Glaucoma homeopathy treatment

The range of eye conditions that are treated by Homoeopathy is so wide that it would be impossible to condense it in one paper and in the time available.


glaucoma is a build up of pressure within the eye that causes damage to the optic nerve.There is a small space in the front of the eye called the anterior chamber. Clear liquid flows in and out of the anterior chamber, this fluid nourishes and bathes nearby tissues. If a patient has glaucoma, the fluid drains too slowly out of the eye. This leads to fluid build-up, and pressure inside the eye rises.
Unless this pressure is brought down and controlled, the optic nerve and other parts of the eye may become damaged, leading to loss of vision.
The disease usually affects both eyes, although one may be more severely affected than the other.

Please check the PART 1 of Glaucoma for more information

Symptoms Of primary open angle Glaucoma

  • Peripheral vision is gradually lost. This nearly always affects both eyes.
  • In advanced stages, the patient has tunnel vision.
  • Symptoms of closed angle glaucoma
  • Eye pain, usually severe.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Eye pain is often accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting.
  • Lights appear to have extra halo-like glows around them.
  • Red eyes.
  • Sudden, unexpected vision problems, especially when lighting is poor.

Surgery for glaucoma

If drugs don’t work, or if the patient cannot tolerate them, surgical intervention may be an option. The aim of surgery is usually to bring down the pressure inside the eye


Homeopathy can lower the progression of the disease and in highly susceptible people can prevent the occurrence or prolong the onset of disease.

In chronic diseases improvement of the patient or the normal medical reports are not the end of homeopathic treatment.. Homeopathic doctor need to observe patient even long after getting best results.

The first part of the case evaluation is the follow up interview. Regular follow up is necessary for best results .Because in many cases patient may require more than one drug in the journey of cure.  We need to prescribe that exact remedy exactly when needed.  Even acute problems should not allowed to treat with allopathic or other school of medicines especially when getting improving . Sometimes these acute symptoms went of by it’s own without any change of medicine or some time persist for long time and indicate the clear picture of some drug.

In my practice I observed, especially when patient improving, we should not hurry in chanhing of remedies unless until we get some clear picture of some other remedy..

Here is follow up  of Glaucoma case which I previously published


(Last year I published this case).. A young lady with iop of both eyes got increased to 45 mmHg. I took whole case history, on the basis of totality of the patient, especially on the basis of her mind symptoms I prescribed CARCINOCIN 200 . She tremendously improved. Her eye pressure came to normal. Even her allopathic doctors got shocked after seeing her results as opthalmist suggested her for surgery.. she improved beautifully in just 20 days… she improved physically and mentally as well… she was on sac lac for 8 months.
After 8months, one day morning I suddenly got call from her and saying she got back all her eye symptoms along with she having lots of unbearable menstrual cramps .Her iop again increased to 30mmhg. I asked her to take CARCINOCIN 1M one  dose… there was no change in her eye pressure..
Again I took her case , she was much calm mentally.  No work tensions or family tensions as she used to earlier. The symptoms which I got after case taking were

  1. Extreme pain in eye.
    2.Blurred vision.
    3.Redness in eye
    4.Inflamation of eye
  2. Eye pressure increased during menses
  3. Dysmenorrhoea 
  4. Keeps eye closed

These are the symptoms which i got from her…  Eye pain, red ness,inflammation, blurred vision are regular symptoms of Glaucoma, so not stressed those points in repertorisation. I tried to pic more piculiar symptoms. Rubrics which I selected are

Eye -Glaucoma
Eye- Glaucoma accompanied by eye pain
Eye – Menses -during -agg
Female genitalia- Menses- painful

one more picular symptoms she told that she keeps eye closed. I enquired her what was the exact cause for closing eyes,whether she not able to see the light or its heaviness of lids or what?.
She replied that as soon as periods started ,she involuntarily closing eyes.. it’s just started in periodic
I pic up rubric

EYE – CLOSING THE EYE – menses during 
( single remedy PHOSPHORUS  is there in Kent repertory)


Then I further opened BBCR repertory and searched  for rubric Glaucoma ..
I found one rubric

Eye Glaucoma  -.I found three remedies exist in that rubric, in which PHOSPHORUS is there

Then I realised how much specific remedy is PHOSPHORUS for treatment of Glaucoma. In carcinocin  Glaucoma was not covering ,still that worked at that point of time ,because her mental symptoms were more dominating at that time. Her pressure in her office was the cause for her increased pressure in eye.Infact at very first when I spoke to her in phone when she was in Hyderabad ,my first prescription was PHOSPHORUS before CARCINOCIN.  But that time Phosphorus not worked on her. May be her mental symptoms are more dominating at that point of time. Then after I prescribed CARCINOCIN after deep case analysis after interview in vizag. CARCINOCIN worked beautifully then

Now, I prescribed  PHOSPHORUS LM1 to LM 3 for two months…
From very first dose she started improving. Her eye pressure came back to normal. Her dysmenorrhoe 40% reduced but she used to get pain in every menses. Not changed remedy for couple of months..

