ElectIT Revolution in 2017-18

Life card

This card is actually a gun. It is a small 22 caliber gun. It weighs less than 7 ounces, even though it is so small all gun laws still apply while purchasing this. Life card is so small that it can fit any where and easy to carry and yet simple to operate. It wont fire when it is closed. It is a single shot gun and has a built in safety features. Even lefties (left handed people) can use this gun. It can carry extra bullets in its grip.



This smart strap is to make calls with your fingertip. All you need is to replace your watch with sgnl and you are done. Sgnl is connected to your mobile through Bluetooth. With this you can attend calls with your mobile inside your pocket.To answer a call ,click the button on your watch compatible sgnl and place your fingertip to your ear. Your finger not only transmits the sound but also blocks the background noise.It provides good voice clarity and privacy

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Room me

It is a sophisticated technology for inside of your house. Room me senses your smartphone​ and personalizes accordingly. When you enter the room ,room me senses your phone through Bluetooth and adjusts everything to your liking and when you leave the room, it turns everything off. It is not effected by other  non phone carrying things like your pets. The attachment of room me is quite easy and fits in all types of rooms. There are no security issues as room me is connected through your phone and not internet.


It is a smart self cleaning gym-bag. It cleans itself and anything that you put inside it. If you want to clean up your clothes while traveling, this pack can do it in 25 minutes. All you need is to get it charged. The cleaning process does not use harmful chemicals and it is  fdi approved and this bag  waterproof.
we can maintain fresh cycles in this bag and have an option to clean itself and keep inside objects fresh by an oxygen pumping mechanism. It has a natural deodorized capability. You can choose between 15, 25 or 35 Minute fresh cycles which depends on the order level.

P up

The pocket scanner allows you to stay comfortable while you are outside and dont even need to worry if have any urgent work related to scan need to be done and with out moving around for scanner. You dont need to worry about paper dimensions any more. The way to use it is so simple, first choose your scenario, fit the laser to the pages and press the button, thats it done!!. Your documents has just been transferred according to your choice- share, store or print. It is fast and easy to use.


It is the world’s safest back pack for students.If you are traveling through darkest places, the back pack illuminates.You are visible from a distance and from sides. The rear light makes you to visible up to a distance of 250 meters. Profile light provides better definition to your shape making others to judge your relative speed. You can warn those behind you when you stop through automatic back lights.you can also let others know your direction​ of movement.


Muzo can create dynamic realistic sounds by cancelling vibrations. These sounds drive out noises around. Mmzo is designed to generate even vibration tones through the attached surfaces. You can turn every area in to your personal area by a click. There are  times when you would worry people around you hearing you. By switching to the secret mode, you can protect your speech privacy. Even when you are out in public you can enjoy a great conversation with out people ears dropping. Even in a busy city, uzo can take you out of hardships of everyday life. Switch to sleep mode and set your personal sound filed. Uzo will minimize the disturbance and set it according to your bedroom.You can enjoy a sound sleep!!


This technology is the revolution and back bone behind the crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum etc. The main concept is to make the third party in any ledger to a distributive mode and by doing so, can achieve a tremendously reduction in the operating cost of any transaction. At the same time in terms of business as its a completely new business-branch so it can create many new job opportunities.


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