Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

Iot technology is the driving force of today’s world and it has become almost impossible to live without it. Everything is attached with from communicating, doing household chores to traveling etc. IoT has  simplified life today than ever before.  Here are the Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things or commonly referred to as IoT, is the networking of interrelated physical devices. These devices can transfer data without human involvement. IoT makes dead and dumb things, to become communicative through communicative sensors, software, electronics  and actuators. These enable them to be controlled remotely, through an existing network infrastructure. In simple terms, IoT is the interlinking of the physical and digital world. By doing so induce intelligence in them  and reduce human involvement.

IoT has been very instrumental in every area and can refer anything from a built-in sensor in an automobile, a heart monitoring implant, or a farm animal fitted with a biochip transponder. While there are many existing inventions of IoT today, some have really been of great transformation, and more are still on the way coming. Here we go

GLAS thermostat.

This is a smart thermostat that is featuring on the market by March 2018. It is Cortana-powered thermostat that is going to run the IoT Core in Windows 10. The translucent OLED touchscreen display fitted on the GLAS thermostat, will be able to control temperature, check the weather, as well as monitor the air quality both indoor and outdoor.

In addition, the smart thermostat can detect whether the users are in the office or at home and make setting changes to guarantee energy efficiency. A GLAS thermostat app will also be available for the Google and iOS mobile devices.

CombiSteam oven

The smart ovens are an example of such appliances, that has made cooking delicious meals am easy and simple task. Most of them have incorporated the normal heating option with the steam function. This makes food more crispy, flavorsome and fluffy as desired. This is useful especially when baking or roasting meat. The steam function is optional.

An example of  such ovens include the Electrolux’s CombiSteam oven.  One interesting thing about this oven is that is has a touchscreen display that is able to provide a cookbook with a range of recipes. Each recipe has the ingredients listed along with the preparation instructions. For every dish selected, the oven automatically sets the right temperature, tome, and humidity for the selected recipe, but still adjustable as per an individuals preference. June intelligent oven is another such oven.

Cleaning the oven is easy since it uses steam to loosen stubborn grease and all it needs is wiping. It has a cleaning programme that keeps reminding one if the oven needs cleaning.

Ovens have really gone tech with some even having food recognition engine and inbuilt cameras that are connectable to smart devices to enables one to watch as the food cooks. Several other smart ovens also exist and chances are they will only get better in future.

Wearable health monitors

Today you don’t need to visit the hospital to keep track of your health status, with wearable fitness and health devices, this is even easier. The health tracking devices can help monitor your heart rates, sleep patterns, activity levels, daily step count, temperature, and sports activities such as cycling, running, swimming, among others. They count your calories burn and give suggestions of best exercises, exercise time, based on their analysis.

Others have been designed for diabetics and can send a signal to the doctor in case of insulin level changes and also remind the patient to take medication.

Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

The health tracking devices can either be in the design of smartwatches, wristbands, dongles, and anklets. Different brands such as FitBit Alta HR, Moov Now, Apple Watch, and many more. Most of them work along with mobile apps for your smart device or can be linked to it using GPS.

Smart door locks.

Carrying keys around, every time you walk out of your house and looking for key hiding places for accessibility to the family members is no longer necessary with IoT. Today, you can unlock, monitor, and unlock your door without the need for keys. You can also control access to your home through your smartphone, since they can send you a notification on your phone through a mobile app, alerting you of who approaches your home or whenever your lock gets activated. Also, an alarm for any tampering is available for some smart locks.

The smart locks use either, WiFi, Cellular or Bluetooth connectivity. While some have some key codes to enable unlocking the door, some use face recognition, voice recognition through Siri, or Bluetooth. Existing door locks are the likes of Gogi smart locks, Friday Smart lock, Kwikset Kevo Convert, Lockitron Bolt,Schlage Connect, Sesame Smart Lock, and many more. Smart door locks have enhanced security to homes and offices which is a good thing.

IoT lighting

This can bring a total transformation in your house depending with the time of the day and activities taking place at a given moment. This is not limited to your home alone, but also in industries and hospitals, fields, automobiles, theaters, stores, etc.

this kind of lighting ensures that it brings the right biological effect to the person and for the environment it’s being used in. for instance, in the evening the light goes on even when not in, if set so. Since they are easy to control, one can set up the right ambiance either favorable for reading, relaxing, sleeping, or concentrating, through the different color settings.

Smart lights can be synchronized with music, movies, and games, through apps like Amazon Echo, Google home, and others. Since smart lighting is mostly wireless, it is easy to expand the lighting system. Companies such as Philips Hue and Osram have done quite a good job in this.

