top list of unique but less competitive startups

top list of unique but less competetive startup ideas

Want to know what are the best and top list of startup ideas with less investment and ease of operation and which will give you good profits!!!..Every day, various individuals wake up with influential and profitable ideas to take an initiative with minimum investment plans. Therefore, a lot of energetic people who are full of ambition do not want to do a boring and tiresome 9 – to – 5 job daily. Most of the people want to start their own businesses and be their own bosses. But what’s preventing them from doing so is lack of unique business ideas and the cost to be invested in it. If you are looking for some profitable startup ideas with less investment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are  the top list of unique but less competitive startup ideas

Carry bags from banana leaves

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Sessums

Ever heard of dried bananas leaves used for making carriers? Exciting, right? Banana leaves can be used to make eco-friendly carry bags which has proved to be one of the most creative and innovative ways of making carry bags. Such carriers can be used instead of plastic bags to ensure cleanliness in the environment.

Banana leaves can be modeled in a number of ways to produce profitable and eco-friendly products like plates, accessories, string bags, baskets, and trays. They are mostly used as food-serving plates in tropical and sub-tropical regions, along with this these can also be used as decoration pieces in Hindu and Buddhist communities.

Banana Twine Carry-All: IMG_3034 The twine is made hard by treating the banana leaves so that the bag does not lose its shape. By the processes of twisting, weaving, drying, wetting and the use of water, twines can be hardened for the making of carry-all bags. It results in a very hard and solid shape that cannot be folded.

Banana Leaves Hand Bags: Banana leavesindegogus_large are very flexible, waterproof and decorative therefore they can also be used in making handbags which women can carry easily. If you have a team of skillful labor, then you’re good to go and you can turn banana twines or leaves into handbags by weaving them. A major sheet of banana leaves is weaved and boards of the handbags are cut down. The texture coating is applied and more banana leaves are weaved for the handles.

So, if you’re thinking to start a business of producing environment-friendly handbags out of banana leaves, then all you need are banana leaves and a team of skilled labor.

LED Lights

Image result for led lights

Usage of LED lights is increasing day by day as it consumes less power and gives brighter results as compared to tube lights. LED light business can result in a profitable business as its demand has been increasing enormously.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and these are accessible in different colors such as dark yellow, ultra-white, and mid yellow. These bulbs consume 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than tube lights and incandescents. If we look at the demand and growth of LED bulbs, it can be said that this business has a bright future.

Two types of businesses can be started with LED bulbs:

  • LED lightening retail business
  • LED bulb manufacturing company

For starters, if you do not have a large amount of investment then you can simply buy some bulbs from direct manufacturers. You can find a responsible and calculable supplier for the product. You should test those products to confirm that there are no damaged products. You can then sell them online or you can also start in your own locality with your own brand name and logo. As your business will grow, you can then focus on the manufacturing business.

LED light manufacturing business is a highly profitable business and you can earn huge amounts of profits because of the accelerating demand for LED bulbs. Once, you earn a perfect amount of money from the LED lightening retail business, then you can invest it in the manufacturing business.

You can set a manufacturing company even really without manufacturing LED bulbs. You can partner with other manufacturing companies and all you have to do is assemble the products and tell the targeted clients that how good your product is. It is an efficient way of selling LED light bulbs and it can boost up your sales.

You can also get parts or raw materials of the LED bulbs from different reliable suppliers and then manufacture your own LED bulbs. You must also have Quality Assurance Testers to ensure the quality of your products.

Hence, if you want to quit your tiring job and start a profitable startup then LED bulbs can be one of your options.

Cane Basket Industry

Image result for cane basket industry

Crate weaving is the way toward meshing or sewing flexible materials into a few dimensional ancient rarities, for example, mats or holders. Basketry is produced using an assortment of sinewy or flexible materials that will twist and form a shape. Crude materials incorporate a wide scope of plant strands including roots, stick, twigs, and grasses; reeds, raffia, and bin willows might be the best known. Concentrated fabric colors are additionally utilized in a few kinds of production. Wood is likewise utilized for a few plans, especially when the kind of crate needs a strong base and for a few sorts of handles. Other than crude materials, the basket producer needs devices like saws, borers, planes, blades, and mixers for pounding or bowing bits of willow. Numerous containers are made in standard shapes and sizes, some one of a kind to different.

In spite of the extraordinary decrease in functional utilization, the valuation for handmade things has kept on developing. Crates are broadly utilized as embellishments in the home. Cane Baskets are additionally loved as collectibles with territories of specialization including notable containers, crates of different structures, or the bins of a specific culture.

Singular crate creators can take a wide assortment of classes to learn structures and strategies for fulfilling the particular need for customary, nitty-gritty baskets.

Party Cleanup Business

Nowadays everyone has got themselves so busy in their lives that they really don’t have time to do boring stuff like cleaning. Especially, the young generation does not like to clean their places after having huge parties. Rather than cleaning the house, office or any other place themselves, people prefer cleanup services as it saves their time and energy. Therefore, setting up party cleanup services is one of the profitable small-scale industry ideas which require less investment.

