mode in interactive shell
-v,–verbose Verbose mode (echo executed SQL to the console)

Hive Command Line Options Usage Examples

Execute query using hive command line options

$ hive -e ‘select * from test’;

Execute query using hive command line options in silent mode

$ hive -S -e ‘select * from test’

Dump data to the file in silent mode

$hive -S -e 'select col from tab1' > a.txt


Hadoop is written with huge amount of clusters of computers in mind and is built upon the following assumptions:

  • Hardware may fail due to any external or technical malfunction where instead commodity hardware can be used.
  • Processing will be run in batches and there exits an emphasis on high throughput as opposed to low latency.
  • Applications which run on HDFS have large sets of data. A typical file in HDFS may be of gigabytes to terabytes in size.
  • Applications require a write-once-read-many access model.
  • Moving Computation is cheaper compared to the Moving Data.



Hadoop ecosystem is not a service and programming , Hadoop ecosystem is the one type of platform which used to processing a large amount of Hadoop Data.Hadoop ecosystem using  HDFS and MapReducefor Storing and processing the large amount of data and also used Hive for querying the data.Hadoop Ecosystem consists of following three different types of data

  • Structured Data– Data having clear structure which can be stored at tablular form
  • Semi Structured Data– Data having some structure which cannot stored at tabular form
  • Un Structured Data– Data does not having any structure which cannot stored data at tabular form


Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

Iot technology is the driving force of today’s world and it has become almost impossible to live without it. Everything is attached with from communicating, doing household chores to traveling etc. IoT has  simplified life today than ever before.  Here are the Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things or commonly referred to as IoT, is the networking of interrelated physical devices. These devices can transfer data without human involvement. IoT makes dead and dumb things, to become communicative through communicative sensors, software, electronics  and actuators. These enable them to be controlled remotely, through an existing network infrastructure. In simple terms, IoT is the interlinking of the physical and digital world. By doing so induce intelligence in them  and reduce human involvement.

IoT has been very instrumental in every area and can refer anything from a built-in sensor in an automobile, a heart monitoring implant, or a farm animal fitted with a biochip transponder. While there are many existing inventions of IoT today, some have really been of great transformation, and more are still on the way coming. Here we go

GLAS thermostat.

This is a smart thermostat that is featuring on the market by March 2018. It is Cortana-powered thermostat that is going to run the IoT Core in Windows 10. The translucent OLED touchscreen display fitted on the GLAS thermostat, will be able to control temperature, check the weather, as well as monitor the air quality both indoor and outdoor.

In addition, the smart thermostat can detect whether the users are in the office or at home and make setting changes to guarantee energy efficiency. A GLAS thermostat app will also be available for the Google and iOS mobile devices.

CombiSteam oven

The smart ovens are an example of such appliances, that has made cooking delicious meals am easy and simple task. Most of them have incorporated the normal heating option with the steam function. This makes food more crispy, flavorsome and fluffy as desired. This is useful especially when baking or roasting meat. The steam function is optional.

An example of  such ovens include the Electrolux’s CombiSteam oven.  One interesting thing about this oven is that is has a touchscreen display that is able to provide a cookbook with a range of recipes. Each recipe has the ingredients listed along with the preparation instructions. For every dish selected, the oven automatically sets the right temperature, tome, and humidity for the selected recipe, but still adjustable as per an individuals preference. June intelligent oven is another such oven.

Cleaning the oven is easy since it uses steam to loosen stubborn grease and all it needs is wiping. It has a cleaning programme that keeps reminding one if the oven needs cleaning.

Ovens have really gone tech with some even having food recognition engine and inbuilt cameras that are connectable to smart devices to enables one to watch as the food cooks. Several other smart ovens also exist and chances are they will only get better in future.

Wearable health monitors

Today you don’t need to visit the hospital to keep track of your health status, with wearable fitness and health devices, this is even easier. The health tracking devices can help monitor your heart rates, sleep patterns, activity levels, daily step count, temperature, and sports activities such as cycling, running, swimming, among others. They count your calories burn and give suggestions of best exercises, exercise time, based on their analysis.

Others have been designed for diabetics and can send a signal to the doctor in case of insulin level changes and also remind the patient to take medication.

Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

The health tracking devices can either be in the design of smartwatches, wristbands, dongles, and anklets. Different brands such as FitBit Alta HR, Moov Now, Apple Watch, and many more. Most of them work along with mobile apps for your smart device or can be linked to it using GPS.

Smart door locks.

Carrying keys around, every time you walk out of your house and looking for key hiding places for accessibility to the family members is no longer necessary with IoT. Today, you can unlock, monitor, and unlock your door without the need for keys. You can also control access to your home through your smartphone, since they can send you a notification on your phone through a mobile app, alerting you of who approaches your home or whenever your lock gets activated. Also, an alarm for any tampering is available for some smart locks.

The smart locks use either, WiFi, Cellular or Bluetooth connectivity. While some have some key codes to enable unlocking the door, some use face recognition, voice recognition through Siri, or Bluetooth. Existing door locks are the likes of Gogi smart locks, Friday Smart lock, Kwikset Kevo Convert, Lockitron Bolt,Schlage Connect, Sesame Smart Lock, and many more. Smart door locks have enhanced security to homes and offices which is a good thing.

IoT lighting

This can bring a total transformation in your house depending with the time of the day and activities taking place at a given moment. This is not limited to your home alone, but also in industries and hospitals, fields, automobiles, theaters, stores, etc.

this kind of lighting ensures that it brings the right biological effect to the person and for the environment it’s being used in. for instance, in the evening the light goes on even when not in, if set so. Since they are easy to control, one can set up the right ambiance either favorable for reading, relaxing, sleeping, or concentrating, through the different color settings.

Smart lights can be synchronized with music, movies, and games, through apps like Amazon Echo, Google home, and others. Since smart lighting is mostly wireless, it is easy to expand the lighting system. Companies such as Philips Hue and Osram have done quite a good job in this.

Smart gloves

“Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet”

Other than serving the purpose of keeping one’s hands warm and shielding purposes, gloves are now serving highly detective working devices. They are fitted with sensors which help them to automatically scan packaged boxes or tools when simply lifting them up. The smart devices use the RFID which helps increase security.

Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

ProGlove company is one producer of such gloves and whenever worn they do check in with a server through motion tracking. This ensures that whenever something is out of the norm, warning signals are sent and the wearer can be traced easily.

Wifi/ Bluetooth Coffee maker.

What could better news there be for coffee lovers than having your coffee automatically made for them whenever they need it in whatever manner they want it?

Smart coffee maker spares you all the stress and struggle of waking up to prepare your coffee. A big thanks to the Internet of Things. The wifi coffee maker is normally pre-set with your options the night before and ensure you fill the grinds. You can then start the coffee maker to prepare the coffee while still in bed either by smartphone or it can set itself on the time set to do so.

Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

It is set up through wifi or Bluetooth and controlled through the phone using an app. You can reset the options in case you want your coffee different. A variety of smart coffee makers exist in the market and cone with different features and updates which are still easy to use.

Faster Internet.

Internet being the propagator of Internet of Things, there is a dire necessity for faster, smarter, reliable and available internet for everyone. In a few more years time to come, IoT technology and devices will be so many and for their effectiveness Internet have to be smart as well.

It is for that reason people like Elon Musk and several companies are seriously concentrating on the internet. While Musk is seeking for permission to send several satellites to the Earth’s orbits for high-speed wireless signals, others are making big investments in networking technologies such as Zigbee and 5G to improve speed and affordability.

It is only through improved network infrastructure will IoT fully become a reality.

Floating farms.

No matter how crazy this may look, it is a dream we need to be actualized sooner than later. According to predictions made by UN, there is a possibility that the world will have an extra two billion people come 2050. That means more food needed, due to the demand, which will be about 70% increase in food supply. With many people residing in the cities, there would and there still is need for close by food supplies.

It is for that reason that Javier Ponce, an architect, has come up with a 2m tall tiered structure for farming.  The structure has solar panels that provide energy to the different tiers and has vegetables grown in one of the tiers. Other than soil, the vegetables grow of liquid nutrients. In the same structure, fish are reared beneath the vegetable tier and they feed on the vegetable matter.

Such a structure can produce tonnes of vegetables and fish in a year in just a small piece of about 350 x 200m. If such an idea was implemented in cities near large water bodies, it would help solve the issue of food in future.

Autonomous Trucks

who would have ever thought a time would come when a truck or rather any vehicle would be driving on the road without a person behind the steering wheel? It is now happening. Autonomous trucks are taking the attention of the media houses as they slowly emerge in the transportation industry. These trucks can drive themselves from one location to another in goods shipment action.

Their importance is slowly dawning to the industry as the technicality of getting experienced long-distance truck drivers becomes a reality. Very few people want to be on the road for long hours and for days,  all in the name of work. The cost of hiring is also becoming a concern to shipping companies, which has contributed to the need for this technology.

Though these self-driving trucks are already with us, there still some handles that need to be addressed in.   The process for them to be fully embraced in the society. For instance, due to the sensitivity of oil and gas industry. It may be a while before they feel really comfortable with driverless trucks in transporting the products to stations. Gas and oil products are highly flammable and such trucks can be considered a risk. Their operation in wet, icy and snowy roads, accident sites and construction sites may require some time to address.

However, this is a great technology that may be such a great solution in the future.

Smart Fridge

Gone are the old days when a fridge was needed only for purposes or preserving your food’s freshness. Today fridges can open by themselves. Reveal their contents by a simple knock on the door or through a touch screen on the door, play music, connect to your device and enable you to make shop in the store, just to mention a few.

Samsung fridge  was launched into the market back in 2016. The Samsung’s smart fridge can do so much including combining carts from multiple stores.  This can remotely check the level of your stock, as well as display the content playing in a Samsung TV.

LG also has a smart fridge, though with fewer features. IoT has transformed our lives and it’s no longer necessary to worry much about groceries, shopping when you have a smartphone.

Looking into the future  these are the “Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet” already

It is evident that much more of IoT innovations are on the way. In future we expect to see brain scanners as passwords to devices, eavesdropping coffee table  and so much more.

In fact, there is no limit to what IoT can do as long as it is imaginable.

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kafka solr integration

Apache Solr is a tool in Hadoop to achieve near realtime via creation of super fast data GRID. It іѕ a NoSQL database wіth trаnѕасtіоnаl ѕuрроrt. Powerful collection can be created over data almost instantly and it can be easily integrated with Kafka, flume and morphline. Lets start “Solr integration with Kafka for Bigdata near realtime”

Whаt іѕ Aрасhе Solr

Solr іѕ a popular ѕеаrсh рlаtfоrm fоr wеbѕіtеѕ bесаuѕе іt саn іndеx аnd ѕеаrсh fоr multірlе ѕіtеѕ аnd rеturn recommendations fоr related соntеnt bаѕеd оn thе taxonomy оf thе ѕеаrсh ԛuеrу. Solr іѕ аlѕо a рорulаr search рlаtfоrm fоr еntеrрrіѕе ѕеаrсh bесаuѕе іt саn bе uѕеd tо index аnd ѕеаrсh fоr documents аnd аttасhmеntѕ.

