Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

In this digital era, it’s always obvious to expect new technologies cropping up each new day basically on anything and everything. While this is the case, it’s no surprise to know that there are so many fantastic technologies that have been in existent or are coming up, that you have never heard about, while some of them might b very important to you. Here is the Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

For that matter, this article is going to bring in to your attention some of these uncommon and unknown technologies, and who knows they might be exactly what you are looking for.

Ehang passenger drone

Drones have been in existence for long, and can be traced back to World War II, ie. the aerial drones used by militaries. Other than that, drones are being used by hobbyists, kids, and not to mention for high-quality video takes. For more positive and practical purposes, drones are already being used for transporting fresh blood fast to remote areas especially in Africa.

However, in the case of Ehang 184, this is not the normal kind of drones everyone is used to, but a passengers drone or rather a flying taxi. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) by Ehang, is one of its kind that first made its first appearance in 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show.(CES). It is electric and has a functional electric safety system, which will bring the aircraft to a safe landing, in case of any malfunction. Its landing cameras aids in automatically positioning the drone over the landing spot, accurately.

This is a smart, safe and Eco-friendly aerial vehicle, that is perfect for providing passengers transportation and communication over short-medium distances. It is self-navigates itself to its destination.

Milk carton that changes color before expiry

Nothing is more important to anything you consume than knowing that it is fresh and good for consumption. However, sometimes it can be very hard to detect it, especially when the product is still unopened. One such sensitive product is milk, but thanks to the technological advancement, this is now easier than ever imagined.

Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies


A designer by the name Ko Yang has come up with milk cartons that change their color as the milk loses its freshness. At first, the carton is white, but as the expiry date approaches, the milk carton starts to turn orange, in a gradual manner. It acts as a warning on the need to consume the milk before its time is up, and with the carton one no longer needs to keep smelling or tasting to know how fresh the milk is.

VTX virtual keyboard

A virtual keyboard! This is no doubt interesting and super cool. Having a phone, tablet, or any smart device seems convenient enough, but when it comes to composing an urgent email, type a document or a message, the smart devices’ tiny onscreen keyboard becomes wearisome and inconveniencing.  At such times, one can only helplessly wish for a full-screen keyboard.

Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

But this is no longer something to worry about for there is a solution to that which is: VK200, VK300 – the Bluetooth connected, VTX virtual keyboard. VTX virtual keyboard is a full-sized virtual laser keyboard, that acts just like the normal keyboard and operable on any flat surface. It has the QUERTY layout with 78 keys, and it has an accurate keystroke recognition able to detect up to 400 characters.

The good thing with the virtual keyboard is that it is a small hand-held gadget the size of a matchbook, in a small keychain, making it very portable, sparing one the stress of carrying a bulky laptop with you all day. The device sync to your phone or tablet wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection. The virtual keyboard is also very affordable and available in most online marketing stores.

Galileo: Robotic motion control for iPhone

Technology is every day making fruitful attempts at making things easier and more manageable for people, than it they have ever been. It is for that very reason that we have the Galileo robotic iPhone mount, which is most probably the best device needed by every videographers and photographer.

This is a revolutionary robotic iPhone platform, controlled by iOS and capable of bringing transformation in people’s way of communication. It rotates an iPad or iPhone to 360 degrees in any direction, for easy viewing, fro any place in the world. By simply swiping your iOS device’s screen, galileo orients the device accordingly. It is very useful for virtual tours since it can be controlled remotely via the internet.

This small, spherical device is integrated with a rechargeable battery and comes along with a tripod mount of 1/4”. It has a micro-USB port for phone charging and has several docks to tightly hold your iOS device in place during photo or video shooting.

How can one use Galileo?

Galileo helps you bring important distant scenes closer to you in many ways using your iPhone or iPad.

  • Spherical panoramas- in the App store, one can download the Motrr app as well as sphere app, to enable multi-exposure spherical photography.
  • Remote Monitoring- Your iOS device is capable of becoming a remotely controlled video camera. Every swipe on your screen makes Galileo respond, and tilt the device in accordance with the touch. By it, one can have control of what you see, monitor your home, and learn remotely.
  • Video conferencing and video calling
  • time-lapse photography- take dynamic time-lapse sequences.
  • Videography- shoot transitional scenes from diverse angles.
  • App development- App developers have used Galileo as a platform for their apps.
Diet sensor SCiO

Health matters are always serious and sensitive matters, especially where food is concerned. With the rampage of health diseases, it’s always important to ensure that what you eat have the right quantity of everything your body needs. This can be a hard task to do, while still very important especially if you are diagnosed with diabetes, or other heart-related diseases.

The good news is that tracking your nutrition is also sorted by technology, and unknown to many, is that you can track the nutrition content of your every meal by simply using your SCiO scanner. Managing your cholesterol, weight loss goals and having a balanced diet becomes very easy.

SCiO scanner is a device made by Consumer Physics. It makes direct communications with the DietSensor app through Bluetooth. It helps one make a precise follow up of their daily intake of calories, proteins, lipids, and carbs. The app is free and is found in both Google app and app store.