Image result for party cleanup business ideas

If people need a good job of cleaning the mess after a huge party, then they surely hire a party cleanup service. People prefer to pay professional cleaners after huge parties as they don’t have the energy the next morning for cleaning their place themselves.

If you want to start a cleaning service, then for the initial start, you should invest in your labor. Professional and skilled labor in this business plays an important part in boosting up the business. You don’t have to spend lots of money on advanced expensive cleaning machines. You can start this business with basic equipment and a group of competent cleaners. In this particular business, it takes effort in attracting labor. Therefore, focus on wages and providing a healthy environment. You should offer reasonable wages to the employees as they are putting a lot of hard work in your business. Competitive wages attract capable cleaners and you can eventually start a profitable business.

Wheelchair Transportation Service

Image result for wheelchair services for elderly business idea

If you’re looking for a business in which you can earn the profit as well as help others, then wheelchair transportation for elderly or disabled persons is a good fit for you. The demand for this service is growing day by day due to a large number of elderly and disabled people who cannot walk properly. You can provide private transportation to people who are wheelchair-bound.

You can provide transportation services to work, medical appointments, school, college or retail stores. You can also provide wheelchair services at airports, train stations, and bus stations so that those persons would not have to be dependent on others.

If you are planning to start this business, then the most important thing you need to have a van. Initially, if you cannot invest a large amount of money a number of cars which are wheelchair compatible then you can use your own car or van. Your van should be capable of fitting in a wheelchair. In addition to this, there should be a wheelchair lift or ramp in your van. It should also have a seatbelt for the wheelchairs.

When you will start earning a good amount from this business you can further grow it by hiring drivers and owning more vehicles. You can expand this business and boost up your revenue. The major advantage of this business is that you can work at any time you want. Such type of businesses can have flexible work hours. You will also need to register this business with your respective state departments. Make sure that you obtain liability insurance.

You can promote your service by giving away business cards, flyers, and brochures at physicians’ clinics, hospitals, and other medical clinics.

Wheelchair transportation service is not an expensive business to start. It will totally not require any amount at first if you already have a reliable vehicle.

Sending messages on Potatoes

In today’s world, it is not difficult to send important messages to your friends and family all around the world. Communication has been made easier because of the internet and different applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Now, what if someone wants to send a very special message to their loved ones and he/she is looking for a unique and special way doing so. Sending messages on Potatoes can be one of those special ways!

Image result for potato parcel business idea
Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Potato Parcel

This startup idea was founded by Alex Craig in May 2005 and named his venture as “Potato Parcel”. This business is one of the most strange, profitable and low investment business ideas. You can earn thousands of dollars per month if you manage this business properly. The only investment that you will have to make is in potatoes which are not that much expensive and posting. You can grow your business by marketing and promoting it on social media. You can sell potatoes not only with messages written on them but with also any picture. After expanding your business, you can also employ people for designing the potatoes, posting, and marketing of your business.

Dirty Rotten Flowers

Now, this is a very funny and weird startup idea but it can prove to be a money-making business. Most of the people have enemies which they don’t like and who have broken Image result for dirty rotten flowers businesstheir hearts. People don’t get the opportunity to send a clear message to people they are upset with. In this case, sending dead and rotten flowers for revenge will be a tremendous idea. It will surely attract a number of people. You can start your own startup that sends a bouquet of dead, rotten flowers. If you do not have a large amount of money to invest in any sort of business, then you can start this business. It will not cost you a huge investment as it’s just the rotten flowers and delivery cost. This business will earn you the most revenue on Valentine’s day. Not only this but people who have disputes at their workplace can also send rotten flowers to the concerned person.

Stress/Anger relieving room

Image result for anger relieving

Hundreds of people get so angry and stressed that they want to smash things around them. This can make them release their anger and get some relaxation. Anger rooms can be very helpful in this situation. Fury room proprietorship includes leasing space in which you’ll welcome clients to remedially decimate the substance inside. Fury rooms are otherwise called resentment rooms. Entrepreneurs produce income by purchasing objects of glass, clay and other destructible materials at as low a cost as could reasonably be expected, masterminding the substance in the anger room space and being paid by clients to submit pleasurable devastation.

If you want to begin a small scale startup with low cost, then you can buy breakable products at low prices, rent a place at the lowest rate and start your own rage room. This business requests innovative scholars who can discover approaches to get clients the entryway and give an affair that will energize rehash business and positive review. A Rage Room business is constrained by the number of rooms it can give and fill, the clients it can draw and the rates it can charge for appointments. Subsequent to making progress with a solitary room or area, it is conceivable to grow through extra rooms or areas, portable rooms or even be in the long run diversifying.

You can attract people who have been recently unemployed, who are automatically out of a relationship or generally loaded up with unreleased indignation. Customers will take their swings to let off steam and have a decent time without bringing on any significant decimation. This could incorporate clients booking the space for birthday festivities, parties or focused on specialists on a meal break.

So, you can make a nice amount of revenue by setting up rage or anger rooms for stressed people.

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