lower back pain prevention

Lower back pain prevention

The major issue with which world is suffering today is neither Cancer nor Obesity but its “lower back pain”. “Lower back pain prevention” is a weapon against this enemy. Lets immediately dive into this crucial topic. Almost all of us know reasons for lower back pain, so lets NOT discuss causes, instead lets focus on preventive steps.

Immediate step is oil ? (2 seconds)

Lower back pain prevention

Root prevention step is always small, in this topic its “Oil” . Take few ml (small amount) of Sesame Oil in your hand and apply gently on your lower back. Make this as an habit and repeat it every day.

As per Ayurveda Sesame oil gradually penetrates deep into tissue and strengthens bones gradually over a span of time

Getting up from bed (1 Second)

Generally we getup in up-straight direction from bed. This can put a lot of pressure on you lower back ( when you bones are weak it can become a trigger point of your initial ache). Instead we need to trun to side and then getup in side-wise direction. You can feel the difference by checking yourself.

getup positions
Get up directions : Green = Correct Red=Wrong

Upward facing dog and lower back pain prevention(1 minute)

lower back pain prevention Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Every day morning, afternoon or in the evening (what ever time suits you) do this stretching exercise for about a minute. This is the most effective way of preventing lower back pain. Muscles around it relaxes immediately and also increases blood circulation in lower back. Gradually over a time span lower back strengths itself. If you cultivate an habit of doing stretching-exercise everyday, there is almost very negligible chance of you getting back ache.

Back pain prevention Diet

Avocado is rich in proteins and it provides best support for the spine health. Degeneration of the disks ( cause of acute back ache) can be minimized by eating this regularly

Pecans and Almonds have calcium and healthy fats. This can strengthen your back. Pecans are also good for musculo-skeletal system health.

Black Berries are highly pigmented fruits, which can help you as a preventive for back ache. Black berry is rich in Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Vitamin K (Good for bone health)

Vitamin B12 supplement thickens the nerve’s protective layers. This prevents the occurrence of back ache. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in fish (salmon), meat, milk and eggs

Ayurveda massages (Yearly once)

PODIKIZHI and KATIVASTHI are the proven classical Ayurveda massages specially for backpain. In these massages special hearbs mixed medicated oil is applied on specific areas of lower back along with headed poultices.

Wear shoes or insoles with feet-arch support. Remember not all the flat shoes are good for backbone. Ballet pumps , flip-flop footwear without arch are of NO use.

lower back pain prevention
Foot-arch support insole

HOMEOPATHY Some back ache preventive steps has been developed well in Homeopathy as well. As there is a big list of medicines, will discuss it separately. Medicines proposed in Homeopathy are patient driven and differ according to the type of person ( body type). Homeopathy treats whole body and not a separate body part. In this process a through examination of the person is done via a series of simple queries. These queries help H.doctors to identify the type of body and eventually prescribing a perfect medicine.

CAUTION !!! If you are feeling a prolonged back pain along with radiating nerve pain via one of the legs( thy bone). You may also feel a kind of minimal numbness at the tip of foot along with this pain. If you have this symptom then immediately you may have to see a doctor as this could be sciatica ( may be degenerated disk). There are excellent medical treatment available for this in general medicine as well as in Homeopathy

Other secondary tips

  • Loose wait
  • Try to change your positions/frequent movement
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Lift weights by bending your knees but DO NOT bend your back while lifting
  • Do not worry much. Its OK, We can prevent back pain
  • Do common stretching exercises while you are sitting on office chair

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