Top List of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

Top List of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

Every big company that exists started from a small business somewhere.”Competition” is the main cluster of any new business or startup which needs to be over-come to catch success. Minimizing competition is a good step; and be taken by any startup. To do so choose such a unique idea ( we are going to discuss some ) which has less competition, at the same time have higher profits margin. There could not have been the case, were it not for one unique business idea that the owner of the business (that entrepreneur) had. Through a leap of faith and a strategic plan, the golden idea was actualized, and all we can see today is not the idea that bore the business but the successful business, which we can’t help but admire. Here is the top list of unique but less competitive business ideas to try.

But come to think of it this way, would that business have flourished minus the idea? Would there be Facebook today minus Mark Zuckerberg’s idea behind it? Without the Steve Jobs actualizing the business idea he had, would Apple be in existence? The answer is definitely, NO!

So to be that successful businessperson you dream of, you need a business idea and not just an idea, but a great, unique and non-competitive business idea.

But here is the catch, do you have that one particular and peculiar business idea that will eventualize to big success? Worry not, for right below is a list of unique, non-competitive business ideas you can kickoff today.

Pet Hotel owner

Looks crazy, right?

Well, though it looks so, this is one business you can open and make quite some good income. With people traveling every now and then, be it for business or vacation, it may be quite cumbersome to tag along with a pet.  That may require one to look for a place to board the pet for the whole time they will be gone. A small pets hotel somewhere with several rooms to host the pets will be such a big solution for such individuals, charging a certain amount per night.

Though the business can be seasonal, it can be a boom during the festive seasons.

Technical support professional

if you are interested in information technology or you are already a technician, you can offer your services to small businesses in your locality. Most of the businesses especially start-ups may not have the ability to hire a tech guy. You can, therefore, contract with them to be providing technical support for them whenever they need such help. This you can do with several such businesses, and even hire other technicians to help you with the work as the business grows.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

Students’ tutor and instructing

Everyone wants to pass exams and be better in whatever they are studying or doing. If you are good at any field, you can start offering tuition services to other people pursuing the same field and make income out of it. This can be a part-time job to earn you some extra income.

Also if talented in a certain area like sports, dancing, music. You can open a small studio where you can offer lessons for that particular thing you love, be it dancing lessons, or piano, guitar, vocals, or just anything you are an expert in.


Sell hand-made arts online

Are you good at drawing, weaving, designing wearables, or any kind of craftsmanship? Create them and sell them on the available online marketing platforms, there are so many of them. The risk is not very high and the business may pick up well especially if your products are very good and unique.

You can also sell the products offline.



While this may seem like a common business, photography has risen a notch higher, and other than just doing it in weddings, studios, and other events, you can take scenic photos and sell them on photography sites such as Shutterstock etc. Companies need photos for promotional purposes on their websites and are willing to buy suitable photos at a good amount.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

local community websites
top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To TrY

Have you ever thought of how easy it would be to pass communication, make advertisements and access local news if the whole community within your locality was connected? Yea, this is it. Though WhatsApp and other messaging platforms are available, in most cases they may not accommodate the whole lot, and their purpose may be quite different. But with the local community website, people can access it and pass information with ease to the members of the community. You can charge those making advertisements for their businesses.

personalized fashion products

Today more than ever before, people are interested in standing out especially in clothing. Companies and individuals are looking for more personal brands that uniquely identify with them. With that upcoming trend, you can grab the opportunity and start a company that makes personalized clothing items.


Create a parking space finder App

It can be tedious and frustrating to find a parking space in cities, especially at certain seasons and hours. It would be such a relief for car owners, to have an application on their phones that can alert them of the nearby available parking space. You can then make the application available at app stores at a price. Instead of driving on every street looking for a car park, people would rather pay for the app and have the issue sorted.


Introducing clients

While this may require a lot to establish and start off. It is a sure business with high potential of succeeding. Once established, you can search for businesses looking for clients, and have no problem accepting introductions.


Dolls repair

Peoples houses are loaded with broken and worn out dolls that they don’t know what to do with them. Some of them are so precious that discarding them is not a possible thought at all. If you are good at fixing them up and sewing, this can be a good business for you.

That way you can make necessary repairs, replace broken parts, and bring the doll back to a good condition. Doll hospital business has been in existence for decades now, but very few people have ever thought about.