To use the SCiO scanner:
  • You need to ensure that the SCiO scanner is calibrated, after which you place the scanner 5-15mm from the food you wish to scan. Hold the optical shade at a close range of the food item for better results, while fruits and vegetables can be slightly contacted by them.
  • Via Bluetooth connects the scanner to the DietSensor app, by pressing and holding the center button of the scanner.
  • Make a subscription to the ultimate plan via my plan option and sign up.
  • Then scan your food.
Electricity-free phone speakers

Technological innovations never cease to baffle. Everything can be turned into anything as far as technology is concerned and this time presenting an eco-friendly, electricity-free speaker for iPhones that is working amazingly well.

Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

The electricity-free phone speakers come in various types and shapes. Though a little less loud their counterparts, they bring out the stereo effect, of your phone speakers by amplifying the in-built iPhone speakers up to 4 times louder. Most of them are made from a bamboo tree, which is naturally resonating and more stronger and flexible than other materials such as plastic and metal. Others are, however, made of ceramic, metal, and other wood types.

These speakers have an incision cut on them, fit for the iPhone or iPod. They also have some openings in which the voice is amplified, giving an amplitude to the music acoustics and are suitable for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities where power may be trouble to find.

They are easy to use and are available in most online shops. Examples include the ibamboo, amplio, Phonophone, iVictrola, Griffin AirCurve, etc.

Automated hydroponic gardens

Did you know you can do gardening indoors? Welcome to the era when technology is the unlimited solution to sustainability. It can never be easier to grow veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers in their freshest manner indoors, than with the Automated hydroponic gardens, pesticide-free.

While this may seem a little odd it is very possible, the intelligent garden system is designed in a manner that it controls the climate, provides efficient LED light for optimum plants growth, and well regulated nutritional and water supply. The hydroponic gardening systems use no soil but instead, the plant gains its nutrients from the water. The garden is easily manageable from anywhere since the system can be connected to your smartphone smart farm apps through wi-fi.

Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

Automated hydroponic gardens come in different sizes and different features depending on the manufacturing company, while some come along with apps which give regular gardening tips. Nevertheless, their operations and functionalities are basically the same.  Though relatively new in the market and still unknown to people, they are quickly finding their way in the market.

Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

have you heard of BendDesk computer? I guess not. But here is more information about this awesome technology that is missing out on. this is an all in one workstation and multi-touch computer. In simple terms, the working desk has a multi-touch computer embedded into it connecting both the vertical and horizontal surfaces in a seamless manner and the user can use them both as a single unit. It allows one to display and interact with digital content with the use of multi-touch gestures. The curve between the two screens can be used as a taskbar, since it is fully functional.

Though it is still work in progress, still requiring a number of adjustments to get rid of the bulkiness it has, it functions like a normal desk in which you can put objects such as a cup of tea, documents, and others without a problem.

Google technologies

Google is the largest search engine in the world and most people if not everyone uses it today. As it continues to gain more popularity, it is putting in place quite a number of technologies to ensure that it meets it’s as interactive as possible and meets it’s large-client base needs on the check. Here are a number of impressing technologies Google is using today:

  1. Daydream

This is a mobile virtual reality platform built on Android Nougat (Android N), version 7.1 and above, operating system. It is in form of lightweight fabric headset that is both soft and easy-to-wear. Google released their first Daydream VR headset view on November 10th, 2016, and is compatible with phones that adhere to the hardware and software specifications for the platform. It is built in form of compatible mobile apps.

Top list of hidden yet Fantastic Technologies

The headset comes along with wireless rechargeable controller which can be used to interact with the virtual world. Currently, the Daydream VR headset is in two generations, the second generation was released in October 2017. they are basically similar, apart from a few design adjustment, eye lens-size, and colors.

Daydream VR is compatible with a few new phones such as Galaxy S8 &S8+, LG V30, Zen Fone AR, Axon 7, Huawei Mate 9 Pro, Galaxy Note8, Google Pixel & Pixel 2, and Motorola Moto Z&Z2. However, companies such as HTC, Samsung, ZTE, Alcatel, Xiaomi, and Asus, have partnered with Google to make Daydream ready phones.

  1. Google Allo

For smart messaging, Google has not been left behind, since it has for both iOS and Android operating system users, an instant messaging mobile app called Allo. It was released in September 2016.

with Allo app, one is able to chat, make voice notes, exchange images and files to another user, identified through his/her phone number. The Allo app is incorporated into google assistant which gives suggestion replies and also has the feature for adding stickers and doodles to images and messages before sending. The Allo app learns from the behavior of the user and gives adaptive suggestions over time.

It also has the Incognito mode which is optional to users and includes private notifications and expiring chats.

2. MapReduce

This is a programming model, used for processing large data in a parallel and distributed manner. It is used in long-running jobs that can’t be managed within the period of a single request such as changing data from a single format to another, making an analysis of application logs and exporting data to be externally analyzed. It is an open-source library available on Git Hub.

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