Continue reading “kafka solr integration”

Kafka installation and starting server – Part 2

Here in this blog we will discuss about how to install kafka and will try to show through an example how to start server in up and running mode followed by realtime streaming between producer and consumer accross different kafka-topics(next part)

Kafka installation includes two components to be installed and placed to running mode , i.e., Kafka and zookeeper. Zookeeper is also a component in hadoop Ecosystem which acts like a base layer holding the kafka cluster, in other words Kafka cluster is managed by zookeeper.

As hadoop is most compatible with Unix based OS, it would be the best platform for installation, however if you are using a windows machine, you can go for any virtual machine tools like VMware or VirtualBox so as to launch unix in windows directly ( VMs can launch unix directly without any separate OS installation). Use the link below for downloading kafka.

Then run the following commands in the unix

tar -xzf kafka_2.11-1.0.0

cd kafka_2.11-1.0.0

you can also download other versions available, based on the version you download the above command will change accordingly(version name changes)

As we discussed earlier, zookeeper is also required for the running kafka, we need to install zookeeper aswell. Zookeeper needs to be started first before starting kafka server. Follow the link below where you can find the zookeeper installation dump


Select the version 3.3.6 or any other latest stable version and run the below command

tar -xzf zookeeper-3.3.6.tar.gz

cd zookeeper-3.3.6

bin/ start


cd kafka_2.11-1.0.0

bin/ config/

Use the command below for starting the kafka server

bin/ config/



Zookeeper and Kafka servers are now up and running state. Now the next step would be channel establishing and topic creation for realtime streaming.

In the upcoming sessions we will discuss about Realtime Kafka Producer and Consumer Streaming mechanism with an Example.

Keep an eye on this page 🙂

How Hadoop/Bigdata works in real industry

These days Bigdata has been in the state of “Raise and Spread“. There are many reasons behind this. But there is a long-term plan being plotted by almost all the companies and they see Hadoop Eco system as the best tool to achieve forecasted industry goals

Here are some of the actual bullet points for taking hadoop into consideration
  1. There is a good separation between admin and development prospective in hadoop
  2. Good distributions such as Hortonworks, Cloudera or MapR has been well-established to ease the development and maintenance
  3. Of course establishment and maintainince cost is quite minimal as the data nodes use for data-storage are generally commodity lowcost hardware
  4. Even the hardware is lowcost, the robostness is established by its unique nature of distrubutive replication of data ( data recovery is every easy )
  5. Millions of dollers is being saved by the scale of organization establishment and at the same time returns are high
  6. Processing of structured, semi structured and unstructured data(chip , sensor data) is possible in Hadoop  with ease
  7. Cluster Health check can be done very easily as Hadoop itself manages  switch processing, if it encounters an ill-node, migrating processes towards a well-node with zero latency
  8.  Data copy replication is done automatically and also user is given flexibility to set number of replication
  9. All hadoop basic code including the APIs can be availaied free of cost, taking the advantage of freeware


10. Hadoop by default processes in parallel and in distributive mode, so even if the data is very high, the processing time would be almost same.
11. Mapreduce is the basic for all hadoop ecosystems functionality, but the good news is that , now its almost gone and is replaced by easy to learn and use wrappers for faster development
12. People with different technical backgrounds can migrate Hadoop, if not atleast to hadoop admin side
13. In realtime software-industries, Hadoop Admins are in very high demand and paid well
14.  Start Hadoop from very basics and can easily add the eco system components to our technology stack without much difficulty
Hadoop comprises of some components, all its components together is called as “Hadoop Eco System”. Following are the basic components of hadoop eco system.
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • Spark
  • Flume
  • Kafka
  • Oozie
  • Zookeeper
  • Solr
  • Hbase


Let me prepare a real-time Industrial level in-depth information on Components in the upcoming sessions

—– Will discuss about the Hadoop Realtime Industrial Standards in next session.

Unknown health fruits

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish yourself! The greatest wealth is health. Healthy body and mind are beneficial for everyone and health should never be neglected. There are several unknown health fruits out there which can contribute a lot in building a healthy body and mind.  For some adventurous eaters who are looking for delicious and exotic fruits that are favorable for their health, we have penned down about some very interesting fruits.

These exotic fruits are not only best for your health but also give you the pleasure of amazing taste and textures. Such fruits are beneficial for your physical as well as mental health. You are familiar with many common fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples, etc. but these fascinating fruits contain their own cocktail of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that maintain the health.


Image result for limequats unknown health fruits

Limequats are a hybrid of lemons and kumquats. These exotic small fruits are available in the market from July to November. Their glossy green outer covering is aromatic and tastes luscious. Limequats are yellow from inside and contain tiny edible seeds. It is full of Vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. You can have Limequats with marmalade or curd recipe.

Limequats were first developed in Florida and it has various varieties which are named after different towns of Florida.

  • Eustis
  • Lakeland
  • Tavares

Nutrition Facts

unknwon health fruits

Health Benefits of Limequats

Decreased Infection Risk

Limequats contain Vitamin C just like their parent lemons which keep the immune system work efficiently. Vitamin C is beneficial for the immune system and prevents you from catching infections like cold or flu. It is an antioxidant which controls oxidative stress.

Act as an anti-aging product

This tasty and amazing fruit also acts as an anti-aging product and delay skin aging. If you are a beauty conscious person and are tired of using expensive skin-aging products, then you can make Limequats a part of your diet. Consuming Limequats regularly in your diet will reduce your skin aging as Vitamin C is capable to zap free radicals. It also boosts the production of collagen that makes the skin firm.

Strengthened bones and teeth

Limequats are also a source of calcium which keeps our bones strong and decreases the chances of osteoporosis. It also keeps our teeth strong as calcium and Vitamin C plays a vital role in strengthening teeth.

Reduced risk of cancer

These hybrid fruits from Florida contain antioxidants which will reduce the risk of cancer. Free radicals damage cells, which can leave them mutated. When that happens, cancer may strike. Antioxidants in limequats zap free radicals before they could wreak havoc to your healthy cells.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Limequats keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart diseases. These fruits contain potassium which widens the blood vessels and keep the blood pressure low. They are also loaded with antioxidants which help to prevent cholesterol build up in the arteries.


Always wash the peels of the limequats as they can cause the transfer of bacteria from the peel to inside while cutting them.


unknown health fruits

Wakame is a species of edible seaweed which has strong flavor and texture. You can mostly find Wakame in Japan and Korea. It brings great taste to salads and soups. unknown health fruitsAlthough, it contains low calories but contains a high amount of nutrients which are healthy for the human body.

Nutrition Facts:

Just two tablespoons (10 grams) of raw wakame seaweed offers:

Calories: 5

Protein: 0.5 grams

Carbs: 1 gram

Iodine: 280% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)

Manganese: 7% of the RDI

Folate: 5% of the RDI

Sodium: 4% of the RDI

Magnesium: 3% of the RDI

Calcium: 2% of the RDI

Each serving of wakame also contains vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as iron, copper, and phosphorus.

Health Benefits of Wakame:

 Proper Thyroid Function

Wakame is a great source of Iodine which helps in the production of thyroid hormones. It contains 42 mcg of Iodine per gram. Iodine also helps in supporting growth, metabolism, protein synthesis and cell repair.

Reduced Heart Diseases Risk

Animal and human studies show that intake of wakame helps in reducing blood pressure but more research is required to understand the cause and effect.

Cancer-fighting traits

According to test-tube and animal studies, Wakame can block cancer cell growth but the research remains inconclusive.

May decrease blood sugar

Animal studies show that wakame can reduce glucose production in the body and prevent insulin resistance to keep blood sugar under control. Yet, human research is lacking.

Controls Weight

The extremely low number of calories, carbohydrates, and fats in Wakame helps you maintain your weight. It is known for its fat-burning properties as the compound, fucoxanthin inhibits the accumulation of fat in the cells and stimulates fat oxidation.


Pomelo is one of the unknwon health fruits closely related to grapefruit in appearance but tastes like a citrus fruit. unknown health fruitsYou can find it mostly in Southeast Asia. Its taste is quite pleasant and is normally pale green or yellow in color.

Nutrition Facts

Energy: 38 kcal

Protein: 76 g

Dietary fiber: 1 g

Water: 1 g

Calcium: 4 mg

Potassium: 216 mg

Magnesium: 6 mg

Iron: 11 mg

Vitamin B6: 036 mg

Thiamin: 034 mg

Vitamin A: 8 IU

Vitamin C: 61 mg

Health Benefits of Pomelo

Boosts Immunity

It isn’t a terrible idea to eat the entire fruit, considering that each fruit contains approximately 600% of your daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to increase white blood cell activity and attack free radicals, which can damage the organs of the body. It helps to fight off infections that lead to colds, coughs, fevers, and serious symptoms or microbial, viral, and bacterial infections.

Improve digestive health

Pomelo is a great source of fiber. Fiber can help prevent constipation, making one’s bowel movement easier to control. One pomelo contains 6 grams of dietary fiber. The daily recommended dietary fiber intake for men and women are 38 grams and 25 grams, respectively.

Control blood pressure

Pomelo is well known because of its high potassium content. It helps to maintain the blood pressure and blood vessel relax.

Reduce aging

Adequate vitamin C intake does not only improve the immune system but can also create and maintain collagen, an essential protein found in hair and skin. Pomelos also contain spermidine, a rare chemical that is found in human sperm, hence the name. This has been closely linked to anti-aging properties as well.

Helps you sleep better in night

Pomelos have a high content of magnesium, which is a mineral that is directly linked to improving the quality, duration, and tranquility of sleep.

Precautions while taking Pomelo

Even though Pomelo has no side effect, yet it is better to take some precautions while consuming the crisp citrus fruit.

  • People allergic to Vitamin C should avoid consuming the fruit. It is always safe to consult your health doctor when faced with any health problems
  • Excessive intake of the fruit leads to health complications such as constipation, the formation of kidney stones and more.


Image result for pluot

The pluot is a hybrid fruit that contains apricot and plum. It is 60 percent plum and contains 20 varieties each with a unique color and flavor. This speckled stone fruit contains fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

Nutrition Facts

A single pluot contains

Calories: 80

Carbohydrates: 19 grams

Fiber: 3 grams

Protein: 1 gram

Fat: Nil

Potassium: 225 mg

Vitamin C: 10% Daily Value

Health Benefits of Pluot

Help in digestion

As pluot is a rich source of fiber, it plays a key role in maintaining our digestive system. Fiber aids to bulk up our stool and facilitates in the digestion of food. It keeps our gastrointestinal system healthy. Furthermore, fiber also reduces constipation, bloating, diarrhea and cramping. In addition to this, it also helps with some serious diseases like Crohn’s disease and gastric ulcers.

Healthy looking skin and hair

Vitamin C in Pluots help in the creation and maintenance of collagen which keeps our skin and hair healthy. Vitamin A also keeps our hair moisturized through increased sebum production.

Strengthen the immunity system

A single Pluot contains 10% Daily Value of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent natural water-soluble antioxidant that helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and eliminates cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

Controlled Blood Pressure

Pluots contain a high amount of potassium and less sodium, which keeps the blood pressure low. Also, fiber helps in keeping cholesterol level low and improving the performance of insulin in the body. It keeps the blood pressure controlled and balanced.

