Why India is ranked 122 in Happiness Index. How to make bring it down to 61 instantly

Why India is ranked 122 in Happiness Index. How to improve it instantly

One great person said : Everyone has two lives, the second life starts, when you realise there is only one life

In general Indians are happy and Indian family structure is designed in such a way to keep everyone to be happy. This structure is disturbed . Here are some of the ways, by which happiness can be improved atleast by 50% immediately.

Lets jump straignt into PRINCIPLES OF HAPPINESS:

0. Stop comparing your study, exam-marks , money earnings and money spending with others

  1. “how much money others have”, “ how much property your friend has”, “ which car your neighbour drive” etc are the thoughts killing everyone’s happiness, as always you will always find a better person with better life style around you.
  1. Respect is NOT equal to money which he/she earns, but it should be his or her positives work done towards society. So donot show respect to any one just because they are rich. Try to respect people who are pure by heart.
  1. Update yourself. Follow the right things and try to move away from outdated practices even its designed by great people.
  1. Dont expect any things from your Children. Do not try to over-design your kid’s life but just guide them.
  1. what you think, what you say and what you do should be same. Believe me this will reduce stress levels in long term.
  2. Our success is measured by others, but our happiness is measured by our sole. Decide which one is better
  3. Every one is special in this world and every one’s brain is different and unique.Every one is great.
  4. There is nothing like a small or big job. If you are working in a petrol bunk… then say it proudly that you are working in petrol bunk.
  5. Dont DO any thing just because others doing
  6. Never stop, because you think “what society will think… if you do this”. If you are doing for good, it may take some time, but society will understand and accept it soon.Why India is ranked 122 in Happiness Index. How to make bring it down to 61 instantly
  7. Keep yourself socially updated and try to understand ideas of younger generation… Believe me young kids are sharper than you and stable internally.
  8. For students: getting fail or less marks is NOT a crime. Its just ok. Admit it.
  9. News channels should stop showing state ranker(s) on exam results day… you are actually spreading negativeness by doing so.Why India is ranked 122 in Happiness Index. How to make bring it down to 61 instantly
  10. “Update” is basic principle of nature.. dont go against nature
  11. Age intelligence are NO where directly proportionate. So respect elders but consult your brain before accepting others ideas or ideology.
  12. If you dont like some thing… put your efforts to gradually get yourself out of it
  13. Try to minimise over load on your head by reducing or pausing economic or money commitments. It gives you peace
  14. Accept your self what you are as it is.. you should accept first then only society will accept you as you are
  15. Finally, See every one Equally, leave False Pride and try to say the truth most of the times..This will give you feel of freedom and hype of Happiness

— Sridhar Dasamanturao

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