Why Vizag!!!

Vizag, the port city is located along the shores of bay of Bengal (India) and headquarters to the eastern navel command of the Indian army/navy. In ancient times this city was ruled by famous kings like Ashoka the great, sri krishna devaraya etc. In 18th century,it was a Dutch colony, where as Vizag is known for its natural beauty and cleanliness. It is surrounded by three hills called venkateswara konda(hill), Ross hill and Dargah konda(hill). The interesting fact here is the three hills represent three different religions hence replicates the unity in diversity of Indian sub contenent .Venkateswara konda is home for venkateswar Temple( the Hindu god), Ross hill houses the Church of Mary and Dargah konda is home to the tomb of a Muslim saint called Baba Ishaq Madina dargah. This fastest growing city of Asia is blessed with a natural harbor and it is one of the largest sea-ports in India. Sea trade is made possible with other countries and continents which boosts to the economy of the nation. The service sector contributes 55percent of total GDP of vizag, 35 percent from industrial sector and 10 percent from agriculture. As this city not only a place for business lovers but also a loved destination for footloose travelers

Araku valley:

It is located at a height of 3200 feet in the midst of hills of anantagiri. It is a beautiful hill station.The pleasent climate,the rainbow creating waterfalls and green landscape offer a memorable escape from the city life for the nature lovers.

Araku valley is home for 19 different tribes. Dhimsa dance is a kind of folk dance to rhythmic beats with colorful costumes is found in this place only. Itika pongal is a popular festival celebrated in this region every year in the month of January second-third week

Accommodation in Araku

Valley resort:

This resort is a yatra nivas ( a tourist lounge) which offers air conditioned suits ,non ac suits and deluxe rooms. It is in the midst of peaceful and well landscaped gardens to relax and proves to be a best holiday spot.

Haritha mayuri:

This resort has a wonderful craft centre which is worth exploring. It has suits, delux rooms with and without AC.

Borra caves:

These are located in the Anantagiri area above 1400 meters above sea level. Borra caves has both religious and historical importance.It is the home of lord Shivalinga idol of kamadenu. This idol is located deep inside the caves. It is believed that these caves are about one Million years old.


Kailasagiri hills:

This is a popular hill station and a popular tourist destination in Vizag city. It offers an inspiring view of bay of bengal and is a home to rushikonda beach. The huge park called Floral watch is one of the worth seeing places, this is is shaped like a watch and is totally covered with grass.

Massive statues of lord Shiva and goddesses Parvati made of white marble are the center of attraction in Kailasagiri. There is a cable car service being provided that allows visitors to access the hill via ropeway and offers stunning view of the city from the cab.

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Ramakrishna beach:

This is known for its pristine sands and Crystal clear waters from the bay of Bengal. The beach is perfect for catching mesmerizing sun raises. This beach is home to the kali temple, vuda park and submarine museum. There is a war memorial called victory at sea,which is dedicated to the memory of the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives during Indo-pak war in 1971(submarine museum)


Submarine museum:

One of the innovative attractions of the city is the submarine museum. It is located at ramakrishna beach and is inside of a real submarine. Ins Karusura is a Soviet built submarine which was decommissioned on February 28, 2001 after serving for 21 years. The submarine with all its weapons and tools were hauled on the Beach as a museum. This museum is worth seeing gives a different experience.



Dolphin’s nose and the port:

It is a huge rockey headline of hill and is of 174 meters in height. It is located to the southern part of vizag. It is 358 meters above the sea level, which got its name because of its resemblance to a dolphin’s nose. Over this rock formation,there is a huge light house,whose beam can be seen far away out in the sea and about 64 kilometers from land,this is the oldest light house.



It is a south indian Hindu temple situated on the hill,which is 800 meters above the sea level and 10 miles to the north of Vizag. According to the Temple’s legend lord Vishnu manifested in this peculiar form with a boar head human and a Lion’s tail, after saving his divotee prahalada from a murder attempt by the latter father Hiranyakashepa ( according to Hindu mythology). Except on akshaya tritiya(a holy day) ,this idol is covered with sandle wood paste which make the idol look like shivalingam.




This place is known for waterfalls, which is 11 kilometers from borra caves between borra and araku.