Smart gloves

“Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet”

Other than serving the purpose of keeping one’s hands warm and shielding purposes, gloves are now serving highly detective working devices. They are fitted with sensors which help them to automatically scan packaged boxes or tools when simply lifting them up. The smart devices use the RFID which helps increase security.

Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

ProGlove company is one producer of such gloves and whenever worn they do check in with a server through motion tracking. This ensures that whenever something is out of the norm, warning signals are sent and the wearer can be traced easily.

Wifi/ Bluetooth Coffee maker.

What could better news there be for coffee lovers than having your coffee automatically made for them whenever they need it in whatever manner they want it?

Smart coffee maker spares you all the stress and struggle of waking up to prepare your coffee. A big thanks to the Internet of Things. The wifi coffee maker is normally pre-set with your options the night before and ensure you fill the grinds. You can then start the coffee maker to prepare the coffee while still in bed either by smartphone or it can set itself on the time set to do so.

Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet

It is set up through wifi or Bluetooth and controlled through the phone using an app. You can reset the options in case you want your coffee different. A variety of smart coffee makers exist in the market and cone with different features and updates which are still easy to use.

Faster Internet.

Internet being the propagator of Internet of Things, there is a dire necessity for faster, smarter, reliable and available internet for everyone. In a few more years time to come, IoT technology and devices will be so many and for their effectiveness Internet have to be smart as well.

It is for that reason people like Elon Musk and several companies are seriously concentrating on the internet. While Musk is seeking for permission to send several satellites to the Earth’s orbits for high-speed wireless signals, others are making big investments in networking technologies such as Zigbee and 5G to improve speed and affordability.

It is only through improved network infrastructure will IoT fully become a reality.

Floating farms.

No matter how crazy this may look, it is a dream we need to be actualized sooner than later. According to predictions made by UN, there is a possibility that the world will have an extra two billion people come 2050. That means more food needed, due to the demand, which will be about 70% increase in food supply. With many people residing in the cities, there would and there still is need for close by food supplies.

It is for that reason that Javier Ponce, an architect, has come up with a 2m tall tiered structure for farming.  The structure has solar panels that provide energy to the different tiers and has vegetables grown in one of the tiers. Other than soil, the vegetables grow of liquid nutrients. In the same structure, fish are reared beneath the vegetable tier and they feed on the vegetable matter.

Such a structure can produce tonnes of vegetables and fish in a year in just a small piece of about 350 x 200m. If such an idea was implemented in cities near large water bodies, it would help solve the issue of food in future.

Autonomous Trucks

who would have ever thought a time would come when a truck or rather any vehicle would be driving on the road without a person behind the steering wheel? It is now happening. Autonomous trucks are taking the attention of the media houses as they slowly emerge in the transportation industry. These trucks can drive themselves from one location to another in goods shipment action.

Their importance is slowly dawning to the industry as the technicality of getting experienced long-distance truck drivers becomes a reality. Very few people want to be on the road for long hours and for days,  all in the name of work. The cost of hiring is also becoming a concern to shipping companies, which has contributed to the need for this technology.

Though these self-driving trucks are already with us, there still some handles that need to be addressed in.   The process for them to be fully embraced in the society. For instance, due to the sensitivity of oil and gas industry. It may be a while before they feel really comfortable with driverless trucks in transporting the products to stations. Gas and oil products are highly flammable and such trucks can be considered a risk. Their operation in wet, icy and snowy roads, accident sites and construction sites may require some time to address.

However, this is a great technology that may be such a great solution in the future.

Smart Fridge

Gone are the old days when a fridge was needed only for purposes or preserving your food’s freshness. Today fridges can open by themselves. Reveal their contents by a simple knock on the door or through a touch screen on the door, play music, connect to your device and enable you to make shop in the store, just to mention a few.

Samsung fridge  was launched into the market back in 2016. The Samsung’s smart fridge can do so much including combining carts from multiple stores.  This can remotely check the level of your stock, as well as display the content playing in a Samsung TV.

LG also has a smart fridge, though with fewer features. IoT has transformed our lives and it’s no longer necessary to worry much about groceries, shopping when you have a smartphone.

Looking into the future  these are the “Mind blowing IoT Inventions ruling lonely planet” already

It is evident that much more of IoT innovations are on the way. In future we expect to see brain scanners as passwords to devices, eavesdropping coffee table  and so much more.

In fact, there is no limit to what IoT can do as long as it is imaginable.

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