Antioxidant Properties

Pluots are excellent sources of vitamins A and vitamin C. Vitamin A can break down into beta-carotene to boost vision, prevent macular degeneration, protect the skin from premature aging, and reduce the risk of specific cancers. Antioxidants can eliminate free radicals in the body, which can turn normal cells into cancer cells.

Precautions while consuming Pluots:

The sugar content of pluots is higher than in most other fruits, so if you struggle to maintain proper sugar levels in your diet, avoid eating too many pluots. Eventually, the diabetic control of fiber will be outweighed by the high levels of sugar you are putting into your bloodstream! Other than that, enjoy pluots to your heart (and health’s) content!

Hubbard Squash

Image result for hubbard squash

This winter squash is not famous for its appearance. But its generously-fleshed inside make it one of the exotic fruits that are beneficial for the health. Most of the people think that Winter Squash originated in the Americas and Native tribes originally cultivated them for food.

Key Fact: 

Many say that its name comes from the name of an American woman named Bela Hubbard, who allegedly introduced the seeds of this squash to a seed trader who named the plant after her.

Nutrition Facts

One cup of cubed Hubbard squash (about 116g) has 46 calories, 2g protein, 1g of fat, 10g of carbohydrates, 2.5g fiber, and 2g sugar. Hubbard squash is an excellent source of vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene, and a good source of potassium.

Recommended Daily Intake

In the case of vitamin A, a single serving (1 cup) of winter squash contains up to 60% of your daily recommended intake. This is in addition to impressive levels of carotenoids and other phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant effects on the body. Although the calorie count is quite low, at only 76 calories per cup, roughly 90% of those calories come from carbohydrates, as winter squash has high levels of starch, including pectins.

Health Benefits of Hubbard Squash

Helpful for skin

As Hubbard Squash is a rich source of carotenoids and other phenolic compounds, it helps in improving the appearance of our skin. Antioxidants like those contained in these vegetables can help to reduce oxidative stress and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes, while also speeding the repair process and giving the skin a healthy glow.

Reduces Inflammation

Cucurbitacins are the special mixes found in all squash assortments, just as specific melons and other related nourishments, that are really a piece of the vegetable’s cautious component. These terrible tasting atoms won’t just keep nuisances and creatures from eating the squash yet will likewise convey calming advantages to the body, killing manifestations of joint inflammation and other fiery conditions, while additionally eliminating by and large oxidative pressure.

Controls Cholesterol Level

There is a lot of dietary fiber found in Hubbard squash (over 20% of your day by day suggested admission), which is known to rub overabundance cholesterol from the body to ensure heart wellbeing. Besides, there are omega-3 unsaturated fats found in this winter squash that will adjust cholesterol levels, bringing down LDL and expanding HDL, which can help anticipate coronary illness and atherosclerosis.

Eye Care

One cup of winter squash has generally 60% of your day by day proposal for Vitamin A, notwithstanding various advantageous carotenoids, all of which can help the strength of your eyes. These cancer prevention agent substances can diminish oxidative weight on the retina and hinder the advancement of macular degeneration, just as decrease the movement of waterfalls.

Induces Sleep

The magnesium found in winter squash, notwithstanding other B nutrients and minerals, can control your rest designs by animating the creation of synapses that actuate unwinding and rest. For individuals with sleep deprivation, eating a touch of winter squash before bed can help forestall interferences and guarantee that you feel rested toward the beginning of the day!


These are few unknown health fruits, exotic and extremely healthy fruits for mental and physical health. You can make them a part of your diet and take a number of health benefits from them. Healthy food, Healthy life!


Summer food tips and homeopathy


Although Summer is the hottest season of the year, it is the happiest season for children. They get a chance to do what they  really like without bothering about studies and school.  So it  is the perfect vacation time,  for playing   favorite  sports and for spending time with family and friends.  But, at the same time, it is mostly common that summer activities lead to some health related disturbances. Don’t  worry! Here are the best homeopathic remedies to check summer health issues.Lets grab the topic “summer food tips and homeopathy

Sometimes the heat in summer can be dangerous. Sun stroke, dehydration headache, Diarrhea, vomiting, prickly heat, boils etc. attack our body like a silent enemy in summer. Fortunately, homeopathic remedies that match in totality can help us in our battle against the heat very efficiently.  To get immediate relief, along with medicines we need to follow balanced diet to check and counter the summer health issues.   Here I am going to discuss the necessity to take various food items during summer, to fight against summer related diseases, and homeopathic remedies against summer diseases along with specific symptoms in summer.


Here are a few foods which you need to include in your diet in summer season  to keep your body cool and hydrate.


Water is the best option to quench thirst which is the most important requirement to keep the body cool.  With high humidity levels, sweat will not evaporate quickly. This prevents the body from releasing heat in an efficient manner. That is the reason why it is necessary to hydrate and drink water, even if you are not thirsty.  It is always advisable to increase water intake regardless of your activity levels.


Water has good cooling properties. It is rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium etc. and high in electrolytes. It quenches your thirst and helps to keep your body hydrate in summer.

Summer food tips and homeopathy


Sabja seeds are known to be rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which comes from high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids present in the seeds. Soak them for 30 minutes in warm water before  adding to any juice.   Warm water causes the seeds to fully swell up releasing anti-oxidants and  beneficial digestive enzymes. They have calming and cooling effect on the body and relieve  constipation 


It is one of the best beverages in summer season and taking barley water  relieves burning sensation in the  stomach. It has diuretic properties and cleanses kidneys and prevents burning micturation and urinary infections.  Since barley water is rich in fiber, it prevents constipation and also helps in controlling the appetite


Freshly prepared lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and has antioxidant properties.


Butter milk has cooling effect on body and has probiotic properties which aid in the process of  digestion. It is has astringent properties and a sour taste. It improves digestion and alleviates the feeling of puffiness. This is a natural treatment against swelling, irritation and digestive disorders, gastrointestinal ailments, spleen maladies, anaemia and lack of appetite.


Summer food tips and homeopathy

Summer food tips and homeopathy Photo by ja ma on Unsplash
  • BANANAS:                Bananas help in removing heat from the intestines as they are rich in fibers and nutrients.  Eat a banana every day after-meal and observe the power of resistance one develops against diseases.
  • INDIAN GOOSEBERRY:               Indian GOOSEBERRY protects the body against the harmful effects of the Sun. It contains 20 times more vitamin C than in orange juice. This vitamin improves the tannins, required to shield heat and light. It reverses the ageing effects caused by harsh UV Sun rays.  During summer season, Amla juice keeps your skin cool by releasing heat from the body and thus, prevents heat boils, rashes and acne.
  • CUCUMBER:  Cucumber has a soothing effect on digestive tract.  It has very high water content and   keeps the body and skin hydrated. 
  • WATERMELON:  Watermelon has very high water content and rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, and has the cancer-fighting antioxidant lycopene. It’s also one of the richest natural sources of the  amino acid L-citrulline, that helps in  regulating arterial function and may help in lowering blood pressure. 

Summer food tips and homeopathy

  • CORN:  Corn contains fibers, magnesium, folate, thiamine, vitamin C etc. and helps in keeping the  body energized in the summer. Two antioxidants—lutein and zeaxanthin—in corn may act like natural  sunglasses. lutein is a powerful antioxidant that may help lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration, a common cause of blindness in older adults. The longer the corn was cooked, the higher the antioxidants.
  • MUSHROOMS: Mushrooms are low in fat and sodium content and have high level of Riboflavin, potassium and niacin. Mushrooms are the only vegetable source of vitamin D; and high nutritious values of mushrooms help in boosting immunity .
  • ONIONS :      Onions can protect you from heat stroke. Onions have anti bacterial, anti-allergic and anti inflammatory properties. Make it a habit to include onion in salads and other dishes. Onion has volatile oil that  helps in regulating body temperature 

Summer Health Problems and Homoeopathic drug indications

Homoeopathic drug need to be selected on the totality of the patient.  Here are a few key indications  of those particular respective remedies. These indications help you in selection of right remedy but  final selection of remedy and potencies are always based on the disease condition and totality of the patient.  Against a health problem related to summer diseases, for specific remedy (medicine) suggested, peculiar  symptoms against which the drug is to be administered is mentioned.


There are many remedies in homeopathy for sun stroke. Here are a few remedies with their key  indications  : 

Photo by Olga Bast on Unsplash

ACONITE: (RESTLESSNESS +ANXIETY +FEAR OF DEATH) Ailments from sudden expose to Sun. Dry heat without perspiration. Excessive thirst. Red face on  lying down and  turns pale on rising up. 

AGARICUS : Vertigo in bright strong light;  sunstroke after exercise in Sun. Muscular trembling,  spine sensitive to touch and great weariness and procreation.

AMYL NITRITE:  CONGESTIVE STAGE  OF SUNSTROKE. Surging of blood to the head with red  face  followed by drenching sweat ( Unilateral). 

ANTIM CRUD:  Unable to bear the heat of the Sun, or is exhausted after doing a little  work in the sun, with night sweat. Constant desire to sleep; Gastric symptoms with white COATED TONGUE .  Ill-effects of disappointed love and suppressed eruption. Troubles after swimming or cold bathing.

Summer food tips and homeopathy

BELLADONA: Congestion in every part after heat expose, sudden feeling of head pain and its sudden disappearance.  Severe Head ache with the feeling as if head would burst.  Patient feeling better by warm application.

NAT.CARB:  Is the best remedy for after effects and Chronic effects of sunstroke as well.  Inability to think;  head feels stupefied and aches; dazzling flashes or black spots before the eyes. Milk disagree,  sensitive to music.

OPIUM:  (Nerves, mind and senses)  Coma , with perfect unconsciousness; eyes glassy, half-closed. Irregular pulse.

 THERIDION: First and second stages of sunstroke.  Unbearable head-ache with nausea and  vomiting with shaking chill – aggravated by noise, on rising-up and lying-down.


ARS ALB:  Prickly-heat leading to burning sensation with less itching. Better by hot application

BELLADONA: Initial stage of prickly heat with heat-redness and inflammation present. Rashes come  at once suddenly is one of the indication for Belladona

Sulpher: Itching with burning.  Amel by scratching, agg in night,warmth of bed and bathing. Intense  heat in palm and soles especially in the night time is strong symptom for  Sulpher

APIS:  Best medicine for heat rash with prickling, stinging and burning sensation. Skin eruptions  are red in colour and sensitive to touch.   Better by cold application and uncovering.  Aggravated in warm room.

Summer food tips and homeopathy

NAT MUR:  Nat.mur is strong remedy for heat rash that gets worse with exertion and heat of Sun.  Eruptions and itching increase with physical exertion and better in open air.  When Itching, stinging and  pricking are usually present then remedy is in Nat.mur.

HEPER SULPH: Heat rash with pus containing eruptions. Sensitive to the least touch with stinging,  burning and pricking sensation. EXCESSIVE PERSPIRATION  is strong symptom for Heper Sulph. This remedy is helpful in drying up the eruption.

CHAMOMILLA: Chamomilla is the  best homeopathic remedy for heat rashes in infants and children.   Itching worse at night. Child is extremely irritable with itching. Always desires to be carried by parents.