Matsyadarshini aquarium:

It is a beautiful aquarium with countless species of fresh and salt water marine life captured in glass tanks.

Indiragandhi zoological park:

This is located in kambalkonda reserve forest in vizag. This park offers more than 80 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. The zoo park has divided sections for carnivorous, small mammals, birds and reptiles.

Buddhist excavation:

Havi konda(Hill), totla konda, bojjana konda and salihundam located around were places of budhist excavations.The excavations in 1906 brought out many monuments.

Katiki waterfalls:

It is located 4 kilometers away from borra caves. Gosthana river is the source for this waterfall which falls from a height of 50 feet.

Vuda park:

It has 2500 odd tress spread across 37 acres of land and is rich with greenery. This promotes healthy environment and serves as a children play area , yoga center and many more out door activities.


Red sand hills:

It is a best shooting place for movie makers. The hills are with red soils and are nearer to bay of Bengal. This place is full of dense forest.

Industrial growth:

Vizag has now turned out to be a major industrial center in the entire south India. Many major and minor industries are located here and some big companies from all around the world are in process of establishment of their development centers (manufacturing) here soon. Since it has a natural harbor it promotes international trade which shows its positive ground in industrial sector.

Vizag steel plant:

It is an integrated steel producer in vizag. This company has grown from a loss making industry to a 3 billion dollars turnover company with in a span of 4 years. It was founded in 1971, focused on value added steel,with a turnover of 214000 tonnes produced . Indiragandhi(former PM) laid the foundation stone for the plant. A detailed plan for the plant was prepared in 1980. In 1981 a contract was signed with USSR for preparation of working drawing of coke ovens, blast furnace and sinter plant. In 1982,construction of local township started.This steel plant was separated from SAIL(Steel Authority India Limited) and RINL was made the corporate entity of visakha(Vizag) steel plant in April. Vizag steel plant is the only Indian shore based steel plant and is located on 33000 acres area.

Hindustan shipyard limited:

This shipyard is located in Vizag on the east cost of India. It is a government owned corporation,founded in 1941 and this provides services of ship building, ship repair and submarine. The shipyard is relatively compact at 46.2 hectares. It is equipped with plasma cutting machines, steel processing and welding facilities, cranes, logistics and storage facilities. It has testing and measuring facilities and has a covered building dock for vessels up to 80000DWT. There are three ship ways and a fitting out jetty. HSL has a dry dock ,west basin and repair wing for ship and submarine repair.

Visakhapatnam port:

It is one of the largest cargo handling ports in India. It can handle 150000DWT vessels and draft upto17M. The port during 2013-14 period handled 58 million tonnes of cargo and also a cape size vessel in the outer harbor. The inauguration of the gangavaram port has lead to a significant diversion of traffic away from Vizag port.It has the capacity of accommodating ocean liners of 200000-250000DWT.

Jawaharlal nehru pharma city:

It is a public private partnership between government of AP(Andhra Pradesh-Indian State) and Ramky group. It is the first industrial township in India ,spreading over an extent of 2400 acres with 102 companies.

Minerals and resources:

Vizag and its surrounding areas are rich in mineral deposits of quartzite, bauxite, graphite, manganese, titanium,silica. These minerals are exported through sea to other countries.

Ilminite which is uses for extraction of thorium and monozite used for extraction of thorium are found at bheemunipatnam area of Vizag

Petro corridor:

Vizag holds crude oil reserves  with Hindustan petroleum corporation. IOC and BPCL have their bottling units in the city.

Power plant:

Simhadri super thermal power plant is a coal based power plant under the ownership of NTPC limited. Hindujas has begun construction of a 1040mw coal based thermal power plant in vizag.

Education Hub:

There are several schools ,colleges and universities to provide quality education.

