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Homeopathic solution for Prolonged menstrual flow


A 45 years old lady came to me with prolonged menstrual flow from more than a year.
In spite of best allopathic medication her problem is not solved. Here is the Homeopathic solution for Prolonged menstrual flow


Intermenstrual bleeding, previously known as metrorrhagia, is uterine bleeding at irregular intervals. Particularly between the expected menstrual periods. It is a cause of vaginal bleeding.In some women, menstrual spotting between periods occurs as a normal and harmless . Some women experience acute mid-cycle abdominal pain around the time of ovulation .

This may also occur at the same time as menstrual spotting. The term breakthrough bleeding or breakthrough spotting is usually used for women using hormonal contraceptives. IUDs or oral contraceptives, in which it refers to bleeding or spotting between any expected withdrawal bleedings.

Homeopathic solution for Prolonged menstrual flow

Besides the aforementioned physiologic forms, metrorrhagia may also represent abnormal uterine bleeding and be a sign of an underlying disorder, such as hormone imbalance, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine cancer, or vaginal cancer.




  1.  METRORRHOGIA – Bright red
  2.  Problem persistent from one year
  3.  Continuous bleeding for 30 to 40 days. Then it stops and re-starts after four to five days
  4.  Soft voice with more caring expression of eyes
  5. Anxiety about her health condition. Discusses her health issue to every person she know.. Consolation  gives relief to her
  6. sensitive the least atmospheric changes
  7. Desires cold water



I prescribed  Rx PHOSPHORUS 1M, ODAC× 3days followed by placebo.

Homeopathic solution for Prolonged menstrual flow Homeopathic solution for Prolonged menstrual flow

Homeopathic solution for Prolonged menstrual flow


Her problem got solved within three days and her menstrual cycle became regular and normal since last  four months. No further complains Encountered. In this case also an accurate results has been obtained like in the case of Crooked Nose

Homeopathy is a beautiful science. Invest time in learning homeopathy.  Homeopathy will give you happiness and satisfaction as a return gift.


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