Antimonium crudum: vomit right after eating or drinking; constant belching; white-coated tongue; from overeating or eating indigestible substance.

Arsenicum: cannot bear sight or smell of food; burning pains in abdomen relieved by heat. Ill-effects of spoiled food 

Carbo vegetabilis: gas and belching about few minutes after eating; even the simplest food disagrees with the person. Averse to meat, milk, and fatty foods; wants clothing loose around abdomen; chilly, but feels  better  with heavy fresh air.

Ipecac: constant and continual nausea; much saliva; gripping intestinal pains; tongue clean; worse with  smell of food; usually a great deal of vomiting, sometimes continuous; also diarrhea with nausea;   better with the slightest motion.

Nux vomica: heartburn; sour bitter belching; abdominal bloating a few hours after eating; empty retching; headache; drowsy; mentally dull; very sensitive to stimuli (noise, odors, light, etc); irritable; worse with eating, stimulants, and the open air; better from uninterrupted nap or warmth; hard-driving personality; illness after over-work, overeating, use of alcohol, coffee or other drugs; often used for hangovers.

Summer food tips and homeopathy

Image by Detlev Cosler from Pixabay

Phosphorus: similar to Arsenicum (much vomiting and diarrhea, burning pains, weakness, anxiety, and restlessness); sour taste and belching; nausea worse with warm drinks; great thirst for cold water which is vomited as soon as it becomes warm in the stomach; vomiting blood; sense of emptiness and weakness in abdomen; empty hungry feeling may keep person awake at night.

Pulsatilla: heartburn; queasiness; dry mouth with bad taste; sense of heaviness after eating; tongue  coated thickly with white or yellow material; averse to fatty foods; wants clothing loose around abdomen;  peevish, weepy; wants sympathy and comfort. Indigestion due to improper diet, especially rich, fatty foods, ice cream.

Veratrum album: Burning thirst. Craves ice water which is vomited as soon as swallowed. Vomiting  with purging, violent fetching. Gnawing hunger in spite of nausea and vomiting.person feels cold to  touch; cold sweat, especially on forehead; person feels chilly; exhaustion, even collapses; cramping  in extremities.


BELLADONA: It works wonderfully in the first stage of boils if there is only inflammation without  pus formation.  (INFLAMMATION +REDNESS+ HEAT +SENSITIVE TO TOUCH)

ARNICA:  Arnica is one of the main medicines for summer boils. Works well for small recurrent boils with EXTREME PAIN AND SORENESS.

BELLIS: Boils all over. Boils due to ill-effects of cold drinks when body feels overheated, wetting or getting chilled when body feels over-heated.

HERPER SULPH: Inflammatory boils in the lymph nodes and cellular tissues. Large boils with multiple openings with pus discharge, smells like cheese. HIGHLY PAINFUL & SENSITIVE TO TOUCH. If Heper Sulph  is given  in lower potencies (3x) it will break the boil. 

MYRISTICA: Homeopathic medicine for boils with pus formation.. Myristica has strong antiseptic properties and works well to treat abscesses and carbuncles. It is used extensively to avoid surgery  for boils (think of this if Heper sulph fails, do remember totality should match with the person)

Summer and homeopathy

SILICIA:  This homeopathic medicine promotes suppuration and thus hasten recovery.  Boils usually start at the injured places, Silicia can heal hard nodular crop of  boils that tend to suppurate and do not heal quickly.

CALCAREA SULPH: This medicine is used for suppurative boils with the characteristics  – thick, lumpy and with  yellow discharge.

PSORINUM: This medicine is used for boils that develop on head.  The eruptions bleed easily, scalp looks dirty and boils have fetid with offensive odour. 

PICRIC ACID: Boils that develop in external ear.

BERBERIS VULGARIS:  Boils near the anus with fistula. 

CARBO ANAMALIS: Boils that form on the axilla.

PHOSPHORUS: Small blood boils that occur on the nape of the neck, chest and thighs are treated  well with PHOSPHORUS. 


GLONOINE:  Sunstroke and sun headache. Head feels enormously large, bursting; blood seems to be pumped upward. Increases and decreases with Sun ( kalm. , Nat.c), can’t lay on pillow. Better by cold application.

NAT MUR:  Bursting head ache of anaemic school girls from sunrise to sunset. Head ache aggravates during and after menses and ameliorate by perspiration.  Head ache begins with blindness (iris,

BELLADONA: Sunstroke, Congestive throbbing hammering  head ache, rush of blood to head with  red face.  Head sensitive to the drafts and cold or washing hair.  Aggravated by slight noise, jar,  motion, light lying down and ameliorate by LAYING THE HAND ON HEAD, tight bandaging, wrapping up, bending backward.

NAT CARB: This is one of the main remedies for summer head ache. Head ache from slightest  mental exertion; from Sun or working under gas light  (See above)

PULSATILLA : Semi-lateral headaches with scalding and lacrimation of the affected side. Head ache  ameliorated by walking in open air. THIRSTLESSNESS with nearly all complaints

IRIS: Head ache with gastro intestinal problems. Head ache begins with blurring of vision with mental exhaustion .

LAC DEFLORATUM: Head ache begins in forehead and extends to occiput on waking up in the morning; intense throbbing with nausea, vomiting,  blindness and obstinate constipation. 

MELILOTUS: Violent throbbing head ache with rush of blood to head. Ameliorated by NOSEBLEED AND MENSTRUAL FLOW. Head ache alternates with backache.

SANGUINARIA: Pain over right eye, or ascending from occiput to over right eye. Hemicrania, increases  and decreases with the Sun. Pain in the occiput like flash of lightning.

SPIGELIA: Pain from left side of occiput to over left eye (as if eye ball pressed back into the head).  Aggravate by looking down, must look straight ahead. Intolerable pressive pain in eyeballs. Can’t turn eye without turning the whole body.


ARSANICUM ALBUM:  Cyclic Diarrhoea after taking chilling food and spoiled food.  Weakness much more in  proportion to the amount of stool. Stool preceded by restlessness, anguish and pain in abdomen.

ALOES: want of confidence in sphincter ani; urging to stool continuously, worse immediately after eating.  Diarrhea that is accompanied by gas. There may be gurgling and rumbling in the abdomen before bowel movements. The person may have involuntary stools while passing wind.

BRYONIA: Diarrhoea from suddenly checked perspiration in hot weather, from indulgence in vegetable  food or stewed fruit from getting overheated in summer. Diarrhoea from drinking cold drinks. Dry lips  with desire for cold and acid drinks in large quantities at long intervals.

PODOPHYLUM : Specific medicine for summer diarrhoea. Watery, FETID, PROFUSE, GUSHING  diarrhoea.  Patient constantly rubs and shakes in the region of liver with hands.

CROTON TIG: very copious  yellow dirty  greenish or brown watery stools come out like SHOT as soon as patient eats, drinks or even while eating. Aggravated by fruits and sweetmeats during summer.   Extreme coldness leads to chilliness along spinal column down load and through entire abdomen  with nausea and vomiting. 

Summer food tips and homeopathy

CAMPHORA: Diarrhoea on sweat on face , stiffness of neck and pain. Diarrhoea with great prostration and collapse at the very commencement of  the disease. Surface appears cold when touched yet cannot bear to be covered.  Dark brown or black stools after any cold intake/exposed to cold.

CHINA: Frequent foetid flatus without relief. Summer diarrhoea from eating fruits, milk, beer.  Diarrhoea particularly after meals at night. Stools are more and more watery, pale,  pinkish with rapid emaciation. Thirst during stool.

GAMBOGIA: It produces a diarrhœa very similar to Croton. Diarrhœa, with sudden and forcible   ejection of bilious stools. Tenesmus after with burning at anus. Ileo-cæcal region sensitive to  pressure. Profuse, watery diarrhœa in hot weather, particularly old people. Pain in coccyx.

VERATRUM ALB.: Diarrhoea from change of water ( bad drainage) (from impure water ZINGIBER),  from emotions with cold sweat on forehead and coldness of body. Violent thirst for large quantities  of very cold water or of acid drinks.  Diarrhoea followed by great prostration.


APIS MELLIFICA: This remedy relieves pink swollen skin with itching, burning pain better by cold application.

CANTHARIS: This remedy relieves blisters from burns or friction

URTICA URENS: When a burn is mild and the primary symptoms are redness and stinging pain, this remedy often brings relief. 

CALENDULA:  It has antiseptic actions. Can be used externally. Speeds up the healing of damaged skin.

CAUSTICUM:  burn is intensely painful and blisters form. Person feels more  sad than restlessness from pain.  Causticum is  helpful when pain remains in older burns, or when burns are not completely healed.

CALENDULA AND HYPERICUM TINCTIRES:  These tinctures are often  helpful in soothing burns and promoting tissue healing. Few drops mixed with water can be applied externally.

–Dr.Madhuri Balivada

Lower back pain prevention

The major issue with which world is suffering today is neither Cancer nor Obesity but its “lower back pain”. “Lower back pain prevention” is a weapon against this enemy. Lets immediately dive into this crucial topic. Almost all of us know reasons for lower back pain, so lets NOT discuss causes, instead lets focus on preventive steps.

Immediate step is oil ? (2 seconds)

Lower back pain prevention

Root prevention step is always small, in this topic its “Oil” . Take few ml (small amount) of Sesame Oil in your hand and apply gently on your lower back. Make this as an habit and repeat it every day.

As per Ayurveda Sesame oil gradually penetrates deep into tissue and strengthens bones gradually over a span of time

Getting up from bed (1 Second)

Generally we getup in up-straight direction from bed. This can put a lot of pressure on you lower back ( when you bones are weak it can become a trigger point of your initial ache). Instead we need to trun to side and then getup in side-wise direction. You can feel the difference by checking yourself.

getup positions
Get up directions : Green = Correct Red=Wrong

Upward facing dog and lower back pain prevention(1 minute)

lower back pain prevention Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Every day morning, afternoon or in the evening (what ever time suits you) do this stretching exercise for about a minute. This is the most effective way of preventing lower back pain. Muscles around it relaxes immediately and also increases blood circulation in lower back. Gradually over a time span lower back strengths itself. If you cultivate an habit of doing stretching-exercise everyday, there is almost very negligible chance of you getting back ache.

Back pain prevention Diet

Avocado is rich in proteins and it provides best support for the spine health. Degeneration of the disks ( cause of acute back ache) can be minimized by eating this regularly

Pecans and Almonds have calcium and healthy fats. This can strengthen your back. Pecans are also good for musculo-skeletal system health.

Black Berries are highly pigmented fruits, which can help you as a preventive for back ache. Black berry is rich in Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Vitamin K (Good for bone health)

Vitamin B12 supplement thickens the nerve’s protective layers. This prevents the occurrence of back ache. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in fish (salmon), meat, milk and eggs

Ayurveda massages (Yearly once)

PODIKIZHI and KATIVASTHI are the proven classical Ayurveda massages specially for backpain. In these massages special hearbs mixed medicated oil is applied on specific areas of lower back along with headed poultices.