Andhra university:

It is a prestigious university. Its motto is “may the divine light illuminate our studies”. This was established in1926 by the Madras university act to serve entire region of Andhra Pradesh. Its founder vice Chancellor was CR Reddy and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as the second vice Chancellor. Maharaja(King) of vizayanagaram donated lands for the establishment of University. This is a university  campus is 422 acres with 121 buildings for academic and administration with 324 staff quarters. The university contain two  sections- south campus and north campus.The south campus is for arts,humanities , science department and administration block.The North block is for engineering college. This university has four constituent colleges.The college of arts and commerce is the biggest constituent with 28 departments offering 55 courses. The college of science and technology has 19 departments and offers 44 different courses. The college of engineering has 16 departments including UG and PG programmes. The law college has been identified as a advanced center in law by University grants commission. The University also has a school of distance education with 32 study centres across the state.The campus has 19 hostels for men and 4 hostels for women. There is accommodation facility for staff available within the campus. There are 340 staff quarters.It also has three health centers.

Government has been providing fee reimbursement to the students who are economically backward towards their studies.

GITAM(gandhi institute if technology and management):

It was established in 1980 and was affiliated to AU . In 2007 it was conferred the status of deemed university. It was the first private engineering institute to receive University status. The main campus spreads over170 acres. Its motto is “Strive Serve Thrive”. The campus has 3 main food canteens ,a multipurpose outdoor ground,indoor facilities for badminton and table tennis and a gym. It also has schools like GITAM institute of technology, institute of science,management, institute of international business, institute of pharmacy, school of law, institute of medical sciences and research, School of nursing,centers for distance learning,school of gandhian studies.

Indian maritime university:

It was previously known as NSDRC . Research at IMU is nurtured through academic programmers run by the department and through sponsored research and consultancy projects funded by national organizations and industry. Its library is regarded as one of the best maritime libraries in India. It aims at developing documents that are useful for faculty, students, ship designers and research  scholars. It has a collection of 40000 documents consisting of books and manuals,ship drawing, projects and equipment catalogues.

Damodaram sanjivayya national law univesity:

It was established in 2008.It offers five year BALLB course to eligible students based on common law admission test centralized admission process.Its motto is-“act dharma and thus get victory”.

Indiragandhi national open University:

This was established by an act of parliament in 1985 for an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education.This university offers 227 academic programs through 67 regional centers .The online admission procedure for these courses usually commence in the month of February.For admissions, candidates are shortlisted for admission bases on the marks obtained in qualifying degree. For some specific courses there may be an entrance examination.For management courses entrance tests are held twice in a year.

Aloysis high school:

It is the oldest school in AP built in 1847 .Besides there are many educational institutes to mould children to the best citizens . They not only concentrate on academics but also on extracurricular activities like sports, dance ,songs.Their first motto is discipline.

Vizag is also known as city of destiny. King of Andhra being mesmerized by the beauty of god visakha and her eternal form, face and skin  than he named the city as visakhapatnam. It hosts various culture and rituals within the the city.


Due to various employment options through public ,private and government sectors,people from different parts of the country migrate to Vizag. Telugu being the primary language spoken in the city, many people speak Hindi and English as well. Large number of Tamilians, Malyalis, Oriyas, Bengalis settled in Vizag.


Hinduism being the majority followed religion. Islam, Christianity and sikhism are also followed in the city.People respect one another’s religion and actively take part in others’ cultural activities. There is a feel of brotherhood among people here.

Art of dance and music:

Vizag is the center for art. People here give more importance to Karnatak music and dance forms. Kids are accustomed to the dancing and singing as inherited from their households. A great effort is put in learning various classical dances like bharatanatyam and kuchipudi etc. Drama is another value added to the city’s culture. Skits from Mahabarata and Ramayana are showcased to increase moral values among people and to maintain a fear in people’s minds from committing mistakes.

Besides these hilly tribes perform local dance Dhimsa in their local festivals,they play instruments like mori, tumbura and dappu. They wear their traditional costumes with pride.This depicts the culture from the ancient era. Festivals here cant  be limited as we explore more festivals and share. As the city is with clean beaches,often beach festivals are organized here from time to time. Different stalls are kept and many people do visit them during evenings and refresh themselves with the view of the beach while enjoying the taste of marine food.


All together why Vizag is the question asked.

The answer is.. it has the power of ample business opportunities , beauty of nature for tourism, vast knowledge generators like the universities and a diversified yet mingling culture and heritage and finally friendly people… so why are you waiting have a visit to the steel city VIZAG and add value to your new business and tourism all at one place


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