important and useful websites

Following are most important and useful websites which are not known to people or not in general use upto now


It’s a price tracking site for amazon.It provides price history like, price drop or hike over the period of time. From a keepa graph we can actually analyze prices and its trends correctly.
On Y-axis you have a product price and on X-axis you have calendar dates. On right margin, we have the sales rank. First search for the product we need to analyze, on the right side we can select the product’s listing period from weeks to months. Also we can check out amazon price, new market place price and old market place prices simultaneously using this amazing tool/website. Let us now see the price of a product for a particular date, say for April 3, which you can check actually compare with the price at amazon, the lowest price for the new market place and the lowest market price for the old market place. It is interesting to note that the darker areas depict the stock presence and the lighter ones are the areas which shows whether the selected product is out of stock at that particular period of time or not

10-minute mail

  • Terminates after 10 min.
  • It’s a self-destructive after 10 min.
  • This will help against spamming.
  • It’s mostly used for subscriptions.

Use this really useful website to send emails to persons when we really don’t want to be addressed or if we want to pass some message to others without our identity being revealed.
How to use: Open 10-minute link (, here you have some randomly generated email id as shown in the above image, which can last for 10 minutes max. Within the time span 10 minuts, send emails and check if the mail is received in inbox. If we think we need some more time for this activity then click on “10 more minutes” option in home page so as to extend the ID disable time by 10 more minuts. In general, this is used when you are going for subscriptions in a trial mode.


When we search for some times on web search-engines, we are often confused and generally wanted to have a second option over the information which we gather from the very first populated search link. In this case, we generally either have to open a new window or need to have a re-search for the same phrase to get confirmation over the information which we have obtained from the first search results. AlternativeTo  is a website which will do this job for us in an easier manner and find out similar  softwares having the same or related content which we have searched and lists downs all in one place
How it works:
Let us suppose if we search for alternatives to adobe illustrator, we can get all the alternatives.
we can, just typing any name in the “I want to replace” text box we can find out all the other relative apps aswell by using this link. Like in the image below when I type the word “windows” in the replace text box, I can see in the drop down, all the other related alternatives for windows applications. You can also have your hands free and play  with this website by searching any random word, will give you the best experience of user friendlyness.
alternativeto_2 Tagline is Alternativeto is an alternative to popular softwares.
Here we have option to select the operative system also before any search so that we can confine our search results to a specific OS only.

Map norse corp

This is a simplified version of the live hack monitoring website. Here we can check out live hacking attacks worldwide and also can have a quite good informative predections of upcoming hacks. Also we can observe the hacking trends in the past via a clear diagramatic visual graph, which we can use for further analysis to prevent any upcoming hack attacks.

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Previously there used to be world wars which are  now replaced by cyber wars. Hackers hack databases in target country, which can be an important data assets of that particular nation and its a great loss if its hacked. Here in norse map, records of hackers are preserved  and also it is so well-designed, visually rich and user-friendly. One can just see the  hackers hubs in different countries and their target countries also. This can be a basic building structure upon which an implementation of anti-hack steps can be done by any organization. This information gets updated time to time and shows growing trends and threats in cyber security.


This is a useful website where we can check page speed , do why-slow-analysis,resolve day-to-day issues and actually can have a  graphical representation of website’s actual performance in a single window and easy to use dashboard

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You need to sign in to the account or can analyse directly without Signin aswell. Just enter the details of your website and get the  detailed report of problematic areas in it, site’s responsiveness and other important information related to the website/link performance. This information can become a base for  further improvement of website and  ofcourse its performance


Let Me Google That For You or LMGTFY is a bit different kind of website, where if some one(a remote friend) is about do a search on your guidance in an easily and guided way.  If you are guiding someone for a specific search, then its always a confusion to explain the remote person how to search and which link to choose from the displayed results and to to get the exact results which you want your friend to check. Instead of somebody doing a search , you will do the search for them easily using this website. First type the question and then click search ( you have option to select from different major search engines while creating a direct-search-link), you will get a url for the question also an option to shorten the generated link by just a click. Then copy the link and send that to your friend ,who asked for it. your friend will then by just  clicking on the link he will be  provided a video graphic view of how to search and direct results will be shown when he opens the link.
example : this link  created from lmgtfy will guide you to check “how to do exception handling in java 1.8 effectively”

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Radio garden

This is to discover new radio stations all around the world and listen to your favourite music or discussions on AIR. You need not be physically present at a specific location to listen to the radio broadcasts in that particular area. Active broadcasting stations are represented with greenish dots over the globe and just you need to select them from map. To move around the globe,click the left button of mouse and drag to the new location and can listen to the live radio station of that particular location


Down for everyone or just me

It checks if the website is down for you or to everyone. Sometimes we receive a message like “web page not found”. Then we can  use this website, which actually checks if the website is up and running or not, it will show the  message as in the below image if its down.

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Faces on facebook

Here we will get the profiles of all fb users all together in a single page. The entire page is loaded with more than 1.2 billion users. This is how the page look like (see the image below). We can click on anywhere on the page to zoom in and out. If you click on any profile,you willl get details of the person and can even message them. You can also see your own profile on that page but with a specific phone number/privilege.

Pixel thoughts

It is a 60 second meditation tool to help clearing your mind and relax to a calm state. All you need is to put down the thought that bothers you. For example type something and then press “done” button. Then just follow the on screen instructions and watch your stress will go away. It will try to show you how small is your problem through visualitation effects along with a nice lite music, and it works


This is an absolute solution for all Mathematics problems, all you need is to sign in with mathway and get swift solution to basic maths, trigonometry, geometry, algebra and more. This is a best website for students. Here you not only find the answer but also the solution or explanation for the problem is given. You can also access to the example problems provided on the right side of the website.

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Account killer

Using this account we can delete almost any accounts like google, facebook, twitter etc from a single window.
How it works :
If you want to delete, say suppose fb account, click on fb box, now you will have two links : direct removal link and cancellation/deactivation link. If you opt for direct removel link ,you will be redirected to your account and then you can delete the account. You can also choose for deactivation or cancellation if you donot want to actually directly kill the account but just want to deactivate your account for a specific time.

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Have I been pwned

The tagline of this website is “Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach”. This explains that you can just check if any hack/breach attempt has been done on your system or websites or any recent breaches encountered by your system. All you need is to enter your email address and check if it has been hacked or  not. As it is difficult to check each and everyday for any malicious activities on your website/system, for this there is a provision exists in this website. To avail this all you need is to click on “notify me when I get pwned” button and add your email. This site will automatically alert you if any hack activity is done on your system/website.

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