Wear shoes or insoles with feet-arch support. Remember not all the flat shoes are good for backbone. Ballet pumps , flip-flop footwear without arch are of NO use.

lower back pain prevention
Foot-arch support insole

HOMEOPATHY Some back ache preventive steps has been developed well in Homeopathy as well. As there is a big list of medicines, will discuss it separately. Medicines proposed in Homeopathy are patient driven and differ according to the type of person ( body type). Homeopathy treats whole body and not a separate body part. In this process a through examination of the person is done via a series of simple queries. These queries help H.doctors to identify the type of body and eventually prescribing a perfect medicine.

CAUTION !!! If you are feeling a prolonged back pain along with radiating nerve pain via one of the legs( thy bone). You may also feel a kind of minimal numbness at the tip of foot along with this pain. If you have this symptom then immediately you may have to see a doctor as this could be sciatica ( may be degenerated disk). There are excellent medical treatment available for this in general medicine as well as in Homeopathy

Other secondary tips

  • Loose wait
  • Try to change your positions/frequent movement
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Lift weights by bending your knees but DO NOT bend your back while lifting
  • Do not worry much. Its OK, We can prevent back pain
  • Do common stretching exercises while you are sitting on office chair

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Modern diet cancer prevention

These days caner cases has been raising more when compared to previous days. As we know cancer cells don’t change its structure or behavior, still the cancer cases are growing. This clearly means changes in our habits and diet is the conclusive reason for spike in cancer cases. Can we prevent it? the answer is Yes!!! we can… by opting modern diet cancer prevention steps this can be achieved. Lets check what to do.

What is root cause of cancer

There are hundreds of millions of cells in our body. These cells grow at regular speed and dies after some time(regular). Some times due external simulations such as smoking, radiation, obesity,chemicals intake (unknowingly- carcinogen ), not doing enough exercise etc results in gene mutations. This obstruct regular process of cell growth and increases more rapidly then required. These fast pace growing cells pass unusual signals to brain. These fast cells will not die as regularly as remaining cells around it and will spread eventually . This is called as cancer.

There are many types of cancers, but the root cause of all remains almost the same. Lets concentrate on how to control cancer growth with modern diet cancer prevention

People say Cancer is dangerous and cannot be prevented. Is it true?

No!!! We can prevent cancer to most extent. Lets take an example of some virus which if comes into our body can trigger APOBEC enzyme . APOBEC is also called as a catalyst which can increase the cells multiplication(cancer). If APOBEC is controlled, we can control cancer as well. Here are the two fruits which can do this job perfectly.

Indian Mulberry

indian mulberry diet preventing cancer

1. Indian Mulberry (extracted from Morinda citifolia ) is the most benificial for controlling cancer
2. Noni fruit is also most beneficial in modern diet cancer prevention. This fruit contains potassium and helpful in cell repair(check for all benefits in the small video below)

Noni fruit and Indian mulberry prevents the dangerous-effects of smoking on our body cells

Smoking effect and Noni – limited intake recommended

Diet which controls cancer growth

[table id=2 /]

Apart from the above vitamin D3 (regular deficiency check done yearly is good) which is found in Fish, egg yolk and cod liver oil should be part of your diet

How vitamin prevents cancer

This may sound simple but the fact is, vitamin deficiency can play vital role in cancer development.

Vitamin D : Extensively researched for cancer prevention.

  • Good: 25(OH)D more than 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/l).
  • Ok: 25(OH)D below 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/l).
  • Bad: 25(OH)D below 12 ng/ml (25 nmol/l).

Vitamin C : Should be taken in Control ( side effects occers when intake exceeds)

  • Good : 65 – 90 mg
  • Bad : Below 50 mg
  • Bad : Above 2000 mg ( should not cross)

Fiber : Good to avoid stomach related cancers

  • Good : 30 Grams a day
  • Bad : Below 18 Grams

Fighter Foods (avoid deep fry)


Berries are rich source of chemopreventive agents like Vitamin A carotenoids, C, E, and folate, good for cancer prevention.
freeze-dried berries bring down few cancer cells growth and there by preventing it.

How much quantiry:
max black raspberry powder (60 g/day) two cups of fruits usually/day (45 cal per serving – two serves a day)

2. Broccoli

modern diet cancer prevention
A good cancer preventive

Sulforaphane is a component present in broccoli, which can effectively prevent cancer. Mainly for breast cancer prevention, broccoli plays a key role. This minimizes the number of breast cancer cells growth. Start taking broccoli but avoid deep fry.

How to eat: Eat either semi cooked or non deep cooked broccoli for better results.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon cancer prevention

Cinnamon is also a good healthy herb. This can be powdered and can be used in almost in any recipe. Cinnamon extract, in a research, observed to be controlling cancer cells growth to good extent (preventive)

How much : 2-4 grams per day is good for cancer barrier


Apart from above options Nuts, Turmeric, Olive oil, citrus fruits like lemon/greapfruit, flax seeds, fatty fish ( digestive track cancer preventive) are also proved to be good fighters in preventing cancer.

Finally, Oxygen and Cancer myth

Cancer cells are like our normal cells which also needs oxygen for survival. Some theories propose, when oxygen supply is reduced to the cancer cells for a time being, eventually cancer dies. But this is NOT true always, as cancer cells may develop resistance to this and thrive these circumstances. This technology is not 100% proved and still under research. But as of now this concept has minimal or less effect on killing cancer cells. The opposite of above theory ( flooding cancer cells with excess oxygen), called hyperbaric oxygen therapy has NOT shown definitive conclusions yet.

Healthy habits bullet Summary

  • Eat above mentioned fruits, vegetables and herbs in controlled dose
  • Habituate drinking green tea (Antioxidants) – does mentioned above
  • increase tomatoes intake (prostate cancer)
  • at-least some times prepare food with olive oil
  • Control tobacco ( check about “nicotine replacement therapy”)
  • do some physical work (not only exercise)

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Upheave your memory and fight laziness by the right diet

Are you forgetting things and getting lazy day by day? Are you looking for solutions? Then you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ll be sharing efficient tips and diet for upheave your memory and fight laziness by the right diet. Few changes can bring major and fruitful outcomes in your life. A balanced and healthy diet has always proven to be effective for the human body.

The perfect diet for enhancing your memory

Memory plays an important and vital role in our lives and as we grow old our memory becomes weak. Most of the people start forgetting things and it can also be affiliated with poor learning ability and lack of concentration. Suitable diet helps a lot in improving your memory.

Symptoms of Poor Memory

  • Unconsciousness and forgetfulness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Unrestful while doing activities

Balanced and suitable diet plays a vital role in enhancing your memory and slight modifications in your diet plan can make a big difference. You can also take Homeopathy treatments into consideration as herbal teas and concoctions are also beneficial for us.  Take the right food in the right proportions according to the age regularly to improve your mental health.

Fatty Acids

List of brain foods contains fatty acids which can upheave memory are on the top. Image result for fatty fishOmega-3 fatty acids are essential for improving memory and learning ability. Almost 60% of our brain is composed of fats, and most of that fat is of type Omega-3. It is helpful in slowing down the mental decline and treats Alzheimer’s disease. Freshwater fish and sea fish like salmon, tuna and sardine, are beneficial for the brain.

Proteins and Antioxidants

Food rich in antioxidants and proteins is essential for a healthy brain. Researchers have shown that Choline chemical is essential for the normal growth of the brain, and it is found in protein-rich food. Protein-rich foods can help a lot in improving memory. Milk, eggs, and nuts contain a good amount of Choline, therefore, it should be a part of your diet for enhancing your memory.


Studies have shown that nuts are beneficial Image result for nuts for healthy brainfor a healthy heart and a healthy brain which can upheave memory. Also, another large study found that women who ate nuts regularly over the course of several years had a sharper memory, compared to those who didn’t eat nuts. Several nutrients in nuts, such as healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamin E, may explain their brain-health benefits. Vitamin E shields cell membranes from free radical damage, helping slow mental decline. While all nuts are good for your brain, walnuts may have an extra edge, since they also deliver omega-3 fatty acids.


Eggs are a source of Vitamin B6 and B12, folate, Related imageand choline which is related to healthy brain and improved memory. Choline is an important micronutrient that your body uses to create acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and memory. Eating eggs is an easy way to get choline, given that egg yolks are among the most concentrated sources of this nutrient. Adequate intake of choline is 425 mg per day for most women and 550 mg per day for men, with just a single egg yolk containing 112 mg. Deficiency in Vitamin B can cause depression. Folate deficiency is common in elderly people with dementia, and studies show that folic acid supplements can help minimize age-related mental decline. B12 is also involved in synthesizing brain chemicals and regulating sugar levels in the brain.

Dark Chocolate

Upheave your memory and fight laziness by the right diet

Dark chocolate and cocoa powder consist of memory boosting components, such as flavonoids, caffeine, and antioxidants.

Image result for dark chocolate for healthy brain

The flavonoids in chocolate gather in the areas of the brain that deal with learning and memory. Researchers say these compounds may enhance memory and help slow down age-related mental decline. In one study including over 900 people, those who ate chocolate more frequently performed better in a series of mental tasks, including some involving memory, than those who rarely ate it. One study found that participants who ate chocolate experienced increased positive feelings, compared to participants who ate crackers. However, it’s still not clear whether that’s because of compounds in the chocolate, or simply because the yummy flavor makes people happy.


Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning it can directly enter the brain and benefit the cells there.Image result for turmeric for healthy brain The potent antioxidant found in turmeric has the following effects:

  • Curcumin helps in upheave memory and may also help clear the amyloid plaques that are a hallmark of this disease.
  • It improves depression symptoms just like antidepressants over six weeks and boosts serotonin and dopamine, which both improve mood.
  • Curcumin boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a type of growth hormone that helps brain cells grow and may help delay age-related mental decline.

Vegetables and Fruits rich in Vitamins and antioxidants

Colored fruits and vegetables and food containing Vitamin C and E are rich in anti-oxidants. People suffering from poor memory must include good amounts of papaya, carrots, banana, bell pepper and other greens in their diet.


Broccoli containsImage result for broccoli for healthy brain effective and powerful plant components. It contains the high amount of Vitamin K, which is important in forming a fat that is present in the brain, sphingolipids. Researches have found that Vitamin K is highly related to better memory. Broccoli prevents the brain from any damage by producing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds prevent the brain from radical damages and contain antioxidants. They provide iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper.

Image result for pumpkin seeds for healthy brain

Importance of these nutrients for our brain:

    • Iron: brain fog and impaired brain function is the result of iron deficiency.
      • Zinc: This element is crucial for nerve signaling. Zinc deficiency can result in many neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and Parkinson’s disease.
      • Magnesium: Magnesium is essential for learning and memory. Low magnesium levels can cause many neurological diseases, including migraines, depression, and epilepsy
    • Copper: Your brain uses copper to help control nerve signals. And when copper levels are out of whack, there’s a higher risk of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s.


Blueberries provide antioxidant effects against both oxidative stress and inflammation, conditions that may contribute to Image result for blueberries for healthy brainbrain aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Some of the antioxidants in blueberries accumulate in the brain and help improve communication between brain cells.

You can have blueberries in your breakfast or in smoothies.


Oranges contain Vitamin C which is beneficial in preventing mental decline. Eating sufficient amounts of vitamin C-rich foods can protect against age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Image result for oranges for healthy brain

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight off the free radicals that can damage brain cells. Plus, vitamin C supports brain health as you age. Some other sources of Vitamin C are bell peppers, guava, kiwi, tomatoes and strawberries.

