A crooked nose refers to a nose that doesn’t follow a straight, vertical line down the center of your face.The degree of crookedness may be very subtle or more dramatic, depending on the cause. While crooked noses are usually only a cosmetic concern, they can occasionally affect your breathing.
There are two main types of crooked noses. One type is caused by an issue within the complex system of bones, cartilage, and tissue that make up your nose.This may be the result of several things, including birth defects, injuries, surgery on your nose.severe infections, tumors. Lets see Non Surgical Solution for PROFUSE EPISTAXIS or CROOKED NOSE


The other type of crooked nose is caused by a deviated septum. Your septum is the internal wall that separates your left and right nasal passages from each other. If you have a deviated septum, it means this wall leans to one side, partially blocking one side of your nose. While some people are born with a deviated septum, others develop one following an injury.


In addition to making your nose look crooked, a deviated septum can also cause:

. nosebleeds
. loud breathing
. difficulty sleeping on one side
. Facial pain
. Head ache
. Post nasal drip
. Loud breathing and snoring

Deviated septum from inside requires a surgery known as septoplasty. this surgery won’t correct external appearance of nose. For external appearance of nose need to undergo more complex surgery known as septorhinoplasty.

Top list of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are transforming worldCASE: This is a case of 14 year old boy with crooked nose with deviated septum from birth itself. He was suffering from severe nose bleed occasionally from last 10 years, but his problem got increased from year 2014. (bleeding almost every second or third day in a week )


In the year 2016, this young boy came to my clinic in a very panic state with sever epistaxis. He was in acute stage.. His whole shirt filled with profuse blood, His grand parents are believers of homeopathy. With a lot of trust in homeopathy they came to my clinic. My immediate challenge was to control his bleeding, and I did not get enough time to take case history, because patient was from abroad, and they were in hurry to catch return flight.. Their immediate request was to stop his bleeding immediately which was not getting controlled by allopathic medicines that time, which he usually takes while on Set of nose bleed.
I asked only one question.. What is your present exact symptoms.. He said, head congestion, dryness in nose, obstruction and PROFUSE BLEEDING (His shirt almost drenched with blood)

Initial Analysis

I gave him MELLIFOLIUM 6, in frequent repeated doses , This drug didn’t dissopoint me, bleeding stopped within couple of minutes.I told them, that this drug is not enough for him to get cured , I need an interview with him.. They promised me to meet me after one month. After going to their place, he got frequent attacks of nose bleeding.. Mellifolium 30 and next Mellifolium 200 was given to him, which I already sent with them in first consultation.. After Mellifolium his profuse bleeding stopped, and nose obstruction also no more.. Role of Mellifolium finished at this point. There was no further improvement with Mellifolium.. I needed a in-depth case history at that point of time, to select more deeper remedy to his constitution.

Then he got in contact with me again, I took his case in video call.He used to call me often, and became my friends .Initially, he asked me, why I am asking so many questions, he was a curious and intelligent child, over matured. He used to give me every single information about himself.


He is sensitive to external impressions. Sensitive to weather changes. Sounds, and I observed his senditivess in my clinic, how he got Startled with sudden sounds, etc..

He used to have lot of anxiety and doubts regarding his health.. He always felt happy and relaxed after my assurance and consultation.

He is very well manner and sympathetic person, when ever he called me, he asks permission first if I was free to talk in a polite way and behaved according to my convenience. First talks were obviously friendly talks then slowly about his problem.

He was sincere to follow my words, what ever l said he followed exactly.. Keen listener. Loved talking with me. When ever I spoke he got. involved In that talk .

He is an independent person, not dependent on parents mediator ship in consultation , but when ever his problem began, how ever small it might have been he needs his mother’s and my support. her mothers called and used to tell about his situation instead of him at that particular time. He expects extra care and love when he gets sick


there is always swelling and dryness of nose, when ever he bled .


His nose bleed always came after or AGG by washing face.


There was a family history of tuberculosis


He used to get frequent attacks of coryza since childhood due to change of whether


He said, he likes cold water but avoids all cold items, which aggrivates his problem


So, more or less that was the case. Watch the two videos and observe him.
And the medicine given to him was…… YES MY DEAR FRIENDS, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT👏👏👏👏…. PHOSPHORUS..
PHOSPHORUS 1M once in a month followed by PHOSPHORUS 10M..
His epistaxis got reduced tremendously just with in few weeks, and stopped completely after 10M. Now two years passed, no recurrence.. Which never happened before with allopathic medications. Doctors of his country advised him for surgery to stop his bleeding.. But our beautiful homeopathy saved him from surgical procedure. Thanks to Hehnemann and his beautiful science. Still he is in my observation.

PURPOSE OF MY POST : This post is dedicated to all young homeopaths and students, who just started their journey. LEARN HOMEOPATHY, SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH BOOKS. VALUE YOUR TIME. I was not a science student in my teen age, didn’t valued my studies, never valued time never valued my talents, never focused on my career… TIME JUST PASSED.. THINGS CHANGED IN MY LIFE.. SELF REALISATION STARTED. Now the things are not so easy as it used to be .Now I am not in a sistuation to invest my full time in learning..still I am getting beautiful results with my less knowledge, so think my dear friends, you can do better job, even best job than me.. Please do FOCUS.. I wish you all young people don’t repeate the same mistakes as I have done. VALUE THE TIME.. GIVE RESPECT TO YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE.. VALUE YOUR ORIGINALITY.. ACCEPT IT.. INVENT YOUR ORIGINAL YOU IN YOU… ALL THE BEST



Dr. Madhuri Balivada

Chandra Homeo Care




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