which air conditioner is good to buy

Hey which AC/Aircon should I pick

In an ac  a compressor, condenser, expansion-valve, evaporator and a fan are the components. The compressor compress the gas which is already-filled in any air conditioner unit. Freon is the gas which is used in-general in a common Air Conditioner. A compression phenomenon will increase the pressure and temperature of the Freon gas. This high pressured vapor goes  into the to condenser  and in the condenser this gas will change its State to liquid form. This condensed liquid will be routed to an expansion valve. Expansion valve lowers the pressure of the liquid. This liquid will then go to the section where a fan is placed.

There are different types of ACs available. Any one should have through information of all the types of ACs before making any decision to purchase an AC. As choosing a right AC will always gives you a long term benefits interns of savings towards electricity bill every month along with the actual fit to your specific requirement. List of Top Selling ACs with the descriptions are as below

Window AC
Hey which AC/Aircon should I pick

Window AC unit is installed in an open window. The interior air is cooled as a fan blows in over the evaporator. On the exterior the heat drawn from the interior is dissipated into the environment as a second fan blows outside air over the condenser. AC uses chemicals that can easily convert a gas to a liquid and back again. This chemical is used to transfer heat from the air inside to outside. The machine has 3 main parts- compressor, condenser and evaporator. The compressor and the condenser are usually located on the outside portion of the air conditioner where as evaporator is located inside. Here the working fluid arrives at the compressor. The gas gets compressed and then condensed in the condenser. Finally the high pressured gas is converted to liquid form and it moves through expansion valve. It is again converted to gaseous form and all the heated air will be moved out via the evaporator and blower.

Window ac is suitable for smaller premises. No  professionals are required for installation is required for this unit. These ACs are smaller in size and are easy to relocate.

A 1 Ton (12000 BTU) window AC with EER 2.76 and cooling capacity (watts) 3370 consumes nearly 1.2 units/hour

For complete details you can follow this external detailed link for all types of windows AC power consumption chart

Split AC

Hey which AC/Aircon should I pick

This system consists of an outdoor compressor, an indoor air handler. The indoor and outdoor units are simply connected through thinner interlock pipes. The split system uses refrigerant to transfer heat energy between indoors and outdoors. During  summer ,the heat inside the room is absorbed by the R410a refrigerant and converted to cool fresh air. During winter, the cycle is reversed and  the unit can be used as an effective heat pump. Senvilles innovative engineers have developed an advanced compressor designed for colder climates as well. A split AC is less noisy and comparatively optimistic in power consumption. A split AC needs professional for installation as it has an internal and external parts needs to be installed carefully and then to be integrated perfectly.

A 1 Ton (12000 BTU) capacity Split Air-Conditioner, typically uses about 1200 watts of electricity.

Inverter AC
Hey which AC/Aircon should I pick

Hey which AC/Aircon should I pick


In an inverter AC,we get faster cooling with higher rpm. Inverter AC saves energy more when compared to above two types of Air conditionsers. In a non inverter AC’s power cycle  switches-off the compressor once the set temperature is below 1-2 degrees of what has been set on the remote and compressor turns back on when the temperature rises 1-2 degrees above the set  temperature. This can cause frequent changes in the power cycles and when this happens the compressor instantly consumer heavy electricity, means increases the electricity bill of user. But in an inverter ac, it will maintain constant temperature by having power cycle which when attains required temperature, instead of switching off the compressor completely, it will gradually runs of compressor in a standby like cursing mode, there by reducing the electricity bill drastically. With an inverter ac both humidity and temperature will remain constant to whatever degree you set it, because compressor keeps running on low power mode on achieving the required degree of set-temperature. This ultimately results in less electricity consumption and great comfort. There would be no noise/ minimized noise with inverter AC.

The electricity consumption of this air conditioner unit is much lower when compared two other two kinds of ACs mentioned above. So its most power optimistic AC ever made.
a 3 star inverter AC is going to consume 1KW when it runs for 2 hours or 1 unit for 2 hours

Some of the common examples of ACs are given below:

It is a 1.5 ton capacity split ac with 3 star rating. While most brands end up giving 18000 BTU/ minute, hitachi provides 20,473 btu/minute. This ac uses R410 a refrigerant which makes it extremely environment friendly. The four way swing ensures uniform air flow in every part of the room. It had also passed 43 quality tests to match international specifications.

Blue star
Blue is a smart air conditioner designed to meet cooling demands with optimal efficiency. It has a capacity that leads to air circulation of 12 cubic meter per minute and its equipped with fine filters that can trap dust particles and prevent formation of bacteria with in the system. Major attractions of the system include air flow direction control and turbo cooling option. This ac can work using 4 amps of current and can even work on single phase .It has acquired 3 star BEE energy rating.
This is a 1.5 ton ac which comes with energy saving full HD filter and anti corrosion features. These are eco-friendly units. This has s-plasma ion technology called as virus doctor.


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