Iron-rich food

Deficiency of iron or anemic conditions is responsible for poor memory in women. Iron-rich food like green vegetables, egg yolk, and red meat should be taken to make up the iron deficiency.

The perfect diet for fighting laziness

You can get the energy to fight your laziness from a perfect and balanced diet and also must make sure that you are giving yourself the best diet possible. You have also noticed that you feel sluggish and lazy after having a big dinner or lunch. The reason is that your body is using an immense amount of energy to digest all that food. Therefore, it is very necessary to have the right amount of healthy food.

Unprocessed Foods

Unprocessed foods are better than the processed foods such as some packaged or canned foods, candy, boxed meals, and pre-cooked meats are typically full of preservatives, additives, sodium, trans fat, and artificial ingredients that may slow you down.

Fresh Vegetables and fruitsImage result for fresh vegetables and fruits

The fresher your food is, the more nutrients it will contain. Unlike processed foods whose nutrients are stripped of for longer shelf life, fresh foods typically contain higher nutrients. Eating in-season fruits and vegetables means they ripened naturally.

Non-caffeinated Beverages

Caffeine is beneficial for your health but if you are not providing your body with good nutrition and balanced meals and snacks, then you will eventually feel down. You can opt for black coffee or unsweetened tea. Sodas and energy drinks can be full of refined sugar and artificial ingredients that can cause you to crash, and lead to other health issues if overconsuming.

Lean proteins

Image result for lean protein foods

Red meats marbled in fat adds saturated fat to your diet. Leaner meats, like chicken, turkey, and fish, still provide quality protein but contain less saturated fat. Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and tuna, can add beneficially, heart-healthy fats.

Whole grains and complex carbs

Image result for whole grains

Just like processed foods, refined carbohydrates like sugars and white flour add little nutrition. Choosing whole grain foods and complex carbohydrates ensures that your body gets the full benefits of the hull of the grain that adds fiber to your diet.


Drinking water is essential for optimal functioning of the body. Although water doesn’t provide energy in the form of calories, it helps facilitate the energetic processes in the body, which is an energy boost. Sip on water throughout the day, and try to swap out sodas, coffee, and other drinks for a glass of water. This simple change can make a big difference, and you’ll feel better before you know it.


Bananas contain potassium, fiber, vitamins, and the perfect amount of carbohydrates that provide you with a big boost of natural energy. Plus, bananas are often less than a dollar per fruit, and that’s a price you can’t beat for so much extra energy.


They’re not just for breakfast. Related imageA big bowl of oats packs a punch of filling fiber and even a little protein. Plus, it’s good for people who experience blood sugar spikes and drops with other processed breakfast cereals. Choosing the plain versions of instant packets of oatmeal, steel-cut oats, or old-fashioned oats is best as they do not contain extra sugar. You can then have control of what you put in it such as milk, a little honey, and some mixed berries. Then you can be on your way with more energy to get you through the day.

Chia seeds

While you might not be training for an endurance exercise event, chia seeds may be an excellent source of prolonged energy thanks to carb content, healthy fats, and filling fiber. Image result for chia seedsTwo tablespoons of chia provide about 24 grams of carbs and a whopping 4,800 grams of omega-3s, which are heart healthy and anti-inflammatory. According to one small study that involved six endurance athletes, eating chia seeds offers just as much energy as carbohydrate sports drinks. For everyday purposes, sprinkling in a few tablespoons of chia seeds with your morning smoothie or adding a scoop to your afternoon yogurt may provide just enough of an energy boost for you to keep fatigue at bay.


 With the help of regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can keep your body and brain healthy. A sharp mind and energetic body will always result in effective outcomes.


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Summer fight club

Summer is setting in and the temperature is rising rapidly every day, sending warning bells to all reminding them to start taking precautions against heat-waves and summer related woes. lets setup a summer fight club in homeopathy, where we have wonderful remedies to deal with every health issue, pertaining to summer.

In the summer fight club few new homeopathy weapons has been introduced which just kills its opponent called as “the Summer health issues”

Summer fight club

Let me narrate a few interesting cases being solved during previous summer season. There are different specific rubrics related to summer related diseases in our repertory.  My emphasis in the cases explained below are – how to apply those rubrics in clinic; when to consider or not to consider those rubrics and how I analyzed acute cases and special season rubrics in my clinic.

Summer fight club CASE 1

A 15 year old boy came to my clinic with  severe pain in his abdomen and loose motions with mucus and blood. On enquiry, he stated that every summer he suffers from dysentery. On further investigation, he told that the previous night he drank beer and after that the problem started.

Rubrics selected were

  1. Rectum dysentery – season summer
  2. Generals – Food and drinks Beer agg
Summer fight club case1

After repertorising, I knew as common remedy, but I was unable to find rubric dysentery summer agg in complete repertory. I recollected that I once read that point in Phatak Materia Medica. When I referred to the PMM I found that symptom ‘PERIODICAL DYSENTRY EVERY YEAR, IN SUMMER’ under Kali bi…

With this analysis, I confidently prescribed Kali.bich 200. The boy was successfully cured.
Efforts will always be fruitful when the remedy is correct and Results will be positive.

Note: Podophylum is specific remedy for summer diarrhoea, but it (diarrhoea) is always painless,profuse,offensive.

Comments:  Sometimes it is difficult to find rubrics in repertory or often it takes more time searching a particular rubric. In acute cases of emergent nature, not much time is available for thorough search/ analysis and prescribe later (That option is available in CHRONIC cases, but not in acutes). To treat acutes, the golden rule is we must have sound knowledge and command over Materia Medica. 

Summer fight club CASE 2

Once a 9 year old kid  came to me with the complaint of coryza and diarrhea.. When enquired, I was informed that after playing in the ground for some time, the boy relaxed in the AC room and the problem started with coryza and diarrhoea developed after that.

Rubrics selected were

1.Nose – coryza- accompanied by diarrhea   
2.Generals PERSPIRATION suppression of perspiration, complaints from

summer fight club case2

On combining these two rubrics I observed that there were 15 remedies common.

I added one more rubric to the chart NOSE – CORYZA- ACCOMPANIED BY DIARRHEA ,IN SUMMER; in

Dulcamara single remedy in Phatak  repertory 
Reference:  In Phatak Materia Medica it is given in bold letters that BEING CHILLED WHEN HOT

Prescribed Dulcamara 6 in repeated doses

RESULT : He got well in a few days 

It is really very tough to identify the right remedy that has the strongest symptom when we find that there are more common remedies available after repertorisation. Therefore, it is important that we should be aware and identify in which remedy these symptoms are more specific and highlighted.  In this regard, degree column of repertorisation chart will help to certain extent.

summer fight club


One day, a middle aged woman came to me with severe dry cough. During discussion, she informed that with severe dry cough she gets woken up at night and that the cough compels her to sit in the bed, and cough subsides after sitting. This was the only   information I could extract from her at that point of time.

Rubrics selected 

  1. Cough Dry
  2. Dry cough night
  3. Cough sleep wakens from
  4. Cough sit up must
homeopathy and summer

There were 15 remedies matching with these rubrics
Then I tried to search for more norrow rubric

Single remedy SANGUINARIA ( Hering guiding symptoms). And to my surprise Sanguinaria included in all four rubrics.. I asked a few confirmatory symptoms before prescribing remedy. Then I came to know that the patient gets head ache as if eyes were pressing ..

This symptom confirmed me to prescribe 
sanguinaria canadensis 200c.


Cough completely cured and she got much relief in head ache as well.

when symptoms are more general, it’s not wise to select more narrow rubrics, even if single remedy exist in that rubric

summer fight club

Ex. COUGH SEASON SUMMER Agg, sanguinaria is a single remedy,  but we can’t take this rubric directly.. Because every summer  cough doesn’t belong to SANGUINARIA..

(May be If patient specifies strongly that ‘ IN EVERY SUMMER I GET THIS COUGH’ ,in that case we can give more importance to this rubric, because if any symptom which  directly comes from patient and exactly matches in materia medica, we can give first preference to that rubric ) In this case patient didn’t specify that.

In this type of cases, it is better to take all General rubrics in broader sense, and need to compare all remedies which come prominently on repertorisation chart with SPECIFIC NARROW  RUBRIC. If any highlighting remedy in the chart matches with narrow rubric, then we can prescribe that remedy without any doubt, as I prescribed in this case.


One year old kid in his  dentition  period landed with offensive  green diarrhoea in summer season.. No specific time modalities and did not get much information other than this. I tried to repertorise in my synthesis android version. I took broad  rubrics.


1.RECTUM Diarrhea summer
2.RECTUM Diarrhea dentition during
3.STOOL Green
4.STOOL offensive

which homeopathy medicine for summer

After repertorisation podophylum,  psorinum, Bry, sul.acid, acon, China,cuprum, kreos are covering all four rubrics..  
I further tried to search with more narrow rubric.

Single remedy CUPRUM is there..And interestingly cuprum was covering all above 4 rubrics as well…  I almost decided to give CUPRUM to that patient,  but to make sure I asked patient’s mother to recollect any specific symptom and describe the type of stool more accurately. After a while she told me ‘THERE IS A GURGLING In stomach and passing very offensive profuse stool at once

This single point was enough for me to prescribe  PODOPHYLUM  , and podophylum covering remaining rubrics as well.  


Results : A single dose of Podophylum 200 cured that boy instantly.

Comments:  In Boger Synoptic Key it is given in BOLD letters  under podophylum 
” GURGLING THROUGH BOWELS, THEN PROFUSE , PUTRID STOOL GUSH OUT PAINLESSLY.  summer diarrhoea.” if we get this type of bold letter symptoms  then u don’t even need to repertorise the case. 

In this case that single drug narrow rubric won’t stand out  in the presence of this strong symptom.

In croton tig. although, we have gushing,profuse diarrhea and aggravation after eating or drinking same as podophylum, but there are marked distinguishing features, such as offensiveness of stools. And the time aggravation in podophylum morning 6AM to 12 noon (NM CHOUDHURI)


Last year summer my uncle called me and told me that he was suffering from vertigo since the summer started (One month) He visited many allopathic doctors, but no allopathic medication helped him much. His main symptom was that he gets vertigo especially when lying and he gets lots of perspiration, after perspiration he gets complete relief.

Main Rubric 

  1. Vertigo perspiration amel
    ( Nat.sulf single remedy in phatak repertory)
    Next rubric
    Vertigo lying agg
    ( Nat.sulf is there)
    I prescribed Nat.sulph 200…
homeopathy and summer
Just in two days he got complete relief from his problem.

COMMENTS:  In vertigo summer Nat.sulph does not exist, and Nat.sul is specifically for damp weather remedy, but, still I selected Nat.sulf, because main grand symptom exactly matching with rubric.
I focus on those points which are more peculiar in the case. That always leads to travel in right direction to reach remedy.


40 years old lady came to my clinic and complained that in every summer she gets severe burning sensation in feet and she feels some sand like sensation in toes.
Not asked any questions further, because she stressed three times that sand sensation beneath the toe. I started searching for that sand rubric ,because that appeared more specific for me. 

