ElectIT Revolution in 2017-18

Life card This card is actually a gun. It is a small 22 caliber gun. It weighs less than 7 ounces, even though it is so small all gun laws still apply while purchasing this. Life card is so small that it can fit any where and easy to carry and yet simple to operate. … Continue reading ElectIT Revolution in 2017-18


How to start business in the USA

To setup a small business in US, first we need to understand the process and its different levels. Lets first have an overview of the process and then will move on to the detailed procedure. For the legal setup, you need to finalize the company-name and prepare all the required documents. You need to take … Continue reading How to start business in the USA

Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum Story

Bitcoin It is a crypto currency ( A virtual currency), a decentralized currency that means no bank will have control or regulation over this money and its associated transactions. Bitcoin actual concept is said to be invented by Satoshi Nakamato in 2008. If a person pays bitcoin to another for some goods, then this is … Continue reading Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum Story

Why Fixed Deposit Rates Varies – Real Reasons

There are many parameters which leads to the fluctuations in the interest rates of bank, as specially interest given on A Fixed Deposit. LIQUIDITY Its one of the primary parameters for variations in FD Interest rate. Liquidity is such a product which can be exchanged very quickly in market in exchange or purchase of any … Continue reading Why Fixed Deposit Rates Varies – Real Reasons