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How to easily get CANADIAN Job VISA – Alternative routs

Canada is a land full of opportunities especially for those who want to make money and upgrade their way of living. Not only are these jobs available for Canadians, but also for foreigners who wish to immigrate to Canada either on temporary service or permanently. This blog is a bible or so called step by step process how to easily get Canadian Job VISA

Though many countries have put in place strict measure for immigrants, Canada has not adopted much of the restrictive measures and it remains to be one country with high support for the Immigration delivery. It has many employment opportunities and offers a number of immigration and visa programs. It also offers non-immigrant programs for those in pursuit of education.

With the introduction of the Express Entry program, the immigration process time has been greatly reduced to 6 months, while the process starts with a free eligibility assessment. Though it may have some restrictions, some seemingly intimidating to some applicants, it eases the application process and the risks involved. This program makes the success rate of invited applicants higher than the previous processes.

Though it is not so easy to easily immigrate to Canada. It would be right to say that the immigration process in Canada is way far friendly than several other countries.

Who are eligible for Canadian immigration (permanent resident) jobs

For one to be able to secure a permanent residency as a Canadian immigrant, one need to meet some minimum entry criteria as a Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) under Express Entry program. It is then required to submit an interest profile in the program’s pool, where the candidate’s profiles are then ranked. Highest ranked candidates receive an application invitation for permanent residence, through submitting a complete application. People who want to do business can also choose Canada as their destination as here also the success rate is as good as starting business in USA or starting business in Denmark

For one to qualify as a federal skilled worker in the Express Entry Pool, one has to meet these essential conditions:

  1. Have a work experience of one continuous year of a full-time paid job or a 10 years’ experience in a continuous part-time job. This job must be under the categories of managerial, professional, or technical occupation or a skilled Trader.
  2. Have enough settlement funding.

3. Undergo a successful medical examination and security check.

4. Have a scoring point of 67/100 or above cumulatively for education, language proficiency, age, employment experience, arranged employment, and adaptability.

how to easily get Canadian Job VISA


Types of Job visas Canada offer for Foreigners

When exploring the possibilities of living in Canada, it is wise to have an understanding of the immigration paths offered to foreigners by the Canadian government. The Canadian visas can either be permanent for temporary. Below are more details about the available Canadian job visas.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa– This is a permanent residence visa which can be applied to people living within and outside Canada. For one to be eligible for this kind of a visa, the applicant must have excelled in various factors and accumulating a total of 67+ points of-of a 100.

Experience Class Visa– Individuals already living in the country under temporary work permits can apply for this permit. However, they must have a work experience of 1 year and meet the Canadian language’s requirements.

Student Visa– This visa is offered under the Canadian Student Visa Program, which is accessible to global students who want to study in a particular university or college in Canada. Such students are required to make an application to the immigration authorities, containing a letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution, proof that they are able to finance their studies and stay in Canada, Passport, and other necessary documents. This is a temporary permit for the study period.

Work permit Visa– This is a visa application for individuals who receive a temporary job offer, from an approved Canadian employer.

The Express Entry Program

  How to easily get CANADIAN Job VISA

This is a system used by the Canadian government to manage the applications of FSW, Federal Skilled Traders or Canadian Experienced Class to get permanent residence in Canada. Interested persons start by creating their online Express Entry profile in which they fill a form with information about their education, skills, work experience, language ability, and other details. The profile should be completed within 60 days, and through it, your eligibility for an immigration is weighed and if good you are added to the Express Entry pool. In the pool, one can do job searches.

Highest ranked candidates are selected from the pool and are invited to make applications for permanent residence, which should be submitted online within 90 days. The applications that are complete and are embedded in the 6 supporting documents are processed within 6 months and up to 12 months. After 12 months without an invitation but still meets the criteria, one can re-enter the pool.

how to easily get Canadian Job VISA


To score your profile in the Express Entry pool, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used for assessment. It gives you score based on skills, language ability, education, work experience and other factors, where you are awarded up to 600 core points. You also get additional points up to 600 points for; a Canadian degree, certificate or diploma, provincial nomination, valid job offer, sibling living in Canada, and proficiency in French. Total points for CRS are 1200.

Below is a CRS table as fdocumented in the IRCC_Update_on_Express_Entry.pdf

how to easily get Canadian Job VISA

Scores required in Express Entry Program

For one to be considered a successful applicant in the Express Entry Program, one is expected to meet certain criteria and score at least 67 points out 100 in the selection factors below.

a) Education– Academic documents for the candidate are evaluated to determine their credibility and equivalence to the Canadian standards. This factor is allocated 25 points with the highest score of 25 points awarded to doctorate level.

b) Language– Score at least 16 points out of the possible 28 points in the proficiency of French and/or English the official Canadian languages. A candidate with a very high language proficiency can be allocated up to 24 points. For a bilingual person, 4 points maximum are awarded to the second language.

c) Employment experience– this factor has a maximum of 15 points. It requires individuals with a work experience of between 1-6 years.

d) Age– 12 points are awarded for candidates between 18-35 years. Those above this bracket receive an extraction of 1 point for every year over the thresh-hold, and no point for them from 47 and above.

e) Arranged Employment– For those with validated employment offer are awarded 10 points plus 5 points for adaptability, while those without receiving 0 points

f) Adaptability– Applicants with a 1 year plus work experience in Canada as a full-time worker in the applicable categories receive 10 points. Applicants with relatives there, those who studied in Canada or have Spouses who studied, previously worked there, or familiar with the official languages in Canada also receive varying adaptability points.