EXTREMITIES SAND on Toe sensation
LYCOPODIUM ( remedy in Hehnemann chronic diseases)
Further rubrics:
EXTREMITIES Heat burning 

General season summer agg..

All these symptoms were clear cut and specific symptoms, which I could know from the patient without any questions put to her.

I prescribed Lyco 30 for 3 days.

Result:  Condition admirably improved in just one week.

Specific Symptom which directly comes from patient without asking anything needs to be given more importance, especially when the patient repeatedly says something. Even if for that particular symptom, single drug does not match with rest of the symptoms in any way, then also it is always better to start treatment with that more striking single specific symptom remedy. That remedy either cures the patient or at least opens the case for next appropriate remedy for the patient .

Summer fight club CASE 7

A 15 year old boy came to clinic with diarrhoea and  eruptions  on skin. He was unable to explain much about diarrhoea..  On repeated queries, he admitted that he regularly takes wine, from his father’s stock. 

Rubrics selected were

  1. RECTUM Diarrhea summer   accompanied by eruptions ( hupericum single remedy  in haring guiding symptoms
  2. General food and drinks wine desires
    I prescribed HYPERICUM 200
 summer fight club case 7

RESULT: Initially eruptions aggravated, diarrhoea controlled…. within 15 days, eruptions also vanished.

Some patients don’t open up much. It is very difficult to prescribe remedy without thorough enquiry and understanding the problem in its entirety, especially when there are more patients waiting. Then repertory is the only available help on which one has to depend . If you get any single drug rubric, it is better to start with that remedy due to lack of sufficient time for thorough analysis.

summer fight club

There are many remedies under “desire for wine” and HYPERICUM has least marks. But if you open BORIECKE, first sentence under STOMACH  Is CRAVING FOR WINE. Kids drinking wine although unusual in India and it’s not just like it to be called craving. 

Summer fight club CASE 8

Last year summer, a 30 year gentleman came to me with the problem “Asthama”. He said that he was suffering from Asthama for last many years and that he was taking allopathic medication and was happy with that. His present problem was, he got sudden  dyspnoea after taking cold faluda . He was feeling chilly. Thristless. Restlessness and he wanted immediate relief ..His allopathic doctor was out of station and that was the reason why he came to my clinic since his house is near to my clinic.


1.RESPIRATION  ASTHMATIC cold after taking Summer in  ( Ars(kent), Art.nit (phatak)) 2.Mind carried desired  carried desired to be FAST

  2. Mind restlessness 

After repertorisation I selectyed Ars.Alb as prominent remedy.. In this type of cases, I don’t even repertorise the case  often and   I prescribe Ars. Alb 200


He didn’t report back to me the result. I thought ‘these Arsanicum patients never report back after getting well.’

After a couple of days, I went to a shopping mall nearby with my friend, where I saw him. I told my friend that he was that Arsanicum patient, “Arsanicum patients never come back when their work was done”. My friend didn’t believe, I told her that I would show her the demo, and asked her to just follow me. She agreed.

When I  stepped towards him and tried to wish him, he turned his head to the other side.. I further moved close to him and said ‘Hi.. How are you feeling now?’

He Said :

“Madam your medicines made me worse. I suffered a lot for two days . Then I went to my regular doctor who I gave some medicines and after that I got abit relief ,but still I am suffering a lot, especially in the night time.”

summer fight club

I advised him to please visit my clinic the next day.  With a sarcastic laugh he replied that he can’t. I insisted that he should visit my clinic the next day sharp at 11 am and that I would be waiting for him.

After the conversation with him, I realised that he was not at all an Arsanicum person.  HE WAS MORE BOLD AND STRAIGHT

My friendly invitation made him come to my clinic next day morning . I, in all sincerity, took his whole case history with much interest and passion. During noting down the case history, I came to know that he developed Asthama after SLEEP ON CLOD FLOOR (Tiles).  He never got complete cure after that. He gets dyspnoea at mid night and cough starts and continues till morning 

These two symptoms are main symptoms of Nux vom.
In Allen’s key notes it is given Ailments after sitting on cold stone. This symptom is very strong for Nux.vom.
And his symptoms in totality matched with Nux.vom

Prescribed  him Nux.vom 0/1 for 15 days

He got relief just  after one dose. He completely got relief from all his problems in just two months. I enhanced potency upto 0/3, further I gave SULPHER 1M, One year passed, he is free from all troubles


Never be over-confident and never be prejudiced.  Whenever it is possible, try to take complete and thorough case history. Sometimes it is not possible to take the entire case history because of rush of patients, but remember, first time if you miss the right drug, then second time you must take case history once again even if there is heavy rush of patients.

What is pecular symptom?
As I told you in case 6, if you get more striking peculiar symptom with single drug rubric, you need to give first preference to that


  1. EXTREMITIES SAND on Toe sensation
    LYCOPODIUM ( remedy in Hehnemann chronic diseases)
    This is very rare , so we should give importance to that, and we should keep in mind from which source book that rubric exists and verify that

2.RESPIRATION  ASTHMATIC cold after taking Summer in  ( Ars(kent), Art.nit (phatak))

This rubric has only two remedies given by kent and phatak,  highly reliable..But this is not peculiar symptom. Usually every Asthama patient gets attack after taking anything cold whether it be summer or winter, we should not depend on this as a strong symptom unless patient says 
“IN SUMMER ONLY COLD DRINKS AGGRAVATE  MY ASTHAMA, in other seasons cold drinks won’t affect me”

Finally what I want to convey is we need to understand rubrics, materia medica  and patient’s language properly and everything should sync with each other.

Dr. Madhuri Balivada

— DR.Madhuri Balivada


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Marketing tips bonanza

Why marketing tips bonanza

Do you want to kick start your business in 2019 and target a large audience for your startup? Here is the top marketing tips bonanza that will prove to be fruitful and help you to break the brick wall, generate more leads and increase your sales drastically.

If you’re looking for some unique marketing techniques which can help you in boosting up your sales, then you’ve come to the right place.

1. Content Marketing

You can use Content Marketing for any kind of business whether it is small or large scale. It is a technique in which you can create and distribute relevant and valuable content regarding your business to the targeted audience. Content Marketing can be fruitful in attracting customers and drive profitable customer action.

Profitable content marketing requires the following important elements:

  • Quality content
  • Relevant topics
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Optimized for readers
  • Consistent content creation & promotion

Content marketing does not only include blog posts but it also includes videos, podcasts, online courses and a host of other mediums in which people consume information.

Having unique and informative content on your website can result in increased user interactions. Podcasts give you an opportunity to connect with your audience through your voice so that they can feel that they know you better. You can use Youtube for publishing attractive videos to boost up traffic to your website.

Facebook Live can also prove to be very helpful. You can also ask your customers or companies with whom you have worked to post their experiences on your website. It will confirm your credibility and quality of work to new customers and audiences.

The best pieces of content are the ones directed at your key audiences. Understand your customer: know their pain points, what gets them psyched, and what keeps them up at night. We know readers love visual content, and infographics are a prime example of beloved, linkable visual assets. For visual learners, a graph will be much easier to interpret than a chunk of text and numbers. Make sure you appeal to all kinds of learners!

2. Handwritten Notes

success:marketing tips bonanza

Sending handwritten notes to customers and the targeted audience will depict the loyalty towards your clients. In the old days, when people used to get an email, it was a source of excitement. Today, a handwritten note cuts through the digital clutter and is receivedThe-Power-of-the-Handwritten-Note-in-Marketing with similar anticipation. If you craft direct mail marketing campaigns around handwritten notes, you will stand out. One drawback is the manpower required to have this kind of campaign, but the increased response rate might be worth the cost. A couple less expensive options that also have seen results are to simply add a few handwritten words onto a typed letter or to hand address each envelope, taking care to use the recipient’s name.

3. Collaboration with other brands

Collaboration can extend your reach and build your reputation. Consider all the different partnerships you could build – partner with a charity? A related business? You can co-author a blog post or guide, co-host a webinar, etc.

Image result for collaboration with other brands marketing technique

Brand Collaboration is one of the most crucial elements of brand management and the overall business strategy of today’s times. If your startup is small then you can build a group of loyal customers by partnering with some other company. Larger brands will help you in grabbing the targeted audience’s attention effectively. The brands that share the common goals, values, target market, and business objectives are most likely to come together for a strategic Brand Collaboration. The main objective of the brand collaboration is to share the expertise and offer a unique and innovative product to the customers. It will help them gain a competitive edge and advantage in the market increasing the market share by manifolds.

4. Google Adwords

There are more than 40,000 search queries on Google each second. No other promoting strategy can possibly get your business before that numerous sets of eyes. Google Adwords is kind of the backup parent of internet showcasing channels. It’s been around quite a while, focused and it’s costly.


Google assigns a quality score to your advertisement, which is subject to CTR (Click Through Rate), significance and the point of arrival your promotion sends traffic to.

Adwords is a remarkably symbiotic channel that is paired with many other strategies to maximize output. As a paid marketing channel, it also allows you to obtain immediate results and can scale as far as your budget allows.

5. Social Media Marketing

67% of consumers utilize internet-based life for client support and 33% incline toward utilizing online life rather than the phone. When people can’t find your business on social media, they will choose your rivals over you.

Image result for social media marketing

For some businesses, it makes sense to invest heavily in organic social media growth. For instance, Instagram users who follow fashion influencers are actively looking to purchase new styles. An active, fashion-savvy audience, a clothing retailer can build a consistent direct sales channel.

The key is identifying where your customers are and how you can approach them. If social media is the answer to both those questions, it’s the perfect channel for your business.

6. Use Google Analytics

All the online marketing in the world won’t do you any good unless you can see what’s working and what’s not. It is a powerful tool that can help in monitoring the data about your website that is used to enhance your marketing and business development strategies. GA Sections


Each time you log in to Google Analytics, it will take you to your Audience Overview report, from where you can access one of more than 50 reports available through Google Analytics.

7. Flash Mob

Looking to do something crazy to promote your startup, you should look no further than using a flash mob. If not familiar with a flash mob, it’s when a group of people in a crowd suddenly start doing a choreographed song and dance. While they Image result for flash mob marketingappear to happen spontaneously, these kinds of performances require extensive preparation and planning. But all that planning makes for a fascinating spectacle that’s sure to go big.

While if you’re not sure where you should start creating this kind of promotional event, you can hire a flash mob to do all the work for you. This is a unique and unexpected way to draw interest for your startup, and the traffic it generates with a viral video can serve your company for years to come.

8. Referral Programs

If you want to develop a huge following very quickly, you need to search for referral marketing. This is a basic strategy where you allow customers to help promote your product for you. It’s a simple concept, but most of the startups do not use it enough. It’s especially critical to use since 92% of people trust personal recommendations more than all other forms of marketing. You want to get your customers excited to share the news of your startup with their friends and promote it heavily.

You get free marketing for your store, your customer gets social validation for recommending something great, and his friend gets a recommendation from a trusted source. Referral marketing is essentially your customers spreading the word for you. It’s your customers evangelizing about your brand to their friends and family. Sure, you might need to prepare some assets upfront to seed the initial referrals, but when it kicks off, it’ll be like a virus. Your customers will refer their friends, who will refer their friends, who will refer their friends.

