Hey which one should I pick

which air condition saves power


ElectIT Revolution in 2017-18

Life card This card is actually a gun. It is a small 22 caliber gun. It weighs less than 7 ounces, even though it is so small all gun laws still apply while purchasing this. Life card is so small that it can fit any where and easy to carry and yet simple to operate. … Continue reading ElectIT Revolution in 2017-18

important and useful websites

Following are most important and useful websites which are not known to people or not in general use upto now Keepa It's a price tracking site for amazon.It provides price history like, price drop or hike over the period of time. From a keepa graph we can actually analyze prices and its trends correctly. On … Continue reading important and useful websites

Blockchain technology

  Blockchain technology is for transaction-security improvement, server-logic decentralization, Open Ledger, reduced operating costs and crypto-blocks implementation. This is already proven and implemented technology in realtime businesses like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum (cryptocurrency) etc where the block chain technology is implemented in full range and in Live. In layman terms, any organization ( users in organization … Continue reading Blockchain technology

Kafka installation and starting server – Part 2

Kafka installation and starting server

Kafka and its real implementation – Part1

Kafka is one of the main components of HADOOP ECOSYSTEM  For achieving a real-time speed in data progressing, hadoop stack designers selects kafka as one of the components in a project-stack-design phase. In a layman terms you can remember kafka as a robust, less latent and distributed version of an enterprise messaging system. It publishes … Continue reading Kafka and its real implementation – Part1

How Hadoop/Bigdata works in real industry

These days Bigdata has been in the state of "Raise and Spread". There are many reasons behind this. But there is a long-term plan being plotted by almost all the companies and they see Hadoop Eco system as the best tool to achieve forecasted industry goals Here are some of the actual bullet points for taking hadoop … Continue reading How Hadoop/Bigdata works in real industry