Eye pressure normal, but not much improvement in dysmenorrhoe. I asked for ultra sound. She has pco , but she not developed any pcos symptoms. Every pco is not necessary to turn as pcos.

My case remain ceazed at that point. What should I do?? Her iop was normal, mentally feeling much calm…but her menstrual cramps not getting better than 40%… Even after enhancing potency to LM4 it’s not improved  much. I asked her to stop medication for couple of weeks and asked to report me if any disturbance arises.

I know, some or other day symptoms will come up,…. my main intention to stop medication was to check whether the symptoms again land into the PHOSPHORUS or land in some other drug pictures. I felt it was unnecessary to put patient on LM for very long time without much improvement

One day she called me, and told me that her periods started and menstrual cramps are exceeding and its unbearable.  I asked about her eye pressure.. Her eye pressure was normal, no head ache… no eye pain….I asked her to describe her pain….

She said its paining like hell and she not able to bear the pain and not able to talk. She was alone at that time in Hyderabad. I dont have any clue to prescribe remedy,  I tried to ask her about pain… But it’s so heavy that she was not in a state to explain anything.  She came to acute state and I too went  to acute state, because I need to prescribe remedy exact to her state.. I disconnected the call and started thinking and made myself calm first. Again she called me within 5 mins and forced me to prescribe remedy. I asked her to take ALLOPATHIC PAIN KILLER and to take rest for a time and asked to call me when pain decreases .

After two hours she again called me, and at that point she was in a position to talk. I asked her to explain the whole thing in detail. She said its unbearable pain feel like fainting.  I asked her to explain in detail so that I can prescribe right remedy. She said “I was feeling all suffocation, i cant breath,I was not getting any air… I was like dying..I was like fainting.. all I needed were AIR”
Then asked her to tell me more. ..after few secs of silence she said,I was like  collapse, not able to bear the pain,kept my face close to the fan…still I did not get any air

I asked her did you have any gastric disturbances and any perspiration.  She said …oh ..yes… I felt like bloated stomach lots of indigestion problem , I am not able to take even a simple food, frequently used to face this problem earlier (5 years back) .These days not much gastric symptoms but from couple of days I am facing this bloating problem..
She also told me that she getting lots of burning sensation in her palm during menses.
Rubrics which I selected

1.Respiration – suffocation- attacks of

2.EXTREMITIES – pain- hands- Burning

3.Generala- fanned being desire to be

  1. General- food and drinks- simple food agg ( carbo veg single remedy in BBCR,)

I got carbo.veg as common remedy. I prescribed carbo veg 30 one dose every week for 4 weeks.

She beautifully improved after carbo veg.. she got complete relief of pain from first dose. In next period she again got pain but bearable . I asked her to take one more dose of carbo veg 30. After that she not complained any things. Now she is free from all pain. Free from gastric disturbances as well, not enhanced potency as it’s not indicated. Still she is under my observation…Not using any medications .

CONCLUSION: Selecting right similimum is not the end of our job, especially when treating chronic diseases or deep pathological cases. Regular follow ups and change of remedy if indicated at right time also plays key role in treating patients. What we all needed is to keep our eyes ,ears and all senses open with cool mind while interrogating with patient…

Will update the details of this case after 6 months.


    For Sensation of Fullness in Eyes. Throbbing pain worse by heat. Culinary neuralgia with eyes feeling large and protrudes. Eye balls feel too large. Motion of eyes aggravates
    Great remedy for improving dim vision. Glaucoma with iridescent vision. Photo phobia, Green color surrounds candle light sensation. Violent pains and lachrymation
  3. PHYSOSTIGMA VENENOSUM: Glaucoma especially after injury. Night blindness, photophobia. Increased myopia. Post diphtheritic paralysis of eye and accommodation muscles.

4.PRUNUS SPIN: Sudden onset of pain especially right eye.crushing in the eye as if pressed asunder or sharp shooting through the eye and corresponding side of the head. Pain as if eye about to burust relived by

5.CEDRON: Sever pain especially left eye. Severe biliary neuralgia, especially when the pains are distinctly periodical; sever shooting pain along the supra orbital nerve. Eyes infected and sore to touch

  1. NUX VOMICA: Marked morning aggravation with atrophy of optic nerve
  2. KALI IOD:
    Incipient Glaucoma in syphilitic subjects; dull discovered state of the iris; Burning in eyes with lachrymation. Amaurotic symptoms.

Belladonna is the best for acute symptoms in a patient of Glaucoma. The main symptoms include sudden increase in dimness of vision. The eyes appear red. This is accompanied by a severe pain in eyes and head. The pain is very violent in character. 

Dare to be wise..

Dr. Madhuri Balivada

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  1. Not only accuracy but consistency matters the success in terms of ideal Homeopathic cure in chronic cases. In this case Dr.Madhuri sincerely maintained the follow ups of case with systematic approach in every follow up of case with reasonable choice of remedy as per different states of case essential for permanent cure of case. Her pathological understanding of case with good sense of striking symptoms leads to the excellent cure of the case.
    Congratulation and thank you doctor for your painstaking efforts taken for detail and precise presentation of case.
    God bless you !


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