Image result for referral marketing

8. Hold contests and Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the best ways of gathering information about your customers and creating buzz. If you want explosive growth with your startup, consider running a contest. While we often consider contests to be an artificial way to get new users, it’s the exact strategy used by some of the most successful new ventures in the last decade. If you’re looking to grow your startup fast, this is a great way to begin.

Contests are an interactive way of capturing your audience’s attention, tickle their inquisitive side, and persuade them to hand over their contact information. Contests provide an interactive way of engaging your audience, collecting leads, and increasing your digital presence.

Image result for giveaway contests marketing

9. Attend and participate in events

In terms of branding and establishing yourself as an authority, few things are more impactful than being a speaker at popular events in your niche.

While invitations to speak at larger events are often extended because of accomplishments or visible influence, you can also work your way into these opportunities by becoming a talented speaker and delivering great talks at smaller events.

Or you can simply use it as another marketing channel, by speaking at some of these types of events:

  • Local clubs – think Rotary, Lion’s, Chamber of Commerce.
  • Business networking groups.
  • Specific interest clubs (photography, hiking, sewing, etc.)
  • Browse local events on and
  • Schools.
  • Churches.
  • Check events in your local newspaper and magazines.
  • Big companies and their employees.

For Successful business in any country, event marketing campaign provides value to attendees beyond information about a product or service. A discount, free sample, charity alignment, or fun event will make customers feel like they are receiving a benefit and not just attending a live-action commercial.

The key to pulling off an effective event marketing campaign is to identify the target audience correctly and create an experience that remains in participants’ memories. A brand can build favorable impressions and long-lasting relationships by finding an opportunity to interact with the right demographic of people – both current customers and prospective buyers.

10. Webinars

A webinar is essentially a seminar that takes place online. It can be in the form of a presentation, demonstration or discussion.

You can often use Webinars as lead magnets for email marketing and the right topic can drive a large batch of new subscribers to your list. Webinars are helpful in building credibility with your current subscribers. Webinars are recorded and used as standalone products or even a series of products. They are a great medium for both live and recorded training.

This tends to be more engaging than simple videos, even if they are used in the same way. The actual start time and live Q&A tends to make people feel like they are receiving significantly more value than if they were watching a video with the exact same information.

You will need webinar software to run a webinar that utilizes the following functions:

  • 2-Way Audio – the viewers are mute when the presenter is speaking, but the presenter can “turn on” individual viewers so everyone can hear their question
  • Screenshare – the presenter can share their screen or switch to video for whiteboard teaching or live demonstration
  • Polls – the presenter can invite viewers to take a poll or provide feedback in other ways

Webinars work very well in certain niches. You’ll have to test one out to see if it works with your target audience.


If you are going to start a startup or expand your business, then you need to think out of the box and start thinking of creative marketing techniques. Marketing tips bonanza methods will surely help you in boosting up your sales and grow your business.

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Obstinate cough

What is Obstinate Cough?

Is treating cough with Homeopathy a big deal? A big ‘YES’ , if you are not artistic in selecting remedy. In acutes patients it won’t give much time to treat, they need instant results or they escalate  to other doctor. Treating acutes is always challenging . It is always more easy to prescribe right remedy to patients who come first to homeopaths as soon as  they get symptoms. Some times there are cases where patient first go to allopaths then drifts towards homeopathy, till that time, simple-cough might have already turned into an obstinate cough.


  • NAT. MUR

Here I am going to present randomly selected obstinate cough cases cured through  homeopathy , which allopathic medicines failed to and turned into an obstinate cough. Please do watch testimonials of patients.


30 years old lady came to me for an whooping obstinate cough, which she has been suffering from past 2 months. She used allopathic drugs and syrups but no improvement.

Suffocating continuous whooping cough, especially in night which some times leads to vomiting. Patient gets exhausted during cough. There was a marked hoarseness in voice and rawness in throat. Constriction of chest. The cough was so sever that patient used to get spasms in stomach.

Rubrics selected are

1.Larynx and trrachia voice hoarseness  after cough
2.cough constriction from chest inside
3.cough spasmodic
4.cough whooping at night

Obstinate cough

Drosira and heper sulf came as leading remedies.
I prescribed DOSERA 200 Single dose, she got relief in just in two days
because of heavy hoarseness I selected Drosera instead of heper sulph.


A 70 years old man (my old patient of arthritis) with obstinate cough from many days. Patient has a history of bypass surgery.
Symptoms are offensive cough with thick sticky stringy yellow expectoration with MARKED WEAKNESS OF HEART . Patient said “because of this weakness in chest getting difficult in cough”

So the main rubric I selected was – CHEST WEAKNESS cough HINDERING cough (in Kent Stannum met single remedy)

Remaining Rubrics are
1.Mouth odour offensive cough during
2.Throat mucus tenacious
3 Expectoration viscid
4.Expectoration stringy
5.Expectoration yellow

Obstinate cough

Stannum covered all Rubrics. I prescribed Stannum 30 . Patient got relief in the very first day, with in 3 days he got complete relief.


55 years lady, initially came for her joint pains, who was improving beautifully with carcinocin. Between the treatment she got sever whooping cough. As patient resides in other state, without consulting me she took some allopathic medicines for her cough. Allopathic medicines made her cough worse, then she contacted me . I asked her to take next potency of Carcinocin. But her cough didn’t  improved, again she consulted me. After repeated multiple questions I got only one relatable symptom LACHRYMATION DURING COUGH.
I asked is the cough  more prominent in day?.. She said No, it is more in night.

I prescribed NAT MUR 200..  Not only her cough, remaining 30% pains in joints also vanished.

Rubrics selected are
1.Eye Lachrymation cough with
2.Eye Lachrymation  cough with whooping cough
3.cough whooping night

Obstinate cough

Note: if she would have said cough especially in morning, my selection would be Euphrasia. Because there was marked dyspnea with cough.


A Middle aged lady came for an obstinate cough which she had been suffering from 3 months, started as simple cough and turned into obstinate after allopathic drugs.
Cough started after having heavy cake in her daughter’s birthday party.  One peculiar symptom was difficulty in breathing during drinking

Main Rubric selected was
Cough paroxysmal bread or cake eating
(Kali. Nit Single remedy in Kent.)

Obstinate cough

In kali nit, there is great difficulty in drinking, so this symptom confirmed the symptom. Initially given in 6, partially improved, next enhanced potency to 30. She got well in  just one week.


An old man came to my clinic with number of multiple problems. He had all problems from head to toe. In which one of his symptoms was persistent cough from many months. He gave me 100 plus symptoms. One symptom which attracted me was COUGHS + FREQUENT ERUCTATION.

with this single symptom and on the basis of his age, I prescribed Ambra Grisea in low potency.. He got marvelous results. Sometimes single strong symptom itself is a totality of patient.


A middle aged man came for an obstinate cough suffering from 3 months. He said every night he gets cough exact same hour.. He repeated the same sentence 3 to 4 time.. Cough comes as exact as clock. There is not even a slight minute difference..  If any patient stresses on anything so strongly and if that symptom is peculiar, then that single symptom itself is a totality of the patient (most of the times)

Rubric:  cough periodical clock; in its regularity like tick of  – niccolum met single remedy in Kent.
One more symptom patient said he sits and holds his head with both hands during cough. This symptom confirmed the niccolum. Niccolum 200..single dose..  Patient got relief in two days.

Obstinate cough


A 40 years female came for her cough which was dry and comes only before menses,  specially in early morning and sometimes day time.

I prescribed her Graphites 30, 3 doses.  After that she never faced problem of dry cough before menses

Rubrics selected are
Cough menses before agg
dry cough day time menses before
Cough dry morning menses before agg.

Obstinate cough


30 years old suffering from obstinate dry cough especially at mid nigh which didn’t  allow him to sleep till morning.  I asked him about any peculiar or strange symptom.  And I assured him, much peculiar symptoms much fast recovery.. After listening this he said  “WHILE COUGHING I PASS FLAUTUS and he added ‘ whenever I drink especially Beer, I get cough’
This two symptoms are enough for me to prescribe NUX VOMICA.  As I promised him, NUX VOMICA 30 vanished his cough just In just  two days

Obstinate cough


A 15 year old girl came with obstinate cough suffering for months. Took all kinds of allopathic drugs, but no relief. She and her parents confused me with number of symptoms. Asked them “tell me one strong symptom or at least reason why this cough happened to her, then only I can treat or else hands up, can’t treat her”. And added “IF I CAN’T TREAT NO ONE CAN TREAT”. This type of behavior not good with patients , but my friends we need to use every possible way to extract original symptoms… They felt bad with my words remained silent for few mins and girl herself told me. THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE OF DRINKING IMPURE WATER IN MY VILLAGE.

Now  can you forecast what was my prescription..  Yes!  ZINGIBER. Few doses of ZINGIBER took off her cough just in few days


A girl aged 13, came with sever cough for months. Main peculiar symptom was cough only in day time, and as soon as she lay down cough ceases.
on this key note I prescribed MANGANUM 200. Single dose. Patient got relief in one day.

Obstinate cough

There are many more beautiful remedies  in cough, few other remedies which  can be a cornerstone


Mainly two remedies , PULSATILLA and MERCSOL


Cough which make/generate a shake feel. Dry at night and loose cough during day, with typical PULSATILLA symptoms like threstless, hot and clinging rtf


Two paroxyms with shortness of breath and salivation with threst and excessive perspiration especially at night


CALC CARB :  Cough with single paroxym with  Painless hoarseness; sensitive to cold with typical calc carb symptoms.

CAUSTICUM :  Catarrhal aphonia,  or weakness of voice from overexertion. Cough relieved by a swallow of cold water. Acrid fatty mucus which cannot expectorate and obliged to swallow it

BENZOIC ACID :  Dry cough after suppressed gonorrhoea with greenish expectoration

BADIAGA : Sneezing with coryza; cough causes sneezing with sever spasmoidic cough. Loose in morning dry in evening. Viscid  Mucus flys out of the mouth (chel) caused by tickling in larynx

AMMONIUM CARB : Winter catarrhs; chronic cough of old people, with bronchial irritation and tendency to asthma or emphysema. Violent cough at 3 or 4 AM (Kali.carb)

Cough as if arising from the abdomen; cough shakes the whole body with involuntary escape of copious urine. WHITE COATED TONGUE

CYCLAMEN: Violent cough at night from tickling in larynx,coming on during sleep, never caused by talking or walking, even against a cold  wind

MEZEREUM:  Violent uninterrupted cough  relieved by vomiting. Aggravate from evening to midnight

NUX VOM:  Cough worse from mental work. Worse after midnight continuous till morning. Cough excited by beer. Desire to eat during cough

SENEGA: Cough worse in the morning while dressing and before breakfast, no cough at any other meal. Cough ends with sneeze which causes soreness. Aggravate by deep inspiration

There are many more medicines are there in homoeopathy to treat cough. Medicine always should be selected on totality. Above mentioned keynotes are just indications  to select right similimum.  Potency, dose and repetition plays key role in treating patient. A well diagnosed case by a qualified homeopath can treat cough swistly with accuracy.

Lets make Homeopathy great again

— Dr. Madhuri Balivada

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