modern diet cancer prevention

Modern diet cancer prevention

These days caner cases has been raising more when compared to previous days. As we know cancer cells don’t change its structure or behavior, still the cancer cases are growing. This clearly means changes in our habits and diet is the conclusive reason for spike in cancer cases. Can we prevent it? the answer is Yes!!! we can… by opting modern diet cancer prevention steps this can be achieved. Lets check what to do.

What is root cause of cancer

There are hundreds of millions of cells in our body. These cells grow at regular speed and dies after some time(regular). Some times due external simulations such as smoking, radiation, obesity,chemicals intake (unknowingly- carcinogen ), not doing enough exercise etc results in gene mutations. This obstruct regular process of cell growth and increases more rapidly then required. These fast pace growing cells pass unusual signals to brain. These fast cells will not die as regularly as remaining cells around it and will spread eventually . This is called as cancer.

There are many types of cancers, but the root cause of all remains almost the same. Lets concentrate on how to control cancer growth with modern diet cancer prevention

People say Cancer is dangerous and cannot be prevented. Is it true?

No!!! We can prevent cancer to most extent. Lets take an example of some virus which if comes into our body can trigger APOBEC enzyme . APOBEC is also called as a catalyst which can increase the cells multiplication(cancer). If APOBEC is controlled, we can control cancer as well. Here are the two fruits which can do this job perfectly.

Indian Mulberry

indian mulberry diet preventing cancer

1. Indian Mulberry (extracted from Morinda citifolia ) is the most benificial for controlling cancer
2. Noni fruit is also most beneficial in modern diet cancer prevention. This fruit contains potassium and helpful in cell repair(check for all benefits in the small video below)

Noni fruit and Indian mulberry prevents the dangerous-effects of smoking on our body cells

Smoking effect and Noni – limited intake recommended

Diet which controls cancer growth

[table id=2 /]

Apart from the above vitamin D3 (regular deficiency check done yearly is good) which is found in Fish, egg yolk and cod liver oil should be part of your diet

How vitamin prevents cancer

This may sound simple but the fact is, vitamin deficiency can play vital role in cancer development.

Vitamin D : Extensively researched for cancer prevention.

  • Good: 25(OH)D more than 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/l).
  • Ok: 25(OH)D below 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/l).
  • Bad: 25(OH)D below 12 ng/ml (25 nmol/l).

Vitamin C : Should be taken in Control ( side effects occers when intake exceeds)

  • Good : 65 – 90 mg
  • Bad : Below 50 mg
  • Bad : Above 2000 mg ( should not cross)

Fiber : Good to avoid stomach related cancers

  • Good : 30 Grams a day
  • Bad : Below 18 Grams

Fighter Foods (avoid deep fry)


Berries are rich source of chemopreventive agents like Vitamin A carotenoids, C, E, and folate, good for cancer prevention.
freeze-dried berries bring down few cancer cells growth and there by preventing it.

How much quantiry:
max black raspberry powder (60 g/day) two cups of fruits usually/day (45 cal per serving – two serves a day)

2. Broccoli

modern diet cancer prevention
A good cancer preventive

Sulforaphane is a component present in broccoli, which can effectively prevent cancer. Mainly for breast cancer prevention, broccoli plays a key role. This minimizes the number of breast cancer cells growth. Start taking broccoli but avoid deep fry.

How to eat: Eat either semi cooked or non deep cooked broccoli for better results.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon cancer prevention

Cinnamon is also a good healthy herb. This can be powdered and can be used in almost in any recipe. Cinnamon extract, in a research, observed to be controlling cancer cells growth to good extent (preventive)

How much : 2-4 grams per day is good for cancer barrier


Apart from above options Nuts, Turmeric, Olive oil, citrus fruits like lemon/greapfruit, flax seeds, fatty fish ( digestive track cancer preventive) are also proved to be good fighters in preventing cancer.

Finally, Oxygen and Cancer myth

Cancer cells are like our normal cells which also needs oxygen for survival. Some theories propose, when oxygen supply is reduced to the cancer cells for a time being, eventually cancer dies. But this is NOT true always, as cancer cells may develop resistance to this and thrive these circumstances. This technology is not 100% proved and still under research. But as of now this concept has minimal or less effect on killing cancer cells. The opposite of above theory ( flooding cancer cells with excess oxygen), called hyperbaric oxygen therapy has NOT shown definitive conclusions yet.

Healthy habits bullet Summary

  • Eat above mentioned fruits, vegetables and herbs in controlled dose
  • Habituate drinking green tea (Antioxidants) – does mentioned above
  • increase tomatoes intake (prostate cancer)
  • at-least some times prepare food with olive oil
  • Control tobacco ( check about “nicotine replacement therapy”)
  • do some physical work (not only exercise)

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