Mannequins recycling and repair

every clothe stall in town has one, two or several mannequins paraded there as they display the recent clothe designs available. Ever wondered where they are taken once they break? It’s obvious they are disposed or stacked in the store.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

You can save the situation by opening a mannequins repair and recycling company. Where you can replace the broken parts and recycle the worn out ones to form new ones. A mannequin’s recycling company exists in California, known as Mannequin madness and have received awards for that by the Environmental Protection Agency.


opening a cat cafe

In Japan and Taiwan, cat cafes have been operational for years and have spread over to several parts of North America. This is a cafe where people visit to enjoy their cup of tea or a meal in the company of resident cat pets. This is always a cool place for people who love pets yet they don’t have any at home, and in such a cafe they have their desired moment. Funny enough, these cafes in Japan and Taiwan have been flocking with customers, to a point that one is required to make a reservation.

This is a business you can implement in your locality since not many places have such and have your cafe flock with pet lovers.


Bike renting and selling

This is not only a loved outdoor activity but also one considered to be healthy and environmentally friendly. In America, over $81 billion is used for biking every year.

While this is the case, some people find it expensive to purchase bikes despite the fact that they love cycling. Opening a bike renting shop comes in as a handy solution for such individuals. Stocking both the e-bikes, those powered by an electric mortar, and the pedal-only bikes. One can still have some for sale, especially the e-bikes and the electrifying kit used to electrify the pedal-only bikes.


Private counseling and therapy

With all this technology, busy schedules and rising demands in life, people today are falling into depression and stress more frequently than a few years ago. Issues of mental health are on the rise, while marriages and family therapists and counselors are on demand every day.

top list of Unique But Less Competitive Business Ideas To Try

If you are a counselor or a therapist, this is a good business idea for you. People prefer private counselors and therapists, other that visiting hospitals offering the services, since it feels more confidential and secure to them. However, such a business will require you to be well equipped with the relevant knowledge, meaning extensive education may be very vital.


Kid-friendly apps

Today there are so many applications available for smartphones. However, most of them are not suitable for kids, despite a high percentage of kids having access to smartphones and tablets. This has become a serious concern to parents and the society at large, especially when cases of game apps which are persuading kids to do bizarre things are flocking the market.

If you are good at coding and apps development, you can consider making kids-friendly applications, which are creative and interesting.


viral videos production

Are your videos unique, eye-catching, and entertaining? Do they always go viral when posted on any platform? Then this is a business for you that can earn you good money without much investment on it.

YouTube always place advertisements on YouTube videos, of which they pay you for, depending on the views they get from your video. A viral YouTube video attracts a lot of views, meaning that you will have a good revenue from it.


Opening a Something online store

People love surprises, especially when sent through the mail. This you can do to people by opening an online store for anything and everything going at a constant price of $10 while charging no shipping fee. on the store, you can have a combination of just everything, from clothes, antiques, metallic, ceramic, ornaments, just anything.

You can then send any random item to a customer anywhere through the mail. This is always interesting as no one knows what to expect and the somethings sent are always a good deal. Check out somethingstore

unwanted gifts store

This is an interesting and weird one but a very real business opportunity in the world we live in today. It is no surprise to hear of a broken engagement, a love gone sour or just a breakup between lovers. In such cases, some people find no essence of keeping the ornaments, jewelry, and engagement rings they received from their former partners. They may opt to return them back to the person or just sell them. The problem is that returning them back to the shop can be a huge loss.

Opening an online store that buys and sell unwanted jewelry and engagement rings can be a great business venture. The returned goods can be sold at a much cheaper price than in the traditional ornament stores. Idonowidont is such a store.


Phobia shop

This is a unique idea derived from an existing online shop called the phobia shop. A phobia shop is aimed to help people overcome their fears and laugh about them, through designing t-shirts based on those phobias. Customers can send their information about their fears and you design the perfect t-shirt for that.


Designing a gardening App

Today everything has gone digital, with gardening not being left out in the same. People are always in the search for information about how to grow this or that, under what conditions, and such stuff. You can save people the turmoil by designing an app that contains all this information, with tips and reminders. To make money out of it, you can partner with farm products manufacturing companies or better still have a premium service that people pay for to get the information.


Virtual assistant

Several companies are doing away with full-time assistants just to help in doing a few tasks. Instead, they are hiring online assistants who conduct the needed service and is paid for the time involved. The virtual assistants do these jobs from home.  This is a lucrative business that can generate one a lot of money. Getting into this business or opening a virtual assistant business where clients and employers meet would work just fine.


e-commerce store

This is an online platform where local businesses can sell their products, to viable buyers, just like Amazon, eBay, and others. For each sale made, the business owners can give you a commission.

along with this to get some more idea on to start business in USA, Denmark New Zealand and in Canada


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