What is job pool

Once an individual’s Express Entry Profile has been found eligible, that candidate is put in the program’s pool of candidates. Here the candidate can create a Job Match account in the job pool or Job Bank. In the job pool, one is able to access employers seeking for people with your skills. In the job, pool workers are able to obtain LMIA, a document required to verify the validity of the job offer in Entry Express.

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) indicated the need for a foreign worker for a certain position which has no Canadian available to fill it.

Other ways to work in Canada other than Express Entry Program

With the tight qualifications available in the Express Entry Program, only a few people who have the education, skills, experience, and proficiency required are able to migrate to Canada through this program. However, there are several other ways people can work in Canada such as;

  1. Citizens from some exempted countries have a chance to work in Canada through trade agreement such as NAFTA. Residents from those exempted countries that work with companies having operations in Canada or have contracts with companies from Canada, can work in Canada with no opinions from labor markets.
  2. Acquisition of a work permit– For this case, a skilled or semi-skilled person gets a job offer from a Canadian employer. Then, the employer convinces the Canadian Human Resource and Development that there is a necessity to hire a foreigner since there is no Canadian who is able to do that job. This is easier if one has connections in Canada as opposed to making job applications from overseas.

3. Getting a Canadian spouse.- Getting married to a Canadian will give you an easy immigration to Canada. However, on may have to wait a while before getting a permission to work in Canada. With this one have to ensure the marriage is legit for there is currently an IRCC check after 2 years as a way of curbing marriage frauds.

4. For some countries, there is an International Experience Canada (IEC) program, which enables one to go to Canada on an open permit without a job offer, aged between 18-35. One can either come on a working holiday program, young professional or Co-Op program.

Provincial Nomination Programs for different Provinces

All Canadian provinces and territories have their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), except for Quebec province. This is a program that nominates people interested to immigrate to Canada and settle in a certain province. Each province uses their own criteria to tailor their PNP based on the province needs and requirements, for students, skilled workers, and trading professionals.

When applying for PNP, one has to adhere to the eligibility criteria, this may differ depending on whether the application is through Express Entry process or the non-Express Entry stram(paper-based). For the paper-based stream, one is required to meet one province’s non- Express Entry Streams requirements, and also be nominated on that stream.

Nominees selected by particular provinces are expected to file an application for a permanent residence with IRCC, the body obligated to make applications evaluation in reference to the immigration rules for Canada.

What are the exams which are required for the Canadian job visa (PR)

While there are several other factors to be met when one is applying for a permanent residence in Canada, Language proficiency is one key factor. Applying for a Canadian job visa means that you are going to work in the country and have to be able to prove proficiency in one or both of the Canadian National languages which are English and French. This has to be evident in speaking, writing, reading, and listening and meet the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

IELTS is one of the known English language test one can take to prove English proficiency meeting the national standards for Canada according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). Its standards are accepted by all Canadian universities and colleges.

Types of IELTS exams

IELTS scores needed by an individual are based on their visa’s requirements, and the organization that person is to work with or study from. They test all the basic areas which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

IELTS have two types of tests which are namely, IELTS General Training and IELTS Academics. For both tests the listening and speaking are similar, however, when it comes to writing and reading components, the subject matter differ depending on the test taken.

IELTS exam process and Score

The IELTS exams have four tests. Regardless of the type of IELTS exam you take, you are expected to complete the listening, reading, and writing test on the same day. Taking the next test immediately after completing the previous one without having breaks in between. The speaking test can be done after a break or any other time before the end of seven days.

Each test is given its own score scaling from 1-9. the scores can either be in whole bands (e.g. 5.0, 6.0. 7.0) or in half bands (e.g. 5.5, 6.5, 7.5). The average score of all the tests is then calculated to give you the total score. A score below the half band e.g. 6.25 is translated as 6.5 while a score on the upper side e.g. 6.783 is translated as 7.0

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how to easily get Canadian Job VISA

There is nothing like failing in IELTS exams. What determines your qualification is whether you have attained the score required by the organization.

Can one get a Permanent Residence Visa in first attempt

Following the right procedure may be one assurance to get a permanent residence fast. First, you need to know the eligibility criteria before making an application. Once you realize that you are eligible, avoid misrepresentation, complete the application within the required time. Ensure that your health and criminal records are clean and correct. Also ensure that all the required documents are attached. Meeting all the requirements may see you get the permanent residence visa within the first time. While making the application it is important to make necessary consultations to ensure that everything is in order.

Canadian salaries

Below is a chart for different professions hourly salary in 2017. The figures may slightly differ depending on the province.


Job Stream Per hour wage
Forestry, natural and social sciences $33.45
Agriculture, natural resources and related productions $22.15
Utilities and manufacturing $21.90
Dentists $72.00
Petroleum engineers $62.75
Sales and services $18.85
Health care and social services $31.80
Information and cultural industries $1,326
Finance and insurance, business and administration $26.00
Lecturers and professors $58.10
Transport, trades and equipment operators and warehousing $25.85
Company and enterprise management $40.25
Accommodation and food services $11.00- $13.00
Education, social and law, government and community services $33.20
Arts and entertainment $27.35
Other services $27.70


Lifestyle In Canada

Canada is a beautiful, rich country with lots of employment opportunities. It’s ideal for personal growth. Considering that the pay is good for most jobs and the quality of life is way better.

Worklife balance in Canada

One of the biggest challenge facing Canadian residents is the ability to balance their work life and personal life. According to statistics, from a survey by Insight West, most full-time Canadian workers, work for longer hours than expected. While others find themselves carrying work home from the office.But the work life balance on an average is Good.

Migrating from Canada to the USA

Despite the two countries being neighbors, migrating to the US from Canada requires a process. However, you can easily migrate by acquiring a green card or through the NAFTA trade agreement.

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